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  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    I have a cold!!!!!! image noooooooo! 2 days to go and I feel horrendous! I'm dosing myself up on anything going in the hope I will feel better on the day, I just hope I don't end up with a sore red nose!

    Plus side, forecast is sunshine for our wedding day!
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Glad to hear he is doing better Mandy!

    Abi hope you feel better hun just 1 day to go!!

    I have 3 day I have been awake since 4am and I think its just hit me that I am getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Eeeek Manfaw we are so close!! My wedding is actually tomorrow!

    Feeling rather gross today but a whole day of medication and lots of fruit and rest and fingers crossed I will feel a bit better tomorrow! NOTHING is putting a dampened on my wedding day!!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah no Abi!!! Sending get well vibes your way!!! ( ~~~~~~~  

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    my post wont show image

    They're supposed to be get well vibes for you abi!!

    Manfaw how'd the interview go?

    Just to let you all know, Dads back home now - they never did find out what was wrong, but hopefully what ever it was wont come back again!! Thanks for your well wishes!

    Incase I cant get on here much in the next couple of days, I hope you all have fabulas wedding days!!!! xx image xx

  • Hope you feel better Abi and have an amazing day tomorrow!

    Glad your dad is home Mandy, hope he is ok now. Hope you have a fab day too image xx
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    It's my wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cold is much better today but I have a massive spot on my chin hopefully it should be easy enough to cover though!!

    I actually get married in 8 and a half hours!!!!!
  • Good Luck Abi for today!

    Good luck to all of you as well, I am 2 weeks to go now so it's exciting reading your posts and seeing how you are all feeling this week! Look forward to some wedding reports image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Abi - I hope your day went amazingly, cant wait for pics!

    Manfaw- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your wonderful day today, and again, looking forward to pics!

    And all the other november ladies still waiting, good luck for your days. We're about to head off, so next time you hear from me I'll be a married lady - but before that I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to you lovely ladies for keeping me sane for the last few months!!

    Love and hugs ladies - see ya soon xx image

  • Hope you have a wonderful day, can't wait to see everyone's pics image

    Still a week to go for me & nerves are starting to kick in xx
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Hi ladies just a quick message to say we had a fab wedding day, went perfectly albeit a bit foggy! Still waiting for our proper wedding photos but I dropped off the disposable cameras today to get those photos! We have had a lovely minimoon in London and a short break to disneyland Paris with our daughter too!

    I hope everyone else's wedding days have gone well and lots of wedding day wishes to those that are just a few days away, enjoy every second of it!! X
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    HI ladies!

    Just thought I would pop by and say thanks again for all the help and support you gave me on the run up to my wedding, I can honestly say it really was the best day of my life! image

    Good luck to those of you who still have your day to come, believe me you will enjoy every single little detail!!

    Congratulations to those of you who have tied the knot!  I hope you all had an amazing day! image  If you're doing a report please please please let me know!  I'll follow this thread so just leave a note!

    My planning thread is on another site but here is a link if you want to see some pics!


  • Hi ladies so nice to hear you have had amazing days! I will enjoy reading all your reports. We've had a really busy few weeks, my wedding is tomorrow so in just away for an early night!

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Good luck!! Hope you have a wonderful day image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Hope your day is everything you want it to be and more!!! Have a wonderful time, and enjoy every second! image

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Thought I would try and revive our chat place!

    How are we all doing now we are all married ladies and got through our first christmas as newlyweds?

    I didn't do a wedding report, as we had our last minute photog issue we don't have that many wedding photos, we have a few really lovely ones but not really enough to make a planning thread particularly interesting!

    Our day went pretty smoothly, I wasn't nervous at all and everyone seemed to think my calmness was odd!

    I'm quite glad I hadn't arranged for getting ready photos and all that as it was just me and my sister, I didn't really have a grand entrance once I was dressed, my parents don't really do emotional chit chat so there was none of that!

    I was ready really early and after standing around waiting to leave for 20 minutes I was fed up and decided me should leave! It was really foggy so just in case we hit traffic.....well I was 30 minutes early! I was told to be 15 mins early for the registrar bit....ended up sitting in the car park for 20 minutes!

