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Friday 8th November 2013

Hi All!

I'm getting married on Friday 8th November 2013 in Coventry! We have so much to plan and a budget!

Can anyone recommend any websites to me?

I have 3 bridesmaids and 7 men in suits!! arrrghhhhh!!

Our colour scheme is a very dark purple with silver accessories and we have cream roses for our flowers as I will be Mrs Rose!!!!

All help appreciated!! image x x


  • Kat NapKat Nap Posts: 2

    I'm getting married the same day as you!! We're getting married in surrey and have just booked the venue.
    Your colours sound lovely...I'm thinking classic romantic with ivories, dark greens with some kind of citrus to brighten things up.

    We have 6 bridesmaids and 6 ushers! Crazy times...I'm gonna get the bridesmaids dresses made in Hong Kong (as one lives there and it'll be a tenner a piece!), and we're asking the ushers to hire theirs!

    There's a million and one websites...for inspiration I'd look at
    pintrest (may be abe to find stuff a lot cheaper)

    If you've got an android phone i've found 'wedding moodboard' and 'wedding UK' apps really helpful...only scary thing is that they countdown the no of days til the wedding...444 and counting....eeek!!!

    Also a tip we're following cakes at Waitrose and M& a small fortune! We might be getting 3 tiers of cheese, but not 100% yet...

    Good luck xx
    Kat xx


  • Just seen your reply! Hello twin bride!!!!

    How exciting!!!!Your colours sound amazing! So beautiful. You will sort your BM dresses etc in time, I'd love to see a photo once you are sorted. 

    Thank you so much for all your useful advice. xxxxx

  • Hello twins!! Triplets?! We're 8th Nov too, just booked our venue last week- it's a gorgeous little registry office in Hertfordshire.



  • Eek! How exciting!!!! X
  • Ladies do either of you have facebook? i'd love a wedding chat! my names Lucy Field x

  • NyckyNycky Posts: 52


    am new to the boards.. can I join the 8th Nov crowd as well image


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