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May 26th 2013


Anyone else getting married on May 26th?

We've provisionally booked our venue but are currently waiting to hear back from the registrar. They seem to be taking longer than usual due to the amount of people requesting information from them, but we only have 1 week left until we need to pay the deposit on our venue. Fingers crossed the registrar come back to us soon so that we can book it! image

How are you all getting on with planning?


  • I'm getting married on the 26th!

    We have booked our venue and put the deposit down on the registra. That's it! Feel very behind on the wedding planning front. I have appointments on the 23rd June to try dresses on. image

  • MrsKK2BMrsKK2B Posts: 304
    I'm May 26th too! Booked the venue and paid deposit, arranged registrar (told it was a very busy and popular date and they had to squeeze us in!), made appointment to give notice and ordered my dress! Woohoo feeling quite organised! x
  • MrsJWtobeMrsJWtobe Posts: 3
    Wow, getting very organised!

    We are going to see the registrar to give notice tonight. I am very excited!

    So far we've booked; the venue (comes with catering), registrar, honeymoon and photographer. As well as having provisionally booked a DJ and make up artist.

    We've also ordered some of our stationary as we had a discount code.

    I'm feeling extremely organised at the moment, but we are hoping to move house in the next few months, so are trying to get the big things out the way so we can concentrate on that.

    Oh, and I'm going to try on dresses next Thursday, very excited/nervous about that! image
  • I'm 26th May too. We were able to book our registrar at the beginning on May so that was one less stress. We've booked our venue (getting married at same place as reception), organised most of the entertainment and ordered my dress. Still 101 things to do, but i think we're ontop of things right now.

  • Have booked the church, reception venue, photographer and cars.  Best man been told.  That's as far as I've got!  Ooo, one other thing, bought some candles, but didn't have any idea how they will fit in as I havent given the reception much thought! x

  • Wow, I wasn't worried but after reading a lot of the posts on the forum I am starting to panic slightly. My fiance proposed a fortnight ago and we have decided on a short engagement so will be marrying on 26th May 2013. We're keeping it simple but there still seems to be a lot to do (as well as renovating the house we'll be moving to after the wedding).

  • OMG still so much to do!

  • rayoflight3rayoflight3 Posts: 96

    Wow...pretty close now!

  • Yup only 19 days now!! Still quite a few bits to do. Everyone i've spoken too expected us to be completely done way before now, but we've still got favours to package up, a few stationary bits for the day to do, got to finish the playlist for the dj set, still a few bridal party presents to get and i've still got to have my final dress fitting! Yikes. Hope all the other 26th May brides are sorted.

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