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What date are you in may 2013?

Hey may 2013 brides .... Just thought it might be nice to share our dates to see if we have twins. I also realised today that it's almost may which means its less than 2 weeks until I'm on my one year countdown !!! image

Anyway I'm the 10th which is a Friday. I'm getting married in Cyprus so the day of the week didn't really matter to us as we're on holiday, and everydays a Saturday on holiday lol x


  • Awwww, thats my sisters birthday the 10th, a good date! image mine is on the 30th, a thursday, im getting married in Santorini, so like you it didnt matter what day image

    Have you got much done yet? xx xx
  • MrsTyson2BMrsTyson2B Posts: 133
    I'm on the 4th Saturday! Can't wait I'm nearly at my year mark! X
  • I'm on the 31st in Sorrento, only booked last week but very excited already!
  • scowley2scowley2 Posts: 1
    Hello ladies. I'm new to this but we're getting married on 18 May 2013. Very exciting. We only booked it two weeks ago.image Any tips?
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    I am getting married on 4 may 2013 as well! Can't believe it is a year on friday.
  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942
    I'm getting married on 11th May 2013 (a year next friday) image
  • ViviPruViviPru Posts: 19
    11th for me too. Preying for bright skies!
  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942
    11th for me too. Preying for bright skies!

    Yeah definately. We've got our engagement shoot next sunday so fingers crossed it's nice then too image
  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    mines the 25th may

    i ve been on the count down till the year mark, i hope the next year passes quick.

    i ve heard mays going to be a wash out so heres hoping for bright skies and lots of sun for next may!!
  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942
    oh no don't say that lol. We went for may as i work in a school and the only other date was in sep which is a really bad time.We though as may weather had been better than summer for the past couple of years, that may would be good...
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Oh no! Weather is usually fab in may as well! At least that's a bonus of me getting married in Cyprus , hopefully we are garanteed good weather. Tho I've probably just jinxed myself and will get cyprus's only rainy day now for saying that haha

    I have quite a bit sorted now. Need to decide which dress I'm having ( fell in love with 2 !) and find rings we like and get h2bs outfit sorted and I'm all done! Oh yeah and save like mad to pay for it lol x
  • MandyC2MandyC2 Posts: 1
    Hi Ladies

    If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, check out

    Happy planning!
  • I'm 18th May 2013! Can't believe it's just over a year away!
  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942
    A year and a week to go image
  • MisshapedMisshaped Posts: 27
    I'm 11th May 2013 too!! looks like 3 of us so far! image
  • tjsuttontjsutton Posts: 21
    Hi Ladies,

    I'm May 29th next year!! Can't beleive it will soon be just a year to go! Getting married in Santorini so really excited! Still got to start loooking for my dress though, keep thinking there's loads of time but sure it will fly by lol image x
  • I'm the 17th a Friday image so nearly at the year!!
  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109
    I am getting married on the 31st too! Its a Friday and we're getting married in Portugal. So exciting that its nearly under a year now!
  • We are the 26th May! Can't wait for it to be less than a year.
  • MrsKK2BMrsKK2B Posts: 304
    I'm 26th May too! It's exciting it's nearly just 1 year to go but at the same time that still feels like so long away!
  • LLou88LLou88 Posts: 10
    I'm another 26th May 2013 too!! I know what you mean, just over a year seems a long time - but then my Mum text me this morning and said '372 days to go!' and suddenly that didn't feel like long to plan!

    Next on my list - we NEED to get those 'Save the Date' cards done and sent out! xx
  • lemlinalemlina Posts: 2

    I'm brand new to this - but been scanning everybody's posts to make sure I've begun to think about everything! We only got engaged in April but are about to book our venue for Friday 17th May 2013 and I am ridiculously excited! It feels very strange to think it's less than a year away already....! Eeek!

  • MrsSzpur2BMrsSzpur2B Posts: 91
    Helllo All....

    Getting married on 28th May on a tues but getting married in Cyprus image) !! Cant believe its less than a year now.... Been planning for 2years all ready and thats flown by !!

    Good luck with all the planning girls image

    Abi x
  • Hello everyone,

    We got engaged in January and are getting married on 11 May 2013 !

  • MrsCraig xxxMrsCraig xxx Posts: 637
    I'm the 22nd may probably won't have a date twin as its a Wednesday. 11 months tomorrow image xxx
  • I'm 26th May so i think i share the date with a few people. Less than 11 months to go now-can't wait image

  • MrsTyson2BMrsTyson2B Posts: 133
    I'm the 4th of may thik I'm one of the earliest here! Can't wait it seems to be coming around so fast image xxx
  • I'm getting married on the 3rd of May at Loch Lomond! Only 292 days until I'm a married woman!
    It feels like the second we set the date time has just gone on fast forward. It seems like only yesterday that we still had 2 years to go!

  • Kimbers139Kimbers139 Posts: 206

    We are 18 May 2013..was back to try my dress on yesterday and we have also just booked our honeymoon and flights this wend so it has gone wedding crazy in this house...excited with 307 days to go!

  • nearly Mrs Snearly Mrs S Posts: 370

    We are getting married on 16th May 2013, I can't believe its finally happening after being together for 12 years!!! lol

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