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How are your plans coming along?

Hi girls, I thought it might be nice to have our own thread so we can update each other on our plans and how they're progressing. I'm getting married on 24th November 2012 and although the date was only set a couple of months ago, I'm super organised in that I've booked my venue, church, transport, photographer, make-up artist, I'm waiting on my vidographer to get back to me and am hopefully buying my dress on Saturday (phew!). We've also chosen our menus and hymns. I don't think the vendors can keep up with me! I'm worried that in the new year I will have organised as much as possible and then have nothing left to do.


  • hi wendy,

    i get married on the 10th november 2012 and i have sorted the following:





    suits from groom and ushers





    make up and hair

    i've just got buy my sweets for the sweety table and sort my bridesmaid dress. I also need to give notice and write vows. i've planned my invites and day stationary i just need to buy the card and make it. we are not booking honeymoon until feb next year most likely. i need to book registrar but the local office is being a pain in the arse!

    I'm a PA and events manager by day so am a bit of a keen bean but i just wanted to get booked!

    so excited!!!
  • Hardly anything!!!




    Hair/makeup lady

    That's all H2b will let me do! Hopefully will get more done once we've hit the 12month deadline!

    Edited cuz I 4got Honeymoon! x

  • Us November 2012 brides are doing well!

    We've organised:

    The Venue (Ceremony & Reception)



    Florist (although I haven't finally decided on the flowers yet)

    Booked the transport

    Booked the photographer

    Booked the registrar

    Bought shoes for the bridesmaids

    Bought jewellery for the bridesmaids

    Bought our favours

    Bought my shoes

    Booked the make up lady

    And breathe! image
  • I'm worried now! Im getting married 3rd November 2012 and have.......

    Venue (Ceremony and reception)



    Some of the table decorations

    Chair Covers

    Menu's (Wedding Breakfast and evening buffet)

    Seen flowers will be buying end of month!

    Completed guest list (Day and evening)


    Cake (will be made by family member)

    And thats about it lol!! I haven't even been dress shopping! I go to Greece for a week next Tuesday then have a Wedding Fair to go to on October 2nd. Will go dres shopping weekend after image

    I love reading how others weddings are coming along! xx

    Keep editing as remember bits i've done x
  • Quoted:
    I'm a PA and events manager by day so am a bit of a keen bean but i just wanted to get booked! so excited!!!
    So am I! It's in my nature to be super-organised. The STD cards went out about 1 months ago, hopefully getting my dress at the week-end then I can get my shoes which I've already seen, hair for the whole bridal party is sorted. Off the top of my head, I know the styles of BM dresses so they should be easy to sort out. Have found my stationery (from a company in the USA) but it's too early to order them. My colour scheme is burnt orange (or borange as all the colour swatches call it!)
  • You're all doing so well. I forgot that I had also booked the DJ, venue dressing, ice sculpture, flowers are sorted just have to meet with the florist, h2b wants some jobs to do so he's responsible for the cake (I've told him flavours though!) and the honeymoon which will be a suprise. It's not that easy for me to meet with vendors as I live on the Isle of Man and my wedding is in Liverpool, although over there this week-end for the UK Wedding Show. It's sooo exciting.
  • Ive sorted chair covers to. The lady doing my flowers is sorting all my venue decs and sweety table.

    Im also love seeing how everyone else is getting on.

    My colour scheme is ivory, a range of purple and hint of gold.

    I already have my shoes... but ive just spotted another pair...and have ordered them...bad idea eh ladies!!
  • MrsBroad, I'm going to a wedding fair on 2nd October too!

    Which one are you going to?
  • Hey No1,

    Im going to the ECN Wedding Fair at my local Leisure Centre in Essex.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some dresses as i am seriously struggling for inspiration!

    Are you going to one in Cheshire?
  • Quoted:
    Hey No1,

    Im going to the ECN Wedding Fair at my local Leisure Centre in Essex.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some dresses as i am seriously struggling for inspiration!

    Are you going to one in Cheshire?
    Me too I'll be at the Inglewood one meeting up with some of our suppliers - which one you going to?

    Yeah, I'm going to the one at my venue. The Wild Boar Country House Hotel in Cheshire. I haven't been to one yet and H2B is coming with me. I don't think he's looking forward to it as much as me, girls! image
  • Hi ladies.

    Im having a moment.

    We are having a dj in the eve but no other entertainment...does this matter?

    There is 48 for the day and 75 in the eve.

    There are only 3 children comming, 6 teenagers ( who will prob just sit at the bar!!) And the rest are adults.

