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rain rain go away!!! :(

i'm getting married in 1 week today!! image (4th november)

i keep checking the weather forecast.. yesterday it forecasted sunshine, highs of 15 degrees!! lovely! 8)

NOW it's saying rain, rain, and more rain image

how accurate are these 10 day weather forecasts anyway!?!? i'm particuarly worried as we are paying a lot of money for our photographers as the grounds are stunning and we wanted tonnes of piccys outdoors.. also guests will have to walk outside to get from the ceremony location to the reception hall.. so please please keep everything crossed for a beautiful DRY day!! please?!? image


  • lisa_mollisa_mol Posts: 114
    I'm getting married on 5th and I've been scouring the forecasts and seen the same thing - I'm really hoping its inaccurate and it'll be like today! Good luck and fingers crossed for you x
  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    It won't matter what the weather is like on the day, you probably won't even notice it - you'll be having too much fun. Whatever happens you and your guests will have a fabulous day and you will end the day married to your dream man!
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    Don't worry ....I had the same forecast but in July !! On the morning it poured down...I've never seen rain like it. Then 30 mins before I was to set out the rain stopped and during the ceremony the sun came out and it was magical.

    However IF it does rain remember there is a saying that a wet bride is a lucky bride. Apparently photos are best either on a cloudy or rainy day...bright sunshine makes everyone squint.

    Also I've been told rainy day weddings are more cosy as the wedding group does not tend to disperse so every which way there is a positive !

    ...and umbrellas make for some great shots so just keep positive and enjoy image
  • I'm getting married on the 5th November too! Not long now ladies!!! image

    The weather forecast for last weekend said rain but it was sunny so dont fret! image

    Lets hope for some sunshine! xxx
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