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Hi ladies,

Just wondered what the usual format is for an order of service.  We're having a civil ceremony, rather than in a church so just wondered if anyone had any tips what on to include?  And how best to lay it out on the page.  Think we'll probably get them printed professionally, but I'll be designing them in word.



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    p.s. not sure why it says I'm a new bride above...my big day is 4th November!

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    we are having a civil ceremony and chose not to have the order of service as they are mainly for people to read prayers from and have the words to the songs. Maybe an order of day would suit better- you can lay out the days timings on it.

    the new bride thing is based on the number of posts you have made on the site. good luck for the wedding. x

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    the new bide pit is to do with how many posts youve made, dont worry about that


    we're having the reading we're saying to each other mainly because they probably wont hear what im saying over me crying and we might put the music we have in. there will also be a list of who is who in the bridal party mostly so we can honor the man's 'step' dad with his proper title of 'father of the groom', i think itl be a nice touch for people on his side and then we're going to do an order of te day so people know when they are eating, a map of where the reception venue is just in case and a little note to say that the bar is cash only with a little map of where the surrounding cash machines are. we'll finish with a funny love quote on the back with a pouch of confetti as stolen from another bride on here

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    This sample will give you an idea of how to lay it out & what to include:


    We are having one but we're not having 'order of service' (strictly speaking for religious ceremonies) or 'order of the day' written on the front cover- we will just have our names & the date etc.  I think it's fairly obvious what it is!

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    Hello fellow November Bride!

    We're also having a civil ceremony, we're having an order of the day rather than an order of service as a civil service is quite short.  These are the one's I have made:


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    aww that little booklet is really sweet, yeah i wouldnt bother writting 'oder of the day/service' on the front

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    Hi thanks everyone for your comments and ideas...liking the idea of an order of tge day instead. Manfaw - love the pic; it looks great. Can i ask what paper or card you used??
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