    I was thinking of doing a raffle or something to raise money for my partners late aunties cancer charity...but then i thought we should just give a donation instead?

    We dont have a gift list.. we are asking for honeymoon contributions.

  • At the minute, Chelle, we're only having a DJ as well. I think H2B would like a band to play for an hour or two at the start. He's mentioned it a couple of times, but we haven't budgeted for it so we'll see closer to the time.

    A raffle sounds like a good idea, but you'll have to source gifts to give out as prizes.

    No gift list for us either. Everybody we're inviting knows we already live together and have everything we need, so everything we get will be a surprise! We were going to register with Travel Counsellors and ask for honeymoon contributions, but H2B said he didn't feel comfortable doing that. It dosen't bother me, a wedding I went to last year had done that and I thought it was great. Just transferred money over and that was that! image
  • I have 399 days left image Time is going quickly!

    Got back off a weeks hol couple of days ago and have made a list of things to do!

    I went dress shopping on Wednesday and didnt get excited about anything i saw! Wedding fair tomorrow so fingers crossed i get excited over some dress designs!!

    Hope your all ok xx
  • Hey MrsBroad, how did you get on at your wedding fayre?

    We didn't go to ours in the end... we totally forgot about it. Well I did! I don't think H2B was terribly gutted to be honest! image

    396 days to go for me image
  • Hello No1!!

    Well it wasnt as bad as i thought! I was only in there an hour! I walked past the stalls i had no interest in even though they were shouting after me waving info at me!

    Found photographer and a company we will hire some bits off!

    I have also found my dress and my shoes yipee!! So i can now relax and get on with all the other bits now!!

    image no love lost there then! How funny your forgot!

    396days wow!! Do you have a lot left to sort? x
  • I was working nights that night so I usually sleep in. I forgot to set my alarm. H2B was up from 08:30 that morning doing jobs around the garden... he said it slipped his mind and that's why he didn't wake me! image

    We've got the main essentials booked i.e. Venue for ceremony & reception, DJ, transport, florist and the registrar is provisionally booked. I've started gathering up other bits as well like, my shoes, BM shoes & jewellery, favours and I got 2 large ivory umbrellas as well. I still haven't made the final decision on my dress just yet... I'm going to try the "front runner" on, on Friday 21st October... I cried the first time, I hope I get that feeling again. image

    It sounds like you had a successful day at your fayre.
  • Hi ladies,

    I am glad that im not the only 1 just having a DJ... i thought about a characturist also but i don't know if its worth it? i do think they drawings would be a fab idea but they don't come cheap..

    so i have now sorted..





    suits for groom and ushers





    make up and hair


    giving notice on the 11th November

    registrar is booked

    i've also manager to get my florist to do all my venue decor and provide the glass wear for the sweetie table for free.

    Currently deciding on cupcake flavours .. ive got a box of 12 samples comming my way soon.. i feel a fat day comming on!!

    im pretty much done to be honest.. just a case of paying for everything and sorting out our vows... we are going to look at that at a later date!

    Need to sort BM's dress ive just given a colour scheme that it need and that it needs to be long.. she can decide the rest herself as she is 21!

    my dress arrived in the shop on friday ( 4 months early) and they are already asking for me to pay in full.. which i have declined to do so!

    Booking honeymoon in january.. and our gift list will be contributions to this.. just not sure what company to go with for this.

    Going to have a break after i have given notice... until march next year!

  • It's exciting, ladies!

    We're all getting close to that time where we can meet the registrar to give notice. H2B and I need to make that appointment and I wanna see them as soon after 1st November as possible.

    The next big thing on my "to do" list is to meet with the florist again to make a decision on my floral centre pieces and the rest of the flowers. She said to come see her anytime from November onwards.

    Oh and, trying on that dress again soon image
  • lisabri12lisabri12 Posts: 199
    Hi ladies

    I think I am going to enjoy a few months chilling out time now!

    We get married November 10th and all but cake of choice is booked.

    We have an amazing singer who will perform at our wedding breakfast aswell as 2 45 minute sets during the reception. We have a dj for the final few hours of the evening.

    I must admit I am really looking forward to this part hee hee!

    We get to dance our first dance to live vocal yay!!

  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    Can someone rub off all of this organisation onto me?? I am usually such an organised person but I'm being so laid back at the moment. I have been so busy recently though but after next Wednesday wedding planning begins.

    If you girls are sending out Save the Dates when are you doing this??? I was thinking New Year so everyone can put it in their new diaries/calendars.

