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  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    10days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry ladies had to share really struggling to stay focused at work today!!
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    11 for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am back in work until Friday then I am off until the wedding!!! image I think its a good job my boss is off and I dont have much to do, but on the other hand I am a little bored so its making the days drag on!

    Also I am in trouble..... H2B has banned me from looking at the weather reports - I got a tad, lets say upset, when I read that they were forecasting torrential rain and gales for the weekend of our wedding image

    Still there isnt a lot I can do about it, but I would have liked it to be at least dry! 

    Mandy sorry to here about your hen, but its true it does seem to me that weddings and hen nights really do bring out the true colours in people... .sad really because its not about them at all, but some people just dont realise it.

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Yeah your right, I'm not so bothered for me, I'm more upset on my MOH's behalf - one of the girls causing probs also works with her and is dragging the whole thing into work life now too. Its compleatly stupid!!! But enough about that!!

    We're all getting really close now!!!!!! 14 days for me!! Though I did have an awful thought this 3 weeks time I'll be back at work after the wedding!! image

    Paid tog today (finally, you wouldnt think it'd be so hard to give someone money!), hired a beautiful blossom tree for the backround of our photo area for the reception and bought a whole load of little bits I keep forgeting about!

    Also it seems that MIL wants to 'gift' us the money she lent us for the wedding instead of having us pay her back! I'm waiting to talk to her before holding my breath, but if its really what she wants it'll mean we might be able to move at the end of next year instead of the year after which'll be fab as we currently live in a one bed flat with 'lots of charactor', read, no double glazing or insulation and no central heating, with wonky floors! image

    Good luck for your last weeks at work ladies!!!!!!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    I have just realised Manfaw and I get married next week!!!!

    Oh my goodness, I've gotten so used to counting down in days and weeks I totally didn't realise its next week!

    I've just stand folded all the napkins ready to add the name tags and ribbon at the weekend, also contemplating getting some battery operated fairy lights as some decoration around the place to add that twinkly warm glow!

    Usually my work is so slow, but I volunteered to help someone with their audit and have spent so much time trying to get that in order (it really was horrendous!) that I've got minutes and meeting requests coming out of my ears, as well as audit work! Had to bring stuff home today....booooo! But it means I won't be stressing while I'm off, I've never had 2 weeks off in a row and I hadn't realised how much I have to sort out! So with wedding detail central at home, work craziness at work and now at home as well I'm looking forward to our few days in London to relax....though by the sounds of the forecast from manfaw it might be a bit soggy!!

    Mandy don't think about the after just enjoy the time off for the wedding, you'll have plenty of time for reality after!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Thats the prob - most of the wedding time off is being spent driving about! But it'll at least be alone time with my new Husband!!!!!  Then I get to look forward to Christmas and then 2 1/2 weks off at the beggining of January for our honeymoon!!!!!

    Good luck next week girlies!! xx image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Abi its true it IS next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I just had a call about a job interview, next week! LOL I am going to be a complete wreck!  But sod it I am still going I really dont like my current job!

    Mandy defo dont think about it, I am looking forward to spending my first week as a married woman in a different country - I'll deal with the rubbish work aspect at 9am on the 26 Novemberimage

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Good luck with the interview!!!!! I'll keep everything crossed for you!!! xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Awww thanks hun! image

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Ok panicking......I'm starting to doubt everything!!!! From how many people I have going to how the suits will look, even whether I chose the right dress?!!!

    I've taken my dress to mother inlaw's round the corner because it needs to hang so the bottom doesn't crease so can't even try it on. It's 50s style, and I chose it because I felt awkward in full length things, even thought fitted fishtail types did look great. Now I'm wondering if I should have gone with that because it looked good?! I want my h2b to think I look amazing and I'm not sure I do?! I'm probably being silly but has anyone else had these worries?! There is obviously nothing I can do about it now so its pointless worrying really but I can't help it!

    It hasn't helped as I've just seen pictures of someone that used to be a friend, we fell out years ago when I got engaged (actually related to me getting engaged) and she got married the other day, I think it's jealousy because she only got engaged last year and I got engaged 4 years ago, and if we hadn't had such a rough year we would have been married 2 years ago but had to cancel. Sounds so bridezilla but couldn't help the feeling that it should have been us first! image I think I've just had wedding worrying creep up on me and it hasn't helped...feeling a bit poop!

    Sorry for the ramble ladies, hadn't realised it was bothering quite so much!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    And breathe Abi!!!!!

    Im fairly sure doubts are par for the course - lord knows I've had enough! Your dress is going to look gorgeous, you'll be a stunning bride and your h2b cant wait to marry you and will think you are the most beautiful woman to have ever walked down the aisle, so dont panic!!! image

    All the choices you've made for your wedding will be perfect, just remember, they were all chosen for a reason, and come the day when it all comes together, you'll see that everything was right! And having a smaller amount of people will be wonderful as you'll be able to speak to them all, know that they all are there because they want to be and love you both and want to celebrate with you (not just there for the free food!!!! image)

    As for the other girl getting married 1st - hers is done and dusted, you've still got your fabulas day to come, so enjoy every last second!!!

    Relax, and try to enjoy the run up!

    And next week, when its my turn to be only a week away and I'm stressing like a maniac, could someone refer me to my own words of wisdom please!!! image Thanks xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Abi dont panic, I think we all go through the same stresses!

    I am worried my dress is boring and isnt going to wow anyone and also that I should have made more of an effort to lose weight.  Thats all too late now, I have 9 days to go.  Also my dress is in the shop and I an not picking it up until the day before the wedding - so Iit'll probably be creased.

    I have loads of little things still to sort out and I now have also decided a job interview 4 days before the wedding is a good idea.

