So do you know where you're going on honeymoon?

Seeing as were all getting married in the dead of winter here, it seems like we need to head somewhere far away for some sun.

I don't really want a long flight but it seems I have to for a hot honeymoon. We were toying with the idea of Stockholm but not sure as I want more relaxing that sightseeing for a honeymoon.



  • kitty_12kitty_12 Posts: 117
    Hey we still havent booked our honeymoon yet really hoping to get it sorted soon tho. I know where you are coming from I think that we are going to have to go for a long flight, we were originally thinking of Mexico but now thinking of st Lucia, really not sure just hoping to get it sorted soon. A sightseeing honeymoon personally is not my idea of fun, Im thinking with all the stress before the wedding we'll be glad of a relaxing holiday after image
  • Hi ladies - good thread! I used to work in travel so have a fair idea of where is good in November - but amazingly, we're staying in the UK! We're opting for a cosy country cottage with log fires and a great pub nearby, with nice bracing country walks to help work up an appetite...image

    We've chosen this option as a) we love what the UK has to offer now, b) we quite like winter and would ideally like a snowy log cabin, but also c) because we are on such a tight budget, we can't find any extra funds for an overseas break as well!

    The funds have guided our decision, but we're very happy with that. The only trouble we now have is finding a suitable cottage! Any ideas? We're looking for anything outside of London, below Birmingham on the map, but not as far SW as Cornwall/Devon. Any recommendations gratefully recieved! image
  • Hi there.

    Weve booked to go maldives. Its a ten hr flight tho so not sure how il cope image xx
  • Hi there.

    Weve booked to go maldives. Its a ten hr flight tho so not sure how il cope image xx
  • mrspodmrspod Posts: 219
    we have booked to go to the dominican, i cant wait.
  • We've still not sorted our honeymoon out, much to the surprise of our family and friends! Any suggestions for something fabulously relaxing would be great image
  • Were pretty certain were off to El Gouna in Egypt, not too long to fly there, hot weather at that time of year, loads to do but also there's lots of beaches and places to just relax

    Might be worth checking out MrsLeetobe image
  • Oooh, will check that one out. Cheers image
  • Ooh, im a December bride and the log cabin with roaring fires and country snowy walks sound amazing, never thought about this option, have always been a beach and book kind of girl but will have a look into that image

  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    We booked our honeymoon last weekend!

    We're off to Florida for 12 nights and then 7 nights in Barbados imageimage

    So excited, can't wait woo hoo
  • KT2bElphickKT2bElphick Posts: 23
    We are off to Mauritius! 12 nights at The Residence, we booked through Turquoise, and they have been fantastic. We've set up a gif list with them aswell so our guests can contribute to our honeymoon if they wish. We wanted somewhere hot with a tropical island feel, but the beauty about Mauritius is that we don't have to spend the whole time just lying on the beach, it looks like there is loads to do as well. I can not wait!!!
  • Mr Lee's GalMr Lee's Gal Posts: 283
    We dropped by Trail Finders & Kuoni over the weekend and are now considering Mauritius combined with a little jaunt through South Africa. I've emailed Turquoise to get a quote, so we can compare prices.

    Ooh, Mrs C2B4, if you're getting married on 26th we're date twins!! image
  • Morning ladies!

    We booked our 'Pre-honeymoon' last year. We've opted for 2 weeks in Dominican Republic in October. When we get back we'll have 4 weeks till wedding, im hoping my nice tan will look great in the pictures lol and with our wedding being 26th November, we've booked a cosy cottage in The Lakes for 4 days after the wedding. Winter walks in our wellies is the plan and cosy nights in front of a roaring fire. Can't wait!! image
  • Ooh I like your idea image Were off to Egypt a couple of days after the wedding, but only for a week with 2 weeks booked off so I'd love to do a cosy UK break for the 2nd week
  • Hi

    I have booked 2 weeks in the Dominican for the day after my wedding image i get married on 11/11/11 and i cant wait to get away for 2 weeks in the SUN!! image i also like the idea of a cosy winter cottage, so we have booked a cottage in Polperro Cornwall for over New Year so we get the best of both worlds image

    What is everyone doing for there hen do?

    Is anyone worried about the rain for their big day? ximage
  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    We've been planning our honeymoon for the last week or so, trying to sort out all the things we really want to do while we're in Florida and then trying to book some excursions for Barbados. There's so much to do and so little time to do it in, think we're going to have to go back to do the rest image

    @Amanda111111, my hen weekend is at the beginning of November. We are going to Butlins in Minehead, by train for an 80s weekend. Am really looking forward to it, although my sister (MOH) is planning to dress me up in something really stupid but won't tell me what image

    I'm not worried about rain on the day, if it happens it happens not a lot you can do about it.

  • Hi my wedding is november and we are going to cape verde for two week.mmm lush.Hen do were going benidorm thurs to mon and as for the rain well it snowed last november so im hoping its too cold to rain!!! image
  • aww that sounds really good, an 80's weekend, god knows what theyve got planned for you haha! im dreading what my hens have got planned for me next weekend when i go Malaga image

    I hope it is to cold to rain too, i went the venue today however and there was a wedding on and it was raining but the venue still looked gorgeous. I cannot belive how soon the wedding is!

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