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What time is your ceremony?

Hi fellow November brides!

I'm wondering what time you are having your ceremony? We have booked ours for 1 pm but it has only just occured to me that it will be getting dark early in November, duh! (We are getting married in church so it will last about an hour) so now I'm wondering whether to bring it forward an hour? but then if we do there will be quite a long gap before the wedding breakfast at 4 pm and I don't want our guests to get bored.....


  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    We're getting married at 2pm - and a few people have pointed out it will be getting dark (including our photographer!) but we're happy with this and we knew it would start getting dark.

    We've explained to our photographer that we only want a few outdoors shots as our venue is lovely enough to have in doors shots image

    Dont panic it'll all be fine - I mean I am looking out the window now, its the 10th May and it quite dark out there!
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    We are going with the getting dark early thing rather than trying to work round it And our ceremony is at 4:30pm only be able half an hour for civil ceremony, that way we will have all our candles lit and just go with evening meal and no buffet (we're not having extra evening guests). At least if it's dark it makes no difference if it's raining !
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Ours is at 2.30, to be honest I didnt even consider the fact it would be getting dark early when we booked, just figured it was a pretty central time to make the day flow properly. Even if it starts getting dark around 4-5, we'll be sitting down for dinner by then and my fairy lights in the centre pieces will really set the mood image
  • were getting married at 12.30 i dint think of the dark either but hey im sure we will all have a lovely day (im hoping very stressed at the min ) x
  • WendyWeebleWendyWeeble Posts: 292
    We've chosen 1pm. This was because we're getting married at the same church my parents were married and they got married at 1pm. We did consider that it would get dark, but the ceremony will be 3/4 hr, some outside shots outside the church and anything else would be a bonus. We're keen to get everyone to the reception venue for their 7 course meal. I think 1pm is a perfect time for November
  • CCisMarriedCCisMarried Posts: 331
    im getting married at 1:30pm, its a civil ceremony so it only takes 30mins.. it gets dark around 4 ish so enough time for photos.. i'm looking forward to having all the candles lit at dinner, despite it only being 4pm! i think the atmosphere will be lovely

  • LuLu266LuLu266 Posts: 10

    We're getting married at 1.30pm too, And also eating at 4pm.. I thought the same too with it being almost dark while we eat..It'll be all twinkly with the lights & candles etc.. Gonna be so lovely image I can't wait!!
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