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Is anyone getting married 11th May 2013

Doesn't seem to be many brides who are getting married on 11th May 2013.

If you're one of them then how far are you with your planning? image



  • I'm getting married on the 11th May 2013! 

    So far have sorted venue, caterer, photographer and think I've found my dress. We have designed our save the dates but haven't sent them out yet.

    Feel like I've had a bit of a lull recently as been so busy with other weddings and hen dos. Should probably start getting more organised! 

    Where are you getting married?

  • Yay! We have just received our save a date cards today and love them so they are ready to go out soon.

    Got my dress and shoes, booked venue and registrar, caterer and dj comes with venue so that's sorted. Paid a deposit for my bouquet, entertainment and photographer and had engagement shoot back in May.

    I'm getting married near Oldham image

    I've kinda run out of things to do at the moment

  • kazalakazala Posts: 361

    Im getting married on the 10th May! In cyprus so we chose a Friday as most of us are fying out on a Sunday & we didnt want our guests to fly home the day after the wedding image

    Ive got venue, reception, entertainment (in Cyprus) & venue for party back home sorted. Booked photographer, hair, make up for Cyprus & put deposit down my bouquet- from Etsy, my profile pic is my bouquet. Just bought my ring too. Still got to get my dress, grooms outfit plus bridesmaid dresses. Our Cyprus invites went out in March as we wanted everyone to have loads of time to sort their holidays. We are going to send out our at home invites after Christmasimage xx

  • Aww Cyprus will be lovely image yeah we've still got bridesmaid dresses and mens suits to sort and decide on a cake xx

  • Wow you are both much further ahead than me. Have been in a world of other people's hen dos and weddings so need to get back on with planning my own again! 



  • Hi I'm getting married on 11th May 2013 near Skipton.

    We have sorted the venue and church so far and I have found my dress. We will hoepfully be sorting out photographer and cars over the weekend.

    but lots still to do!! image


  • Also this date West Sussex. Venue, marquee, grooms family accommodation and photographer booked, but struggling with the caterer. Not doing save the dates as seems like an unecessary expense. I have told those people like nurses and military who need to apply far in advance for leave already and will be sending out an email just before Xmas with hotel and transport details etc to those who aren't local.
  • SianSian Posts: 1

    Hi, we've set the date for 11th May 2013 x Church, venue, cars, photographer booked!, Wedding dress ordered, bridesmaids dresses bought!! I've bought all the stuff to do my own invites, soon to start making them ready for posting in Jan!! Just need to confirm chair covers and flowers and finally the cake!! Pretty sure I've forgotten something, just keep ticking things off lists!! Been to 3 weddings in the last year so had plenty of ideas!!


  • The only things we've got left to do is sort the bridesmaid dresses out, rings and confirm the cake but won't need to do that till next year. We went to a wedding earlier this month and then got 2 more to go to before ours. Each wedding is like a milestone to our wedding image xx
  • Joining the 11th May club! Venue, registrar, wedding dress, save the dates, photographer all sorted. Invites being designed, groom is on the case with his suits and band, hen and stags being planned. Florists being done at the moment. Dying to sort bridesmaid dresses but can't because one is about to give birth any day!

  • Woo hoo welcome to the club image we all sound very organised

  • well my h2b took the lads to try on suits and be measured. He said that it made it all seem very real with them all standing together in their suits image I won't know what they are wearing until the big day as he wants to keep it a surprise like my dress

  • I am a May 11th Bride. So far have booked the venue, caterer, photographer, florist, ordered my dress, found bridesmaid dresses (just need to order) designed invites, booked a band and dJ, have also given notice. Think that is all for now. Still lots to do but been having a bit of a break from the planning as all the big bits are now done. Time is coming round really quickly though can't believe it is less than 8 months. Doesn't feel like that long ago we were on the year to go countdown.

  • Time for an update as had a productive time recently. In the last two weeks I've sorted the florist, bought everything I need for the invitations, ordered wedding rings, ordered dress, bought underwear, sorted dj, ordered cheese wedding cake and almost finalised the rest of the catering. Today we are going out to get the groom's suit.

    Only pickle at the moment is trying to sort out those darn BM dresses.. But expect to get that done soon.

    How are you lot getting on? Smooth sailing?
  • Wow allthegoodusernamesaregone you have been busy. I have finally ordered my bridesmaid dresses now need to look for accessories. I need to start the search for my shoes as well which I know is going to be a lot harder than finding the dress image

    Have ordered all the material for our invitations just working in the wording now and hope to get these printed before Christmas so I can make them up in my Christmas break ready to send in The new year.
  • We got our bridesmaid dresses last weekend which I was glad about and off on Thursday for our menu tasting as we can't get our invitations orderd until we decide on the menu.

    We hop get our invitations ready for before Christmas so we can send them out when we are ready in the new year.

    All we've really got left to do now is look at wedding rings and order a cake which is easy enough to do as it's one of M&S's wedding cakes so won't need to sort it yet

  • Six months today girls image hope all the planning is going well.
  • how's everyone planning going? It's getting close image we've just been sorting out the  little bits like the table numbers, etc. I bought some things to decorate the tables too and am going to take a trip to hobbycraft in the week to see what other bits I can get.

  • i'm an 11th May bride too!! invites being printed and will be ready to go in the next couple of weeks!! woohoo!

  • yay image our invitations should be ready at the beginning of next week and our rsvp dat  is 1st March so not long to go! Bought the favours for the girls last night so just the men to sort out and the children when we know how many children there will be

  • I'm a May 11th bride aswell! We only got engaged last month so lots to do hehe! Fortunately my H2B had booked my dream wedding venue as a surprise so at least that is done image

  • Congratulations! What a nice h2b image I got engaged February 12th 2010!

  • PinkjesPinkjes Posts: 60

    Now i'm terrified!  We're getting married on the 11th May but only started planning easrlier this month!  Lots to do and i'm sure we've missed something.  What have people done so far? x

  • Crikey congratulations! image

    • Venue
    • Save the dates
    • Florist for decorations, bouquets, button holes, corsages, thank you bouquets
    • String Quartet
    • Photographer
    • Favours, wedding presents
    • Bridesmaids dresses
    • Shoes
    • Dress and arranged alterations
    • Suits
    • Give notice, arranged meeting with registrar to confirm order of ceremony
    I'm sure that there are lots of other things we have done but can't think of them but these are the main ones. Still need to pay final payments, choose rings, order of the day, place cards, seating plan


  • PinkjesPinkjes Posts: 60

    Ok, i thinki've pretty much done all of those things except for gve notice - i'm not sure i even know what this means!!

  • ha ha we went to the registry office and had to go in separately and they asked us:

    • Full name of bride/groom
    • Date of birth of bride/groom
    • Name of father
    • Dad's profession
    • Whether there is a reason we can not marry
    • Date of wedding
    • Venue

    Think that's it. I thought it would be scary but it was really a chat. We then had to go back about 4 weeks later to pick up the papers and then took them to the registry office in the district we are getting married in as this is different to where we live.

    Don't leave it too late if you're getting married at a venue or they may not have anyone available image


  • PinkjesPinkjes Posts: 60

    We're getting married in church so i suppose (i.e hope!) we dont have to do this!

  • Possibly not then image

  • 99 days to go girls we are now in double figures. image Can't believe how quickly it is coming around. Hope all the planning is going well.
  • I know the first thing i did this morning was inform everyone we had got to double figures lol. It'll fly by now! image

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