November nerves...

I'm getting married on Sunday 4th November (9 days to go according to the website!) and over the past couple of days I've really started to feel the nerves kick in - well, I guess it's actually a mix of nervous and excitement.  All the planning and bits for the wedding are pretty much sorted or almost finished, but I'm not sleeping properly - having wierd dreams and my appetite is gone (which is very unusual!).  Is anyone else feeling like this?  Has anyone got any good tips for keeping calm? 


  • I'm the same - horribly nervous with 5 days to go. To top it off it's bloody snowing outside! I was expecting it to be a little cold, probably wet, but not snow! I feel a cup of cammomile coming my way, or maybe a big glass of wine....

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    Go for a big glass of wine. We're just about to open a bottle! Reckon it should help. I have my fingers crossed that the snow melts away for you xxx
  • I was the same ( got married 3 weeks ago)

    I was fine up to the last week before but I burnt off my excess energy in the gym which helped me sleep...a little bit more than I was.

    The night before was the worst for me...after my bridesmaids left my room I was in tears, full on crying, feeling sick you name it! But I rang h2b and talked it through with him and he was feeling the same way! (although no tears!!) The day of the wedding, I was so busy and made sure I didn't have too much time to think about things!

    Wine and champagne helps on the day!! But in terms of sleep you can make up for it on your honeymoon!!
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    Thanks Becca it's nice to know i'm not the only one feeling like this. Good idea about the gym. Think i'll try and make time to go after work next week. Hopefully that should help. If not i guess i will be sleeping alot on our honeymoon! Where did you go for yours?
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    I was mainlining Bach's Rescue Remedy pastilles...

  • We only went down to Cornwall but there were lots of lie ins!

    I am not a gym bunny by nature but I found just 45 mins - an hour of doing gentle cardio each night took that nervous edge off and stopped me fussing round at home. But your right it wasn't nerves or anxiety as such it was nervous excitement and it's all part of being a bride!
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