Any November 2013 Brides??

Hi all, I'm getting married on 9th November 2013. Any November brides out there what are your themes? I'm having an autumn theme with orange and cream flowers image Anyone planning anything outside?? 



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    Hiya, I'm the same day as you image I have gone for a winter theme, navy and platinum silver, some glitz and fur too. How much have you got sorted, I chose my head piece today and my mum found the hat she's going to wear image I have a wedding dress fitting on Saturday, haven't seen the dress since September!

  • Ooo I'm having navy bridesmaids, such a lovely colour for that time of year! I've done everything really apart from cake but we have an appointment for that next month. I'm having leaves on all of my stationery/table plan and cake to tie in with the autumn theme. Thinking of having a burger van for the evening or an outside BBQ under a gazebo! Going to hire some outside heaters and scatter loads of candles. Not sure if people will want to go outside though?! Would love fireworks but too expensive image so just having sparklers lol!

    Where are you getting married?

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    Yeah I love navy the bridesmaids have maxi dresses with a diamond cut out of the back. You are seriously organised, my partner's nan is doing our flowers and cake so that's out of my hands.  I wanted snowflakes on the cake but his nan has bought stars lol

    I am getting married in a Hilton Hotel, it's a small room as I wanted a small wedding.

    I was going to have sparklers but my Dad said that people wouldn't want to be going outside at night especially if it's really cold...but the 9th November is going to be an indian summer's day I'm su

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    re of it lol

  • Yeah we have floor length dresses too image I know, I'm so hoping for an Indian summers day too and the way the summer is going so far it's like it's moving down a few months lol!!

    how what made you choose November?

  • I'm on the 23rd November image My theme is monochrome with tinges of dusky pink, although I wish I had different colours now image I hadn't thought about eveningy stuff outdoors! Might hjave to steal your sprklers idea!!! image  

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    Hi ladies!

    I'm a Nov 2013 bride too - the 16th! Have suddenly got a shock of how it's coming around so fast!

    My colours are grey and varying shades of purple!

    Having loads of tea light candles, fairy lights and going for the sparklers and fireworks! Actually chose my venue because I knew they allowed it! haha

    I just like the idea of it being a bit different to summer weddings that most people have.

    So we will def have a little outside time, will be a bit chilly be the time for the fireworks so I'm also having a hot chocolate bar to warm guest up! lol

    Wifeytobe2 I love the idea for a burger van!!

    Mrscarr2be - got to have some fur!

  • Lol yeah I thought sparklers would be a great idea and you can get some fantastic pics! All your colour schemes sound lovely, love the fur idea!

    We originally had out wedding booked for September next year but due to personal reasons we decided to bring it forward to this November. Didn't really want a winter wedding but like you say kdw it's nice to have something different and now I can't wait image Having lots of leaves and candles to tie into the autumn theme and have midnight blue bridesmaids!

    Loving the hot chocolate bar idea! I'd love to have the whole bonfire night thing with fireworks, burgers, sausages etc but fireworks too expensive!!

    Where are you going on honeymoon? We are going Sri Lanka and Maldives image

  • I am in November but will be in Barbados. imageThe at home party is also in November although we are sticking with a beachy theme.... sure it will be fine?!?  

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    I am getting married on the 9th November too! It's coming around so quickly! I don't have a theme as such but everything I choose seems to be quite feminine/romatic/vintage style. Going for long mulberry dress for the bridesmaids. I think I will get everyone outside at some point for sparklers and lanterns but it will be an optional thing depending on the weather because we are getting married in Glasgow so there could be snow/rain! X

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    Hi ladies! So lovely. To find some people getting married in November! I too am getting married in November 2013, the 15th in fact. My colours are navy yellow and grey with a slight nod to nautical because we are getting married by the sea. Hope planning is coming on well. I've got most of the big bits but got a list as long as my arm of bits and pieces I need to do. It's coming around fast! I only got engaged in may so it's all a bit serial still x

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    Hi Ladies, I'm a November bride too- (2nd). I hope everyones planning is going well! We have most sorted, just little bits still to do, I.e, gifts & DIY decorations. I just can't believe how quickly it's coming around . . Starting to feel the stress! X

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    November 23rd here. In the first month or two we got LOADS done, the dress and bridesmaids' dresses,  venue booked, etc etc etc - and totally stalled the past few weeks! It's ridiculous how quick it speeds by, oops!

  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    I thought I had everything sorted but made a list and I have lots of picky bits to do!!!

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    Hiya, I chose my date of 9th November as it will close to my parents of 6th November and if my marriage is as good as theirs I'll be one happy bunny image

    I had my wedding dress fitting last Saturday the first time I have seen the dress since September when I chose it.  I had forgotten the detail and so it was great to try it on again.  Also I had bought all the accessories separately so to put the whole look together was great, the little fur jacket looked better than I could have hoped with the dress.  I liked the navy shoes peeping out too.

