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4th May 2013


Do I have any date twins? Only one year to go tomorrow!! image


  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    I'm a 4th May 2013 Bride, 362 sleeps to go! What have you got organised so far?
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    Yay i have sorted out the venue, photographer, cars, florist, venue decorations and today we have booked our honeymoon and ordered our wedding rings. So we are getting on with the planning. What about you?
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    We also have our venue, we are getting married in a church then have the reception venue booked which included the wedding catering. We have our cars, photographer,a live band all booked. I have got my dress (did that quite quicly lol)! And this weekend got my bridesmaid's dress(I am only having one BM and thats my sister, but do have two flower girls -my fiances nieces). Still have flowers and all the decorations to sort! Also havent started on the honeymoon, you sound more organised me!

    So where are you getting married, and where are you going on honeymoon? We are looking into Italy image
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    Just ordered my wedding dress today and bridesmaids dresses so very excited about them. We are getting married in a country hotel in lincolnshire. What about you? Just booked Mexico all inclusive for two weeks so looking forward to that. Italy sounds lovely.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289

    Wow very exciting, what style of dress did you go for? We're getting married in the church that's in the village we use to live in Essex. We are then having the reception in an old coach house.
    Mexico is suppose to be gorgeous, never been myself but two sets of friends went for their honeymoons and loved it. Not sure when we will book ours as we are still working out where in Italy we want to go...
    We met with a florist last week, was quite shocked how expensive all the flowers were, especially as its a relatively small wedding of 52 and we aren't having any big displays! Perhaps a little naive of me but the quote was over £1000 image We re meeting another lady for a quote next week to compare, but speaking with friends who are married they weren't surprised. eek, wedding budget creeping up already!!

  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    My dress is strapless, with a sweetheart heart neckline, a long train with diamantes on the hip, at the top of the dress and in a cluster of the train.

    Yes I can't wait for it now!

    Gosh, over £1000 does seem steep, I am having artifical flowers so that is keeping the price down and I am only hiring the flower arrangements for the tables but mine was around £350 and that is with 55 guests so very similiar wedding size.

    Yes I would definately get a few more quotes because I talked to one lady at a wedding fayre and she told me it would cost around £100 per table decoration and therefore I thought what I wanted wasnt possible on our budget at £600 just for the table decorations! So a lot of people vary with quotes.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Ooooh sounds lovely, do you know the designer? Mine is a local boutique designer not a big well known designer at all but I love it.

    Yes its a lot f money isn't it! We want flowers in jugs for the table centres , bridal bouquet, bm bouquet and buttonholes also a top able display , seems crazy for not that much. I hadn't thought of artificial flowers. Will be interested to see what this other florist quotes!

    How is it all going your end?
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    Yes it is Veromia, what is yours like?

    Yes it doesn't sound like what you want should be that expensive. It is really the same thing as mine, I'm just having two Bms bouquets & having martini vases with flowers in.

    Yes artificial flowers can have an affect on the price if you are not set on having real flowers. I wanted my bouquets to be artificial flowers because I would like to keep them.

    Well now we have done most of the big stuff booked, it is concentrating on all the little things. Was just looking at favours because I didn't have a clue what to do and come across being able to do charity favours which sound really good for us as I would choose Cancer Research as my grandparents have been affected by it.

    Got some exams to do for my job in July and it means being away from home for 3 weeks and only coming back at the weekend so I won't get anything done in that month.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289

    My dress is quite princess image
    Its really interesting that you say about doing charity favours as this is what we have done! I work for the nhs with children so I wanted to do something to support childrens charities, we have bought key rings for a children's cancer charity, I'm so happy with them as its close to my heart and even if the guests leave them on the table the money has gone to a good cause!
    I like the idea of keeping my bouquet but I think I have my heart set on real flowers, will keep hunting for the right price!
    Hope the exams go OK, what is it you do?

  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    O i love princess style dresses, i loved them when looking at the internet for wedding dresses but when i tried them on, they just didnt suit me.

    O thats good idea for the charity keyrings with you working with children.

    I am a trainee accountant and these exams will be my last after almost five years so i can not wait to be finished and concentrate on the wedding more.
  • MrsTyson2BMrsTyson2B Posts: 133
    Mrsb where about in mexico we have been look at the el deardo casitas royale? X
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    We are staying at the riu palace las Americas in cancun. Don't think I have heard of that hotel. Looked riveria maya but wanted somewhere a bit more lively as h2b can't sit on a sun lounger all day.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Having an issue at the moment with guest numbers as have been sending save the dates as our date is obvs a bank hol weekend and a popular time for ppl to go away, would like to invite 4 more guests, not sure whether to wait and see if someone can't make it or to add them on, is this rude? Don't want them to be "second best" but at the same time can't afford to have everyone?!
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    I have some people on what you would call a reserve list, I haven't given them a save the date but will see if anyone says they can't make the date once they have been given the send the date. If it gets to the time to invite people formally I would see if anybody declines the formal invitation then quickly invite them and hopefully they will be none the wiser. Also we will be planning to hand deliver most of the invitation so pe
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    I have some people on what you would call a reserve list, I haven't given them a save the date but will see if anyone says they can't make the date once they have been given the send the date and then send them one. If it gets to the time to invite people formally I would see if anybody declines the formal invitation then quickly invite them and hopefully they will be none the wiser. Also we will be planning to hand deliver most of the invitations so people will get them at different times anyway
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    I like your reserve list idea...I guess its when people ask you outright if they are invited which is what one friend has done who at present would be a reserve guest! Awkward.

