D.I.Y wedding in Croatia? or somewhere abroad

Hello All,

Ive been looking for wedding venues abroad for the past month now and its all looking ver expensive? First i fell in love with Cyprus and then was put of the flight journey time. Now im looking at croatia and thats pricing out very expensive to image

I belong to a family of five and four of them are my children ages, 18 months , 15, 12, 17 years old. I wanted a very simply wedding aboard and if family members want to join us at the weekend for our wedding then all well and good.

How ever i have to take time out in the school hols due to two of my kiddie winks doing gsce and a levels. This price for half board for all of us for a week or say 9 days plus flight is coming up a £3500.??

I havnt really looked at wedding planners yet but had a few quotes in but until i know how much the stay abroad is going to cost or lets say to find a hols for less than £2000, then this wedding isnt going to happen.

If any of you lovely people have tips of advice please post away. I was thinking i need to get this booked and confirmed sooner rather than later? or perhaps the flights might be cheaper nearer the time?

ive found a flight to split for (900) but trying to work out how far it is from the main city center?



  • Hi, i've just seen your message and can give you some info on what we have found if it's useful?

    We are getting married in Dubrovnik, Croatia May 27th (half term) and have around 30 people coming with us. Just send me a message if you want some more info on costs.

  • Oh wow thats the day we are flying in image mine is all booked now image  we went with dubrovnik advent wedding planner. Where are you getting married? Our date is the saturday 31st May, but only about 11 to 15 people attending. Wow to how many of your friends and family coming over image who did you go for insurance?

  • Hello Rachel,

    if you are still searching for the ideal place to get married why don't you look for a Santorini wedding?? i know for sure that the cost is not too much and it is the most romantic place on earth!! my friend used the services of a wedding planner for her wedding and she found the whole trip ,accommodation ,flights,etc.not expensive !!you can try and get some more info about rates with them http://www.santorini-weddings.info/

    if you have already decided ....then good luck and congratulations!!!


  • Ah yay another dubrovnik wedding!  image we are getting married on lokrum island then having a boat cruise and reception on the Palm Terrace at the Excelsior. How about you? We are flying home on the 31st! I'm very excited, we are looking for decoration ideas at the moment! Um i can't remember who our insurance is with to be honest...i think it was just debenhams or someone like that...my h2b sorted it out for us x

  • Hello, All ....my plans are coming a long. My wedding day is the 31st and we fly in on the 27th we are getting married at the Sponza Palace and the meal at East west beach. I didnt get a note to say you had replied Flipflop? Have you got a wedding planner and Your wedding plans sound truly wonderful. Palm terrace is lovely and Lokrum island image


  • Yes!!! I AGREE Santorini is the most romantic place on earth!!If Your wedding plans will be for Santorini island just ask for Local Santorini Wedding Planners at




  • Hi Rachel, i didn't get a message saying you replied the first time, but got one today...the notifications are a bit strange on here sometimes. Sponza is lovely too, i just fell for the island wedding idea! I think some of our group might be going onto the east west after as we only have the palm terrace until 11pm but that suits at least half our group.

    Yeah we are using dubrovnk luxury weddings. I don't think we could have done it without a planner to be honest. How long are you over there for? Have you been out to look around? x

  • Hello,

    We are going out for a week and staying at a 5 star hotel just outside the old town. I wanted to use Dubrovnik Luxury weddings planners but they didnt have a slot for my wedding day.

    East West turns in a nightclub later on  dosnt itimage

    We Havent been to look around, but we just know it will be perfect for us. Everyone we talk to who have been there state how amazing it is image

    Can i ask how you are taking your wedding dress on the plane? Also who have you gone with for insurance? John Lewis do cover wedding planners and are about 60 pounds.




  • Yeah East West turns into a club, planners said if we let them know the week before how many people will be going we'll get a section cordened off for us which should be nice. We went to look at their function room which was lovely but wasn't suitable as we have 1 person in a wheelchair and its down lots of steps.

    Ah you'll love it, we went for 3 days back early May last year to meet the planners and decide on locations. Found some cheap last minute flights and a good hotel deal on groupon so we figured it was meant to be. We both loved it straight away and by the time we had come back we had set our date!

