Jenny Packham Acacia II Headpiece for sale


I am getting married in September, and am looking to sell the JP Acacia II headpiece I have bought for my wedding straight after. It's the original vintage one and it is stunning!

Was £380 new, am open to sensible offers, it will always resell after your wedding.


  • How much are you wanting to sell it for? I love the piece and am looking for something exactly like that to wear in my November 2011 wedding, but can't really spend more than 250...
  • alaine24alaine24 Posts: 12
    Hi there - is it still available please? can you email me at [email protected]
  • Hi there, is this still available? I would be looking to buy immediately. Many thanks.
  • Hi,

    I have an acacia II available if you're interested, it is the crystal version on a silver band and is brand new and unworn in it's box. I bought it for my wedding but have decided on something else. Let me know if you're interested. x
  • Is this still available?? x
  • Delilah_HDelilah_H Posts: 4
    Hi there, is this still available? Please let me know at [email protected]

  • Delilah_HDelilah_H Posts: 4
    Hi there,

    Is this still available?

  • Hi,

    I am selling my JP Acacia II headpiece if anyone is interested?

    Kind regards
  • Hi, does anyone have the acacia I or II headband available? Please email [email protected]
  • Hi - I would absolutely love to get hold of this second hand for my wedding in Feb 2012 - the antiqued Jenny Packham Acacia II headpiece on a silver band. Is anyone selling theirs? I'd love to know if one is available....Thanks.

    Please reply to [email protected]
  • Hi there

    I would be willing to hire the Jenny Packham head piece if anyone was interested?



    [email protected]
  • Hi there, I'm getting married at the end of August this year and I think I tried on the acacia head piece in the Jenny Packham shop when I tried on the dress! Could you tell me how much you are hiring out your head piece for and if it's available?


  • Hi all, I liked the Jenny Packham Acacia II, but ended up liking another design more when I was in the Jenny Packham store. I got married in December 2011, and now I'm selling it! It is larger than the Acacia II, and was £515 new, but am selling for £250. Check out my ad and then message me from there if you're interested cos I might not remember to check this thread!
  • hi, do you stil have the aciacia crystal??
  • Hi,

    Is the headpiece in vintage style still available?? I absolutely need it but can't afford it new!!

    Please reply to [email protected]

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for an Acacia II in vintage!

    Please reply to [email protected]

    Will be looking forward to buy immediately!
  • I am looking for Acacia II crystal, too!!!

    PLease reply to [email protected]
  • Bali2012Bali2012 Posts: 3
    I am looking for Acacia II silver.

    Please reply to [email protected] if for sale

    Many thanks
  • becks38becks38 Posts: 63
    Hi all,

    I am also looking to buy/hire the acacia II headpiece- please email on [email protected] if you can help. Also, I have never tried it on before, just love it on the photos's. If anyone can recommnend where I could try it on- I live in the Midlands.

    Many thanks,

    Beck x x
  • Andrea_BAndrea_B Posts: 2


    I have an acacia II headpiece on champagne head band for sale. Worn only once on my wedding day and in perfect condition. If anyone is interested please email me - [email protected] Can provide photos if needed.

    Many thanks,


  • Andrea_BAndrea_B Posts: 2

    Hi All, I have sold my head piece - thanks for the interest.

  • Does anyone still have one thy are selling?
  • Hi Jennifer


    I have the Acacia 2 headress and cuff available for hire,  please send me a message for more info!  many thanks


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