    H2b was grinning when I got there, the rest is a blur really, I remember welling up trying to say my vows, couldn't get my words out so had to start again! The next I remember was signing the register and having photos!

    Food was lovely, so glad we had our sweetheart table, it meant we had our own little wedding bubble, our daughter came and sat with us for a bit...I think she sat with someone different for each course bless her!

    The rest of the evening was nice and low key, we got to chat to everyone, had a little dance, the sweets cake went down brilliantly and we had wedding cake and Haribo for weeks after!!

    I think the highlight of the reception was after everyone left if was just us, the best an and his fianc??e! The boys were rather worse for wear us girls weren't so bad....there was champagne, dancing, ties round heads and lots of laughing!

    All in all a successful day, exactly what we wanted, nothing major we would have done differently, though we both said we would love to do it again! Maybe we will do a bigger party do for an anniversary?!

    So that's pretty much it..... Sorry ended up a bit longer than planned but still!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Hi abi!! Will be nice to chat again!! I'm doing a full report, but quick run down, was a perfectly mental week - as I assumed it would be! My parents house was crazy, but i was wierdly calm too, i think my sister was more stressed than me! The ceremony was eventful (!) but lovely too, and other than the few funny (unplanned) bits, I don't remember a thing! Later in the evening after chatting to my sisters and her hubby (who hadn't been able to get there for the ceremony but turned up in full paramedic uniform just in time for the main course - that raised a few eyebrows!), we ended up in the hotels games room, can you imagine at gone 11 at night, me in my second dress playing pool, and having a dance off with my young niece on just dance( with my sis exhausted and asleep on a bean bag in the corner)? HILARIOUS!!! One if my fave memories of the day!

    The reception was a blast, however due to the massive flooding, and gale force winds we didn't have as many there as we hoped, but some turned up that were a wonderful surprise!!

    We too still have sweets left and a freezer full of cake! But I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding!! Awesome!!!!

    I've been a bit lost without having anything to plan - how are you doing?
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    It's definitely been strange not having a wedding to plan! Plus side is our best man and his partner got engaged at Xmas so we are well into planning with them so I can keep my love of weddings going a bit longer!!

    We are now looking at a few home improvements as we bought our first house 3 years ago and have always been saving for the wedding so haven't it much done in that time!

    Hopefully we might even be able to start thinking about a little brother or sister for our little girl this year!!

    It's always the unexpected bits that end up beng te most memorable about a wedding! I just remember my lovely new husband saying "I wasn't expecting you to look so beautiful!" Lol.....bless him, little bit of a back handed compliment there!

    So what's filling your wedding planning void now?!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Well, we're hoping to make the massive decision to move to cornwall this year and kind of kick start our lives, hubby wants to start a school in his marshall arts, and though i'm gonna still look for a retail job so we have a guarenteed income, i'd like to try and start a career in wedding coordinating so hopefully there wont be a void for too long! Fingers crossed! :-/ its a bit scary as i've never lived anywhere else, let alone had to start from scratch, but its really exciting too - and i cant wait to be closer to my parents, especially with dads health the way it is!!

    Fingers crossed for you too on the little brother or sister front, when i got back from honeymoon my moh told me she was pregnant again, so i'm so happy for her, and hoping we'll still be here when's due in july!
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Oh wow! I wish I could find myself a wedding related job but I think I'll save that for the future!

    How exciting to be starting such a big adventure! That will keep you occupied for a while!

    It's so exciting when close friends get pregnant or engaged, I think I'm just as excited as if it were me, the plus side being that you get to enjoy it all without the stress lol!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Definatly!! I'm sure i'll be on here to keep me sane still! This place is great for that!

    I think i'd like to try and start my own rather than work for a venue - maybe specialise in helping brides on a budget get what they want for the price they happy to pay, and help diy brides coordinate their days so they can relax and enjoy and not be worried about getting everyone orginised and where they're supposed to be at set times!

    But we'll see! We'd like to start a family in a couple years and then who knows it'll prob all go out the window!!image
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756


    Hello ladies!

    Well whats happened since the wedding, I have a new job (which I start in a few weeks!), wee've been on mini moon to Amsterdam, we've booked our honey moon to Morocco image

    We had Christmas and New Yearm which was lovely image I got spoiled rotten which was nice!