    For my dress i was looking at the dress boxes you can get but i might end up just putting it in a carry on case inside the bag. Going to ask the dress shop what they advise. We are flying BA so at least they allow bigger carryon bags. Do you know what you will do? Who are you flying with? We are so glad all our guests have managed to get decent priced flights as we were concerned that it might be too expensive for some.

    Think it was weddingplan for the insurance who seemed reasonable and covered use of wedding planners. Although i've just read a few bad reviews about them...hopefully it will be ok though!

  • Hello again Flipflop,

    Your so very lucky that so many friends and family are going to your wedding image  We are flying with B/A also  and we are flying back business class but when i phone B/A up for advice on car seats for my toddler and the wedding dress. They keep changing their minds as to how we can carry the wedding dress onto the plane and hang or hold it etc. We paid a fortune for our flights and our hotel but i have four children and so had to pay adult fares and  they are also classed as adults at our hotel :/ Those wedding boxes are not cheap but do look nice but i read that a bag is just as good. The problem i have now is if i do put it into a box i will then have to pay for it to be steam the other side as it will most def crumple up. I can post a picture of wedding dress if you would like? Im having music in the Sponza Palace and im just trying to sort wedding cake and flowers for wedding table etc.

    I need to sort the cars to the Sponza palace aswell.

    What is your colour scheme?

    I will look up weddingplan and see what they are like.


  • Hi Rachel,

    Yes we are so pleased that we have a good group coming with us, i don't think we would have gone abroad if they had said they wouldn't be able to come though as we really wanted them all there. Luckily they are all very excited too!

    I haven't spoken to BA directly about taking my dress on yet, i didn't think it was worth it until nearer the time as i'm sure if they said i could hang it up when i got on the plane they would probably say there was no record of that. Yeah i bet it was expensive with the children as well it's awful they have to pay full adult price.

    What's your dress like? I am hoping that arriving a 5 days before the wedding will be long enough to get any creases out fingers crossed!

    We've sent decoration/flower ideas to the wedding planner and waiting for them to come back with quotes at the moment. Hoping to go for orange and blue (more burnt orange than bright orange though). Do you know what you will do?

  • Hello again flipflop,  ive been sorting my flowers out today  image ive managed to come across a lovely lady in bridal facebook page who said she works for british airwsys and that they always try and hang the dresses up fo the brides image shes gone out of her way to email two weeks before to see if there is space on the airoplane image

    My dress was going to cost 50 euros to have it dry clean abroad so thats always an option for you?

    What are you doing for favours? My wedding planner sent these little personalised oil bottles and they looked good image

    My wedding dress is from perfections in brighton and its called addison. Will try and send a link.

    Are you doing the sand or candle thing after the wedding?

    Ive got direct to the cake makers for my wedding cake as it was alot cheaper. I hope i dont upset my wedding planner :/

  • Hi Flipflop, ive sent you a pm. You must be getting very excited....im very stressed :/


  • Hi all, I am at the beginning stages of planning a wedding in dubrovnik and came across this conversation on a Google search!! I'm finding it impossible to get an idea of prices and wonder if you mind if I ask roughly how much yiur weddings cost? We are in love with lokrum having visited but my o/h seems to think that you can only get married there in the evening?! 

  • Tanya17Tanya17 Posts: 1

    I'm also in the very early stages of planning our wedding in Croatia. I found a website called 'this is money.co.uk' which estimated a wedding package at £5500

  • stacey35stacey35 Posts: 7

    Hi All. I'm in the beginning stages of planning a wedding in Croatia and we are thinking it'll be in Dubrovnik. Our concern is the same as some of yours with prices for guests as we are struggling to find good deals on flights. Can I ask where did you/are you flying from, we're they direct flights and what kind of prices? There's lots to think of when planning weddings abroad but we really want it to be affordable so that people can come out with us. What made you choose your wedding planners? I'm dealing with Dubrovnik Design who are so so helpful.


  • This is an old thread I noticed, can any of the Dubrovnik brides tell us how their day went please. 

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