    I am so tired I could probably sleep for the next 9 days solidly and it doesnt help the H2B suffers with night terrors so I am woken up pretty much every night.

    I am feeling constantly sick and to top it all I have a feeling another 2 guests are going to pull out......

    I cannot wait for the 18th November when I can finally rest and call myself a Mrs!

    See dont panic!  We're all in this together image

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Thanks ladies for the reasurrance! It's a big help!

    I kind of feel like I want a full dress rehearsal of the wedding so i can go, no don't like that bit, that needs more, that I love, that was pointless.....but obviously I can't! It's so weird I'm normally happy with what I decide, I know what suits me best and what will look good but totally doubting myself!

    I'm hoping a weekend of sorting stuff out will help calm it all! It does not help that h2bs suit trousers are too big and need taking in, but he has no time to go somewhere to get them done! so i have my mum coming round this evening to see what we can do! 

    Manfaw my h2b gets night terrors too so i have sympathy for you there! he's also got a horrendous cough and cold so I'm currently sleeping on the sofa (he doesn't fit otherwise I would have turfed him out!) because he coughs so much through the i don't want his germs!!

    One more day at work, some of the girls in the office are doing me a little lunch do to celebrate then we are going for a curry in the evening, can't wait! I think it's what I need to just chill for a bit!

    And of course Mandy, we will all be here to remind you of our own madness and that we in fact all as mad as each other! lol!

    7 days to go!!!!!!!!! image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Is it your last day tomorrow as well?  I finish tomorrow and we're all going for lunch which I am really looking forward to!

    I know what you mean about the dress rehersal but hey, I have got to the point now when I think sod it - if it happens it happens.  Plus I have just checked the weather again and it looks dismal!  But what can I do?!  I will have to just get on with it and enjoy this day we have been planning for ages!

    Mandy dont worry I am sure we'll be around to assure you you're not going mad! image

    9 days! = Excited, sick, nervous, giddy!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Yep last day at work tomorrow, luckily I finish at 2pm so really it's only like half a day!! hehe! we will be celebrating at the same time!

    I haven't actualy looked at any weather reports, that's one thing I'm not really bothered about, I like it when it's dark and raining and cosy inside! May buy 2 nice big brollies just in case it's really wet!

    I think once I get into next week I will be a bit better, after the mad panic of not getting everything done but that said I haven't got an awful lot left to do!

    Manfaw, what time do you get married on 18th?

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I get married on the 17th!  But its at 2pm what about you?

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Sorry day ahead of myself lol! Mines not til 4:30pm so it will be dark when its over so all our candles and fairy lights will be all sparkly!

    Currently cooking the dinner wearing in my wedding shoes....a good look in jeans and glitter heels lol!
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    LOL I did the hovering in mine on Monday!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    image sorry to put a downer, I've just had a call from my mum, my daddy's in hospital, he has a long standing heart condition, and had been doing so well recently, but now he's caught an infection, and they dont know what it is so he's got to go in and have a whole load of antibiotics and I'm assuming tests to find out whats wrong! I've got a ton of wedding stuff to do, I'm at work and have to smile and laugh with the customers and right now I dont want to do anything but go see my dad, but I cant coz he's the other side of the country!!!!!!!! I'm sure he'll be fine - he always is, (just likes to make us worry) Just wish we lived closer so I could be there with him when things like this happen.

    It's not going to be a good day.


    I really really hope you guys alll have far better days - have lovely lunches girls!!! image And woo hoo for your last day at work!!! Its mine next thurs so the countdown begins today!

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756


    Aw Mandy fingers crossed he is better ASAP hun, its a nightmare being so far away from your family, I understand how you feel on that hun.

    I just wanted to say to all the November Brides good luck with your weddings!   I am not likely to be around much next week as I am not at work so wont be sitting at a computer all day, but wanted to say thanks for letting me moan and giving me advice when I needed it!

    I hope you all have lovely, beautiful, magical wedding days and I guess I'll see you all on the other side! image

    Enjoy ladies! 


  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Thanks I'm sure he'll be fine soon, just not nice being so far away!

    But have a FABULAS wedding!!!!!! See ya in a few weeks!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Cheers hun!! image You too!! imageimageimage

  • Hope he gets better soon Mandy!

    Aw manfaw have an amazing day & look forward to hearing about your day after image. I'm also jealous that you & Abi are finishing work already, I don't finish until the 20th, boo hoo! Hope you both have nice lunches xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Ooh I meant to say I have started my report but its on a different forum!  I'll share the link if you like?

  • Ooo yes please, give me something to read as I'm bored at work image 

  • Aw lovely, the proposal was so sweet!! looking forward to seeing your dress & your venue looks stunning too! Exciting imageimage

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah, a lovely love story so far!! And I love Charlie! (glad to see I'm not the only one to take pictures of our christmas trees!) Let us know when you update so we can keep reading if your not going to do a report here too! image

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Sending lots of well wishes to you dad Mandy! It oes seem things all come at once just to test how much you can handle!

    Well lunch was fab, had my desk all decorated for me with balloons and confetti and bunting! Going out for curry tonight with the girls from work, will be so good to chill out for a night!

    Same as Manfaw no idea how much spare time I will have over the next few days so big love to everyone getting married this month, no stressing ladies....I can vouch it gets you no where lol!

    Happy wedding days to you all xx
  • Hope you have an amazing day too Abi image xx
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Thanks for all your well wishes ladies, my mum just rang and said that he's doing much better. Still in hospital and having xrays and tests to find out whats wrong, but he's much better than he was this morning, so thanks again for sending your wishes!

    Also Abi - have a WONDERFUL wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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