    We're currently looking for a bigger house so that later this year we can start TTC! image

    So its all go for us in the married life lane!

    Gald to hear you're all well!   I think I am in the minority when I say I do not miss planning a wedding in the slightest!  I still need to send out my thank you card :/ so I had better get on and make them!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Yay Manfaw! Excited on the plans of TTC, have you set yourselves a timescale or just a at some point this year target so far?

    My obsession with having another baby is going crazy but we currently don't have the space, got some work to do on the house first! It's odd when you have one already having the feeling of wanting another, but I was so young last time and it was so hectic I fel like I'm ready to do it properly, plus our daughter really wants a brother or sister!

    Congrats on the new job too!

    Looks like married life has done pretty good so far for us what in the way of moves, career prospects and maybe even babies!

    Sadly not everything is going quite so swimmingly in the way of hubby's dads' health. He was diagnosed with throat cancer nearly a year ago and given the all clear at the end of the summer, eccept they got it wrong and and have spent the last 2 months investigating what the doctors are calling a very unusual case, it appears to have spread and he's quite ill. And to top it he's now got quite a bad chest infection just as he was due to start some radiotherapy treatment so that's had to be postponed. image the worst part is not knowing what's going on and not having a plan.... I have to say the hospital haven't been the best through all this!!

    Must stay positive though!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Oh abi I'm so sorry to hear about your fil's health!! Its awful when something like that happens.

    Sending hugs and get well vibes for him!

    Manfaw, congrats on the job front hope all goes well when you start! Xx
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Sorry to hear that Abi, its awful image Hopefully he'll be able to start having some treatment soon *hugs*

    Thanks ladies, yes I am excited about the new job mainly because I am so bored of this one, well just bored of having nothing to do!

    Abi we're planning to TTC starting in July when we go on honeymoon and see what happens, it might take ages for us to get pregnant but we wanted to at least wait until the honeymoon before trying, it also gives us a chance to find somewhere bigger to live as well image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Ooo exciting times ahead ladies!!

    Cant wait till we can start trying - but unfortunatly its at least 2years away for us!! Mind you trying to pack up our flat (its a one bed - how the hell i've packed so much in i have no idea! Must be a tardis or something!! :-P ) move across the country and start new jobs ect is daunting enough for this year!!

    What is your new job manfaw?
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I am going to work at the School of Tropical medicine, still a PA but in a more interesting job image

    What are you packing up and moving across the country to do?!  I did that when I moved up here so I know how daunting it is!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Basically other than his mum hubby doesnt really have anything keeping him here in suffolk, and the fact he hates his job with a passion! Also my family are mostly down plymouth/cornwall so we decided to move there. Also ben does a form of korean marshall arts which is very popular here but there are no schools for in south west, so as he's already a 3rd degree black belt, and an instructor in it, and helps out teaching sone of the kids classes here, we think it would make more sense to go somewhere where its not already and start a new school - it would also make him a 'golden boy' in the grand master's eyes as he would be spreading it to a new area of the country, so hopefully we'll get a bit of help from the association to set it up!

    As for me, i've never been career minded so will look for something in retail, and hopefully at some point be able to start a wedding planning business for budget brides!

    However would be nice to have more support from hubbys family- i dont think they get that this will make him happy and enjoy life, where at the mo he's mostly miserable! If we dont do it now though we never will so balls rolling....fingers crossed it works!! image
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Ah good luck with it all!  Sound really exciting!  Families can be a pain in the ass to say the least, I think my Mum only stopped moaning about the fact that I live up here now after we got married lol!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Tell me about it - hubbys dad keeps trying to get him to do an airoplane engineering course abroad for 18months - he doesn't seem to get it that he doesn't want to do that!!!! Then yesterday said that I'd had plenty of time to go to uni and get a degree and I didn't! (I never wanted to go to uni, i wanted to get some real world experience, and have worked my way up through the shop to become manager - experience I hope will be good when I start applying for jobs down south!) He can't get his head around the fact that i'd rather happy and penniless than Rollin in it but miserable!!

    Arrrrggghhhh! Thought his option of me had changed since the wedding - guess not!!

    Sorry for my rant! He really p***es me off!! (The lack of support for his own son mostly)
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