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I am new here, but really hoping someone can help! If you know anything about sewing, or are a seamstress as well then that would be great too! Basically, I have had my wedding dress made by a friend/seamstress and the bottom line is, it hasn’t gone very well.

She has had a year to make my dress and with only one month to go now, before the wedding, it is only just beginning to take shape. We had kept up with her and the project as we had already invested time and money in the fabrics she has used, and obviously, in good faith considering her relation to us, but now that I am finally seeing the dress take shape, I can see that it is not even looking very much like the dress that I wanted at all.

Not being a seamstress, I need some advice on how to proceed. I am thinking that I will just wait for her to finish the dress now, as it is nearly there and then take it to another seamstress to have it altered.

What I wanted was a fishtail shaped dress using two fabrics. I was opting for a base fabric of duchess satin or dupion with an overlaying fabric that would fall more freely over the base; either a chiffon or crepe. I also wanted lace details and flower appliques, a beautiful train (a little longer than chapel), a plain, but rouched bust, an empire line detail, and a lace up back. I was also hoping for lace cap sleeves.

What I have at the moment is a completely plain column dress with an empire line where the chiffon starts below the bust and falls completely open at the front (like a drawn curtain), to cover the sides, and back of the dupion column. It has spaghetti straps to finish. The great news is, the train is beautiful and just perfect and there will be a lace up back as well as flower appliques along the bottom. of the skirt.

What I am worried about, is that there will be no time for anything else and that the dress will end up looking extremely plain, too simple and at worst, unfinished.

Should I take it to a dedicated seamstress, she would have only 10 days to alter the dress. My questions are,

1) Is it possible to turn such a column dress into a fishtail, at the front, specifically.
2) Will flower appliques work with lace details?
3) Will it be possible to add a rouched detail of chiffon to the bust?
4) Is there anywhere where I can buy appliques and lace straight off the shelf in the uk?!! (Finding the right material and details online, with the ordering time left, seems ultimately risky and doomed to fail!)

What I want to add is the chiffon rouching around the bust, lace appliques details to the bust and dupion (under the chiffon) / just lace fabric around the dupion to cover it, a better shaped fishtail bottom to balance my hips and lace cap sleeves!

Is this possible and how do I start?!


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