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  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    Thanks hun the mayhem has just begun!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Hope all went well with the move today!

    Just to let you know all the fingers crossing must have worked as they offered me the job this morning. image

    Hope you get settled nice and quickly and find plenty of baby dust at the bottom of those packing boxesimage xx

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Ok ladies it would appear I have been living under a rock and blissfully unaware that there are conversations going on here!

    congrats on the job Mandy and hope the moving went well manfaw!

    please may I have some of your obviously very useful good luck wishes for next Friday? I also have an interview for a job secondment.... It is my only way to progress and to get away from the boss from hell!!! I soooo need it's a little more money which will be handy!

    we are STILL dealing with solicitors and division of assets etc etc after my father in law passed away in feb. the end however is in sight and we should we done and dusted by the end of next month! Hopefully once that is out the way hubby and his brother will feel happier deciding what to do with ashes etc.

    i bloody well whole we are because we have been holding on ttc number 2 since January for one thing or another and I'm all set to have my coil removed next month (as I'm due a check anyway) with any luck we might get an anniversary baby!

    i was thinking tickets for something for anniversary too, or a nicely done wedding photo albumn as we don't have any....but I think hubby would prefer the tickets to be honest lol!

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     I have also realised as I never did a post wedding thread or anything I haven't shared any pics with you ladies so here are a few of my favs That I have on the iPad!

    first is me and our daughter!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486



  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486


     This one also shows the cake that my sister made and sort of the topper that I made! image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Hi abi!  Love the photos - your daughter is completely gorgeous!

    Really sorry things are still up in the air for you  guys - it must be so frustrating, but hopefully the end is in sight now. Sending you all the good luck wishes that were sent to me, really really hope you get the promotion!! 

    Good luck with the anniversary baby! Where would you get tickets for if that's what you decide? 

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

     thanks Mandy, she is pretty gorgeous!

    we were thinking of going away to Maldives or something but just can't afford it yet so it will probably be something like a tennis tournament he loves or a comedy show.....I want to go to the Christmas ideal home exhibition in November so I might make a few hins lol!

    so when do you start your new job?

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ooo Christmas show  - hmmm now that's an idea!!image You could make a weekend of it with a comedy club and dinner one night then christmas show the next day! Will you get to go to the Maldives next year maybe after the problems with the will are sorted out?

    New job starts on 14th Oct, really excited, but its sooooooooo different from anything I've done before I'm a bit nervous about it too, but I think I'll be good at it once I get to know exactly what I need to do (a bit of fear of the unknown I think!) And on a super girly note, I'm so looking forward to being able to wear nice clothes and have a reason to do my hair nice in the morning and not just throw it in a band and keep it off my face!! image


  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    I'm still looking into the idea of going away, I'd love to do New York for a long weekendas it would be getting Christmassy! That's a little more likely but still expensive...I suppose it all depends on getting this will stuff over with! I'm sure we will figure something out!

    fantastic about getting to dress nice for work, it does help get ou in a better mood for sure!

    I've been to the range today.....they are just getting their Christmas things out!!! So can't wait, I want Christmas to be great this year and as its the only thing that will definitely be happening regardless of anything else this year I know I can start my planning now! image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ooo fun - I love the Range at Christmas!!! Going to a wedding fair tomorrow with my friend who is getting married next year - me feels a detour on the way home I think!image

    Hopefully we'll be back in our own place again (very soon!) and I cannot wait to start crafting some new Christmas bits for the new house!! The one we love has awesome open wood stud beams between the living room and dinning room that will look amazing covered with fir and fairy lights!!! (You've got me started now getting excited about Christmas!!) 

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Heeeeey ladies!

    Hi Abi! Fingers crossed on the job and TTC 2! And hope all the other stuff is sorted out for you soon.  Love your wedding pics too image

    Congratulations Mand!! image I knew you'd do it!  What is it you'll be doing (if thats not too nosey!) I hear you on the dressing nice for work - although I am sitting here in a slouchy old jumper, jeans and uggs as its all I could muster after the move this weekend (plus I am still trying to find my clothes!) 

    I have just been a bought a load of Christmas crafting stuff lol!  How strange! image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Thanks manfaw- I'm sure it was all thanks to you keeping me calm before leaving for the interview! image

    The official job title is Carer Support Coordinator, essentially I'll be working for a firm who provides live-in carers for all sorts if mental and physical disabilities and all age ranges, and my job is to keep up to date with the carers find out if they do or don't want work at that time, make sure there's no issues with the clients they're currently with, but mostly just to chat to them and make sure they're happy as a lot of the carers are from abroad and so a lot of the time they're just homesick and need a friendly person to chat to! I'm really looking forward to it, although its so different from the shop work I've done since I left work that I'm a bit nervous too!

    It'll be great though, and has given us the security needed so we can get our own place again!! (Having a second look at the rental we like tomorrow so hopefully if its as good as we think it is that'll be full steam ahead too!)

    How did the move go? Xx

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ooo and after going to the range on Sunday I'm now feeling super christmassy!!! 

    I love this time of year! So much going on with my bday and then Halloween in October, bonfire night (and stockcars for the awesome fireworks!image ), and now wedding anniversary in November and then December is just such a fun month!!!! imageimageimage 

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Ooooh sounds like a really interesting job!  Good luck image  And good luck with the rental place you've been looking at fingers crossed things start coming together for us November 2012 brides in our first year! 

