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How are the plans coming along?

Hi Ladies,

Well it 9 months to go and just thought I d see how everyone is getting along. I feel quite organised but at the same time really overwhelmed by what I still have to do!!

So far we have:

Booked venue & Church

my dress

my tiara




chair covers

hair lady

bits and pieces for table decorations

Im now onto bridesmaid dresses - which is taking an eternity! and then Im going to start thinking about invitations. Oh and going to see a florist on Saturday. There is just so much to do!!

How is everyone else getting along? xx


  • Lisar1980, you have loads completed already!

    Don't think we have as much done as everyone else;

    venue and registrar booked



    table centres decided (just have to source)

    dress - I got a 'back up dress' just in case I couldn't find one after the baby arrives but have decided to get this customised - so have a seamstress ready to go

    Invitations are next on the list, as is the entertainment!

    Have been looking for a bridesmaid dress since Christmas with no luck, if we don't find anything by the summer then will get seamstress to make one.

    We have decided on most things now, we just have to get them done but trying to do that and get everything sorted for the baby takes up every spare second.
  • Hi ladies,

    I think we're doing ok for planning although it does worry me a bit when I read about uber organised couples who have so much more done!

    We have sorted:

    Venue & registrar





    Favours (random!)

    So not that much compared to others, but I don't feel too stressed. Next job is working out the colour scheme when I see the dress again so that we can do bridesmaid dress, H2B's suit and flowers.

    I'd like to get hair and make-up sorted too, and after that I start to go blank on what else we need..!

    We haven't actually sent any save the dates yet, apart from to close family and friends, so I suppose that should be top of the list.

    Oh well, it'll all get done, 8 months is agggges! image
  • Hi Ladies

    We're getting married on 26th November and I feel like we've gone into a bit of a quiet period, as nothing much seems to be happening at the moment. So far we've done the following:


    Registrar (and given notice)

    Caterer (food chosen - really yummy tasting session too!)

    Started purchasing alcohol (supermarket deals are awesome!)



    Suits hired


    Cake lady

    Make up / hair lady


    This might seem like a lot, but we've still got to work out exactly what flowers we're having and the cake decoration etc - so all the details are still to be confirmed.

    Having now started the planning process (and I was overwhelmed to start with!) I'm a firm believer that if you do the donkey work in the early research stages, you can get the suppliers on board and then relax a bit as the real decision making doesn't need to be til later on.

    Oooh, what colour theme are you all going for?
  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    Hey MrsLee2be, we're date twins, I'm also getting married on 26/11 image

    You're far more organised than me, we've only just paid a holding deposit for our ceremony venue and reception venue, but I have got a photographer and my dress. H2B has tried on suits so we know what we want. I'd really best get myself in gear and start organising things now!!!

  • Yey! A date twin! We've only paid a deposit for the venue, the rest is paid in two installments (one coming up at the end of May, eeek!). Once I realised that we just needed to pay deposits for stuff it made sense to book things so we have time to save to pay off the balances. Where are you getting married Mrs C2B?
  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    MrsLee2B - we're getting married in Essex. We've booked our ceremony in a small hotel and then our reception in a fine dining restaurant. The hotel couldn't cater for our reception as well as the ceremony as it was too small, but I like the idea of having to drive to the reception after the ceremony as it will give me and hubby a bit of time to talk before all the mayhem of the evening starts.

    Where are you getting married?
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