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50 days to go!

Very excited to see only 50 days to go been counting down from nearly 800 days to go.... Hope all you other May brides doing well. Have my first hen doo this weekend, mad hatter's tea party in my parents garden although right now it's snowing... Not to worry, off to be pampered with nail appointment n hair later then an evening of baking and washing out teapots... Enjoy girls if it's your hen party too x


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  • xMaex21xxMaex21x Posts: 34
    Hey Kimbers139,

    I think I remember you as being a date twin (18th May). Cant believe it has gone so fast, i've also been planning just shy of 800 days and now its 45! eek. Hope you had a lovely hen do, I'm looking forward to mine but is not until 27th April. Although I have no idea what it is or where it is as my sister and mum have arranged it all. Are you all prepared or still have things to so?

  • Kimbers139Kimbers139 Posts: 206

    Hey Mae...It is hard to believe it is 45 days to go..we got a lovelt dat for my Mad Hatter Party, was so much fun with all my wee sisters and cousins..we had a ball, having another hen on the 20th April with my other friends for a more grown up affair! Hope you have a great time on yours..a it! 

    I think we are all organised now...just little bits n bobs..the bridesmaids dresses are being altered just now; kilts sorted, my dress fitting on the 10th April, got some hair trials booked, few little bits to buy and just to organise ceremony details and pay for things..still need to buy sweets for my sweet cart but will do that end of April and now just getting all little gifts and things you getting on? 


    Here is a wee pic of my as Alice plus all my Bridesmaids all dressed up for the hen 



  • xMaex21xxMaex21x Posts: 34

    Awh you all look fab! Glad you had a good time. Bet your looking forward to your second hen now, do you know what you are doing yet? All my friends say my hen is good so I'm trusting them on this.

    I'm sort of in the same boat, just paying things off, finalising details with my venue, my dress hasn't come in yet though...slightly worrying as I ordered it end of september last year. My sister's bridesmaid dress fitting is next weekend. Still got gifts to buy and sweets. I'm also still chasing a few RSVPs but only waiting for 3 now so not too bad.

    I'm quite an easily stressed out person so everyone keeps saying to me are you excited yet and i'm like not really not until everything is paid and sorted then i'll be fine and able to enjoy the lead up to the wedding. I'm probably in the minority though.

    I know that 6 weeks seems quite long but I know it's just going to fly by. I think i'm also quite stressed out as I wanted to try and learn a dance routine for our first dance but it took me a while to persuade my fiance so we have only had two lessons but we both feel like it is slow progress and i'm now worried we don't have enough time to learn one. Are you doing a dance routine for your first dance?


  • Kimbers139Kimbers139 Posts: 206

    Hiya...good to hear from you again! My next Hen Party there are about 30 of us going for a meal in town then I have hired a private screen at a cinema in town to see Dirty Dancing so we get the room to ourselves with a bar...could be fun! Then out to find a karaoke bar and some dancing and my best friend has booked me into a hotel for the night so cant wait, you will have to let me know how yours goes!

    My rsvps have been going to my mums so she said more in this week so heading to see them at the weekend and get all my lists up to date! Was online tonight buying some car bows, always seems to be something to buy, think I will be rich after the wedding! 

    Where is it your getting married? Ours is Meldrum House in Aberdeenshire; really cant wait but think the nerves will kick in..are you working up until the wedding, I am desperate for my honeymoon, work has been so busy, I have a stressful job as a Social Worker so cant wait for some time off but working right up until the 15th May but then off until the 10th June so its great..just got to keep going for a few more weeks!

    We were going to for a laugh do the dance to the song in Pulp Fiction but no haven't decided on any dance..James hardly dances at any weddings so as long as he can shuffle his feet for five mins for our song then I will be pleased with that! Good luck with your dance lessons then! x Will look forward to seeing some of your pics , are you going to do a wedding report..I think i might when after our honeymoon as i fear i will have nothing to do with my life after this wedding, ha! xx

  • xMaex21xxMaex21x Posts: 34
    Your hen do sounds awesome especially the cinema idea never hear of anyone doing that before. Yeah a bar in a cinema could be quite a interesting mixture. How exciting yes I will let you know how mine goes, I would expect mine is nothing too out of the ordinary lets hope!

    What is your fianc?? doing for his stag do? Mine is doing some kind of zombie horror shooting activity, with a meal and then going to some bars, clubs probably strip clubs no doubt. Not my idea of fun but whatever floats their boat.

    I know I've got a list of things to get and every time I cross one thing off I'm adding something else. I've stopped counting how much im spending on the little things! Have you got a theme for your wedding?

    I'm getting married at Weston Park in Staffordshire, it has turned into a little bit of a nightmare as when we booked the venue we still lived in staffordshire now we live near Manchester it's getting hectic planning meetings and fittings etc.

    Also when we booked it I was just about to graduate and my future plans were to get a job and be done with education. However I've found myself going back to university to do my masters degree and coincendently it is in social work. Bit of bad timing really as I am on my first placement so I will only get the Friday off before my wedding as I've worked my study days round it and back in on the Monday so no fun really! We will probably end up having a minimoon and now we are looking at a honeymoon at the end of September.

    That's nice that you get nearly a month off, where are you going on your honeymoon? I wouldn't be surprised if we decide not to do the dance as we don't want to make a fool out of ourselves and with nerves I guess one wrong foot could send us totally off track but ill persevere for a couple more lessons!

    I haven't decided on doing a wedding report but I like the idea and i like reading other people's so its a possibility. Ill look forward to reading yours if you do decide to do one. Yeah I know what you mean I bet it will feel wierd not having to plan anything after nearly 800 days of it!


    P.s not wedding related but what area of social work do you work in?
  • Kimbers139Kimbers139 Posts: 206

    Wow to your wedding venue it looks will get beautiful pics there! We don't have any theme for our wedding, our colours are Cadbury Purple for the bridesmaids so everything else is going to be matching..I have purple shoes...cant wait!

    James is going to Manchester for his stag doo, they fly here from Aberdeen on the 3rd May away for the weekend; just staying somewhere central and going to some dog racing or something then out but he hardly goes out so I predict a drunken mess and a hungover hubby to be when he returns!

    We are going to Florida on the Monday for two weeks, so excited...still need to get my honeymoon clothes, have bought a few bits but think when he away on the stag i will have a weekend of shopping and packing my case!

    That is fab your doing Social Work, what is your placement? We met at university both studying Social Work so James works with children in a residential unit and I am a Senior Practitioner in a Care Management Team so supporting older people ; older people with dementia and younger people with physical disabilities and supervise about 8 staff as well in the team so its busy, stressful but I love it, we graduated together in 2006..not going to lie its a hard job but someone has to do it! Will be a struggle to go back after nearly a month off! xx

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