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Cover Ups????

Hi all!

Given that we are all getting married in November I was just wondering how many brides are opting for a bolero (or anything similar to cover up and take the chill off?!) I'm in two minds - my dress is Casablanca, Blue by Enzoani (which has basically got a lace overlay), I will be wearing a veil and can't decide whether or not it will all be too much with a small bolero as well...on the other hand it is a church wedding (tyring to be respectable) and it is winter after all???? Ah dilema! x


  • 1SmartBride1SmartBride Posts: 1,579
    i'm not wearing one. I have detail on the shoulder of my dress and don't want to cover it up!!
  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    Have a look on this site image Some lovely boleros!
  • kitty_12kitty_12 Posts: 117
    I might get something to wear between photos to keep warm if I need it but most people have said ill be so hyped up ill not feel the cold lol. I think i might get the BM's some tho.

    I am in the same position due to the neckline of my dress I dont want it covered up in the pics.
  • flexifi01flexifi01 Posts: 19
    I have a fur shrug from Coast, I originally bought them for my bridesmaids but tried one on when I got home and loved it so I bought one for myself too! Not going to wear it in the church but may wear it outside for photos etc.
  • I bought the lace shrug from Monsoon, won't necessarily keep me that warm but it's something and we won't be outside that much. Plus its so pretty!
  • Mr Lee's GalMr Lee's Gal Posts: 283
    My dress is lace and has an extra bit to attach to it, that creates a longer train. However, I don't want a really massive train (civil ceremony), so I'm having that made into a bolero cos I don't like the top of my arms image Also, the lace matches my dress image It won't keep me any warmer, but hopefully it'll look pretty image
  • tabitha84tabitha84 Posts: 224
    My dress does come with a matching bolero if I want it, but I did not get it as I thought it looked so pretty without it, and I am quite proud of my arms as I am a bit of a weightlifter, but now I am not sure. More than the cold I am worried that I get blotchy marks when I am nervous, and I am worried that my chest will go all red. I am sure this will calm down after the ceremony when I have relaxed a bit, so I would take it off then.

    Maybe I should get some make-up to cover my chest and neck. It is really worrying me now.
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