    Hope studies are going well image
  • MrsBingham2BeMrsBingham2Be Posts: 281
    O dear that is a bit awkward. I haven't had anyone ask that so I have been ok, maybe just have to reply that you haven't finalised the guest list and are still working through the numbers.

    Received the veil I bought from someone from here and I loved it so one more thing got. Yeah fitting the studying in after full time work can be so tiring can't wait to 1st aug when it is all done with.

    Hope wedding planning is going well.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    OOo glad you like your veil! there's some good things on here for sale isnt there. I had some good news, remember I was complaining about the florist quote, well got one for half the price!! Yay, happy Buddlet.

    Hope your well and still enjoying things...11months to go MrsBingham2be! image
  • Yes there is lots of good things on here!

    Thats really good, it is crazy how much prices differ. Yeah not really done much wedding stuff after the start of the month when we did lots of things. Have you been planning anymore?

    I know crazy to think another month has gone and it is 11 months tomorrow.
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    I've mainly been researching stuff and gathering ideas! i have become a bit obsessed with reading the planning reports but a good way to get inspiration and also it gets me really excited about my own wedding...image

    So are you having a hen do?x
  • Sounds good, I could research all day as there is so many ideas, what colour are you going with? We have chosen sage green and plan to put in with ivory for the stationery and decor.

    Yes, me and MOH are planning my hen do as a spa break for a weekend because my other Bm is only 13 so I wanted something she could join in then my friends are going to plan a night out in a city as well. What are you doing? Won't be booking this for some time tho as I think it could be too early.
  • chickbeanchickbean Posts: 33
    Hello, hope you don't mind me joining in. I'm also a May 4th Bride.

    Loving reading your posts, you all seem so organised. I have planned almost nothing in comparison. We've booked a venue, the registrar and a disco, and we've sent out save the dates. That's about all image It just seems so far away.

    Have met a couple of photographers, but haven't found one that we like yet. Can't settle on a colour scheme. Trying to lose weight so haven't tried on any dresses yet. We do have a man coming to show us some wedding rings this week so that will maybe give me some inspiration.

    Anyway, look forward to hearing more about your plans

    cb image
  • I technically should'nt be here but your wedding day is my 19th birthday image Have a great day
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    @MrsBingham2be...we are going for a coral pink colour but mixing it with floral/shabby chic designs. Still working it out tbh but got the bridesmaid dress and that is a coral pink.

    sage green and ivoryngoes really well! have you sorted any stationary or decs yet? i havent....

    Hen do my sis (MOH) is organising, think it will be a party night in a city somewhere with my girl friends then a spa weekend/similar with my mum, nan, sis and two best friends...leaving it all up to my sister so will be a nice surprise!

    @Chickbean...hello fellow 4th May bride image where are you getting married? The venue being booked is the main thing, everything else can follow ! exciting news about looking at wedding rings, hope it goes well.I'm a bit of an organisation freak so am getting very into this wedding planning business image look forward to hearing your plans.
  • Aww coral pink sounds really nice. Well my venue decor has been sorted out as I am having a lady do it all for me but me and my sister are doing the invitations and will have sage green in them. Going to start making them in around September time so that will take some time to do.

    Yes sounds similar to my hen do will be, can't wait to plan it with my sister (moh too).

    Hey chickbean, how long have you been engaged? There is not many of us 4th may brides. The time will pass so fast! I have been planning since last September and the time has flown so I know that the next 11 months will go fast. Plus the planning is so fun and therefore I have done quite a lot over the last 8 months.
  • chickbeanchickbean Posts: 33
    Hi all,

    We got engaged in October on holiday in Mexico.

    Getting married at a hotel just outside of Oxford, not a massive wedding only about 70 day guests hopefully.

    Went to a party on Saturday and got chatting to a wedding photographer who seems really nice. Planning to have another chat with her soon when we haven't both been on the lash image

    I do love looking at ideas etc for the wedding it is just decision making I have a problem with... too many fab things to choose from!
  • Hi

    Our wedding is not massive either with 55 day guests and around 90 for the evening.

    Out of curiosity where you did stay in mexico? That is where we are having our honeymoon.

    Yes photographer seem to get booked up fast so it is best to chose that soonish.

    I know there is so much stuff I could buy and want but narrowing it down to one thing is so hard.
  • chickbeanchickbean Posts: 33

    We stayed at the Azul Sensatori, part of the Karisma group. It was without doubt the best holiday I've ever had.

    So tempted to go back to Mexico for our honeymoon, but maybe a different hotel just so it is a bit different, probably stick with Karisma though as the service was fab.

    If you do have any questions etc let me know image
  • That hotel looked amazing, it was in my top 2 hotels in Mexico but went with Riu Palace Las Americas instead due to the location, we fancied being closer to Cancun so H2B cant just lie by the pool all day, he likes to venture out.

    Yes lots of my friends have been to Mexico and loved it so that sold it for me.

    The only thing I am curious about right now is how much money to take considering we are all inclusive but would like to do some excursions during the two weeks. Also confused because they use Mexican Pesos, I know the exchange rate is high but have no idea what 1 peso would get you.

    Did you do any excursions whilst you was there?
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Hey girls..

    I'm thinking that we should be booking our honeymoon soon? h2b thinks its too early though?!?!

    I think we are gna strat making our invites about sept too as would likevto get them out in January.. we want to DIY ours, I have actually had a bit of a result as I have sourced some coral pink ribbon roses that match perfectly to the bridesmaid dress yippeeeee.

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