    Yep its finally come round to my favorite time of year, all cosys and snuggly, jumpers and boots lol! image


    ETA - The move went fine thanks, still living in chaos at the moment but nothing that the weekend wont resolve image  We got a new bed last night too and its lush, the best nights sleep I have had in months!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Yeah, I think I'll really enjoy it when I get settled!

    The house is AWESOME!!! The first time we looked around the tennent was still in the process of packing so there were boxes and stuff everywhere! But this time we could really see the house properly and its great! There's so much more space than we originally thought, (including a ma-hoo-sive loft space!) I'm going to sort out the paperwork Moro so fingers crossed it should go through easy and we'll be able to get in soon! (Hoping to decorate quickly before we get the furniture in too so long as the landlady is okay about it) 

    Let's hope us Nov 12 brides start to get some positive luck this year!!! (Baby dust for manfaw and abi, and new house/job for me!) 

    I live in warm leggings, jumper dresses and fluffy boots this time of year too! I love it!!!!

    Glad the move went well, and that you have a new lovely comfy bed (we need a new one too, but thanks to Hubby's £800 unexpected motorbike bill the beds on hold for now - we'll just have to keep propping ours up with a stack of books for the time being!!) 

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    HI ladies, how are things?

    work has been horrendous, so much stuff to get done and my boss just keeps stacking more stuff on....this interview could not be more needed!

    im with you on the favourite time of year, all cosy and snugly, plus being so pale I no longer look so out of place and odd! It also means much more baking is done, and I can shop for more cosy warm things that seem to fit so much better than summer stuff and just generally look better......odd given I'm always cold and I'm born in summer, you'd think I'd been a summer bod!

    we also have October birthday month, for hubby, best man, my best friend and her husband!! Considering doing something for Halloween with little lady but she's only 4 and I'm not sure she would want to do trick or treating just us?? Super excited for fireworks night though, they have a display at her school which will be fun! Then anniversary and hoping for some sort of trip away (location changes daily with hubby!) then Christmas countdown!!

    Glad everything is going smoothly for you ladies let's hope it keeps going for us all! image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Good luck with the interview Moro abi!!!!! Xx

    All fingers and toes crossed for you image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! image Let us know how it goes image

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    I've had such a hectic week I've barely thought about it but now I'm getting nervous! I'm wondering what I should take with me and what to wear?! I'd kept my cool ok because it's internal but now I'm starting to worry that I've been to casual and should have done more?! Oh god totally over thinking now! I need to do my nails to relax I think!


    thanks for the luck ladies, I think I need it!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    You'll be fine, just deep breaths and relax xx image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Good luck Abi got my fingers crossed for you! image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    How'd it go today Abi?

    Manfaw hope you also had a good day! Xx

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Hi ladies, today went well I think! There's nothing I think oh god why did I say that, or oh wish I'd said that, so that's good!

    they did say they were deciding today but I've got to wait for HR to tell me, I was hoping to find out after the meeting I had this afternoon (the person who interviewed me also attends) but my boss was there and everyone was too busy! Looks like I'm waiting until Monday at the earliest!

    thank you for your good luck wishes here's hoping they do the trick!

    everyone looking forward to the weekend?

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah I'm glad it seemed to go well! Fingers still crossed for Monday for you xx

    Weekend plans? Does working all day saturday count? (But its my last full sat working!!!!) But Sunday is hopefully deciding on paint/wallpaper for the house (looks like that's going through image ) and then we've got free cinema tickets so go see what's on - being as I work in our local cinema too I don't wanna use our free tickets for a film I'd get to see for free at work anyway!!!

    What about you? Anything fun planned? Xx

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Well today I have mostly been cleaning! I did however discovered a shop called b&m today... I think it's a chain that adjust major bargains! Including home things and Christmas things!!! 

    Woohoo for the last full Saturday! I do hope I Get to count down for no more pants working!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ooo I love b&m!!! Awesome bargains! Hmm will have to go check out the Christmas stuff soon (have to go when Hubby's not with me though - he gets easily irratated when shopping, ie, no leisurely looks around, just in grab what I came for and out again in record time!image

    I hope you get that fantastic news too! 

    The house we're going for has been removed from right move, so I'm hoping that's a good sign!! Still waiting to hear from estate agents that the refrencing has cleared, but I dont foresee any probs! Slightly overexcited about looking at paint and bits tomorrow! Not to mention the 'happy dance' I did last night after ordering our luxuary yet bargain sofa bed for the spare room last night image - love groupon!! 

    Poor Hubby's got a stinking cold, so hopefully he'll be feeling well enough tomorrow to go into town - he stubborn as a mule though so doubt he'll let that stop us going out, just might be a bit grouchy!!

    Have a good Sunday! Xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Hey everyone!

    FC for good news this week for you both! image

    I also love B&M I just love a bargain!! image  didnt really do much this weekend, just sorting out the house and getting the curtains up, althought hubby has just called he is on his way to hospital, he cracked his head yesterday doing the garden and has been complaining about feeling dizzy since, so they've told him to leave work and get it checked out (although I dont think he should be driving if he feels that bad :/) anyways so I am just waiting for him to let me know whats going on..... 

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Oh dear poor Mr manfaw!! Sending get well vibes ~~~~~~~~

    Hope he's OK! Xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    He's alright he has mild concussion but he'll survive!

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