    I think my plan of action is... dress by end of November, Save the Dates by end of December, Book Makeup/Hair by end of January and then sort out Bridesmaids in February. In between I'm going to start making jewellery and other bits. Oh and moving into a house in between hah.

    Are any of you doing a bit of DIY-ing for your wedding???
  • Ahh i love reading how everyone is getting on!

    Ive got 12 cupcakes arriving on saturday...can`t wait to have an excuse to pig out...picking the cake flavour is a very important decision ha ha.

    I am diying all my stationary, its saving me £300, that money will end up behind the bar! Im not doing save the dates... everyone knows the date... its easy to remember (10/11/12) and i don`t shut up about it so no-one can possibily forget!!

  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    Haha ChelleChel I know what you mean, I dont shut up about it either... still an extra reminder wont hurtimage Good date though, how we missed that one I dont know!

    Also good effort on the stationary, I'm planning on DIY-ing that too along with order of service etc... Other half is pretty nifty on the computer so he's designing it and I'm doing the cutting, sticking and whatever else comes with it.

    Are you having a cupcake tower then?? Do you get to select different flavours? I love that! Draw out the cake selection processimage the more tasted the better I say!!!
  • BrummyBride, we've sent out save the date cards already but only because my friends and family are travelling from Northern Ireland.

    I would say the end of this year or start of next year is good enough time to send them out. image
  • hi ladies!

    im a november 2012 bride also 16th to be exact...its only now that im getting super excited then a wee bit of vomit comes when i realise how much we need to pay for everything!!lol

    so far i have done the following;

    dress paid!

    bridedmaids dresses paid!

    venue booked!

    cars booked!

    im also super delighted that my daughter has made us a website to attatch to the STD cards...its only a rough mock-up at the moment...but its a great ides for guests to keep us tp date and mingle before the wedding...its also totally free to do!

    heres a rough copy of mine

    hope you like

  • Hi MrsS2b17!

    im all about hassle free planning!..everyone is callin me "bridechilla"lol

    this just saves any hassle i think!..and its not like you get much free when plannig a wedding, 17th november? its really starting to fly in now...i thought i better get some wheels in motion haha! tip for the website....find a teenager who you need to surgically remove from a laptop to do it for you! works for me heehee

  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Hey Fellow November-ers image

    We're the 24th, just 409 days to go... image

    So far we have;

    The Venue booked

    Dress Bought

    Save the date magnets made and are addressed and stamped ready to go out on my way home tonight!

    My sister has booked and paid for our dream photographer as a gift

    My niece to be has offered to do the bridal party hair (she's a trained hairdresser)

    Place setting pieces

    Table crystals

    Feel like I could do so much more but we're off to Cuba in 4.5 weeks and all our spare cash is going on that!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thanks image I'm really excited, last family holiday before the wedding! Although my stepdaughters are more excited that they have two weeks off school than the fact we're going to Cuba lol kids eh!
  • I'm getting married on 2nd Nov 2012 and we have sorted:




    Place cards (making myself)

    Save the dates (making myself)

    Invitations (making myself)

    Favours (cupcakes)



    and a few bits and pieces, I'm making lots of things myself, and designing them as I'm a graphic designer. Seriously thinking about making and selling things too. Our invites are not traditional, We're doing double sided flyers as we both love going to gigs and thought it would be a different idea and suits us perfectly! image
  • Brummy bride - yes having a big fruit cupcake at the top and then tonnes of little cupcakes.

    Cant wait to taste cupcakes.. the flavours are:

    Lemon meringue


    Salted caramel

    Sticky toffee

    Jd and coke (for h2b!)


    Mint choco chip

    Milk and cookies

    Cookies and cream




    My mouth is watering!!! Nom nom nom nom.
  • Chelle chel i am highly jealous of your cupcake tasting!! Let me know what the nutella ones are like! I love nutella image

    Have a lovely holiday MrsChez how lovely to get that in b4 the wedding!

    We have sorted:-

    Venue (one place for the ceremony and recption)



    Cake (being made by family relative. She's a pro cake maker)





    Cameras for table's

    Table number holders

    Bridal and flower girl bouquets


    Menu (sit down meal and evening buffet)

    Guest list (for day and night)

    WEDDING INSURANCE - nearly forgot about that. Only thought about it after seeing a thread on here!

    Just need to sort transport, flower girl dresses but cant get them till nearer the time as my nieces dont seem to stop growing. Groom & best mans suits. Groom's ring and having meeting with lady to do venue decoratins to be arranged! Not doing too bad for a few months planning lol!! xx
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