    I was the same, the first couple of months were very proactive and then I just haven't done much since.  I have spent so much time researching but not actually actioning anything lol

  • How are all you November brides getting on?  Only 108 days to go for me image

    Sorted my wedding cake on Saturday, having a 4 tier with a mixture of plain sponge, chocolate and fruit, plain white icing with a cascade of autumn leaves (edible) draping down one side.  Can't wait to see what it looks like!

    I'm so glad i'm not getting married in this hot humid weather and being hot and sticky in my wedding dress with a shiny face lol!  On the other hand i'm hoping and praying for no rain or wind!  Anyone reckon we'll have an Indian summer this year??  Fingers crossed!

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    just started looking up my question of november  weddings and found this.......I am new and have NEVER done a forum type thing before but was so upset tonight started going on the computer.......after waiting forever and screwing up every choice I/we are looking to rush now and plan to  get married in november...butwith all my overthinking adn procratinating ( if did dress last month I could do sept oct) i got upset tonight when I realized sunset will be so early I wont have any outside pics- just ordered dress last night and paid for a rush fee but now ( we were supposed to go this weekend and put deposit on hall) am getting upset and cold feet wondering if I should wait - dont want to be another year older though........ any thoughts (happy suggestions) about what you are doing for nice pics since I love the water  and outdoors and by the time church is over ( in new youk) it will be dark out??????

  • Hi Doll, I am exactly the same as you. We moved our wedding from sep 2014 to Nov 2013 because we lost a baby last November after a year if trying. We had been trying again for nearly 6 months but it wasn't happening so in may we decided to bring the wedding forward.  The venue only had a couple of dates free in November so that was kind if decision made. I then got the invites out in a rush and since then wished I had spent more time on them especially he wording. I've also had doubts as to whether we should have moved the wedding in the first place as its been a bit rushed but I have to remember the reasons why I moved it. My H2B said to me the other day that I would prob be pregnant now if we hadn't moved wedding but I quickly reminded him that it was a joint decision and the right decision!  I wanted to move to may next year but it was him who wanted to do it even sooner as he is 35 and didn't want to wait any longer to have kids which is fair enough, and neither do I really.

      I wouldn't worry too much about photos as you can get some gorgeous photos in the dark, I am having some done with sparklers. Also it's so different getting married in November as most weddings are in the summer months. I am having an autumn theme with lots of leaves and candles. Try not to keep worrying that you've made the right decision, you can organise a wedding in 6 weeks if you really wanted to! Not sure about you but I wouldn't want to get married in really hot weather anyway as I'm fair skinned and don't cope that we'll in the sun image I'm still hoping to go outside though and am going to hire some outside heaters. My MIL gas bought me a lovely ivory bridal umbrella.    I don't think you should worry as it sounds like you made a good decision for a reason. You have to work with the season so go and get loads of sparklers, a bridal brolly and even some bridal williesimage You'll have pics that no one else will have! Wedding in NY sounds amazing!!
  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    Hey November ladies! How is everyone doing? I'm getting married 15th nov. Haven't sent my invites out yet as need to finish making them! Ek. Need to finish them tomorrow!

  • Hi Mrst2b5, planning is going well, got all major bits done now, just the little bits and bobs to do, done our table quiz image What made you choose November? What is your theme/colour scheme?

  • Hey November brides, I was doing fine until we got to 3 months to go stage, then I started to get a little tense.  Today we met with a colleague who is doing my photography and we had our engagement shoot.  It was good to build up a rapport with the photographer and the posing did get less awkward as I'm not a natural in front of the camera.

    Also went to the venue today, my room was set up for a wedding for today, the table linen had all the creases from where it had been folded and it spoilt the look.  Do you think I'm asking too much for it to be pressed?  Also the high chairs were multi coloured and stood out like a sore thumb, going to have to drape it in cloth or something.

    Anyway it would be great if we all posted, with updates and stuck together now it's getting so close image

  • Hiya has anybody managed to find a bargain with regards to sparklers...trying to keep costs down?

  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    Ive got a bit of panic on too. I was super organised and got most things done in a couple of weeks. Then I haven'tdone anything for ages! Now starting to worry/panic! So much to do in between work and social life. 

    I keep thinking, ' oh I'll do that later' but have to remind myself it's coming around fast! And need to start doing things now. 

    My colours are navy, grey and yellow. We are having our reception near the sea so were are having a little nod to a nautical theme too. 

    Why did I choose November? We only got engaged in may. Didn't want to wait until spring or summer. October was too soon, Xmas too risky in case of snow, so kind of just decided on nov! I love lovefireworks too. 

    I don't think it's too much to ask them to iron the cloths. Coming from someone who irons their bedcovers! Ha Ha. It's about presentation and can spoil a polished look. 


    If someone has found cheapy sparklers that be good as still looking for mine too x

  • Hi all, I know scary that our weddings are only 3 months away now! I find it difficult keeping up with these posts as I don't get email notifications for some reason image Yes I am having sparklers too but haven't started looking for them yet. No I don't think that's unreasonable re the table linen, trust me I bet there have been lots more storage requests than that! I have my hair trial at end August so excited! Where and when are you all going on honeymoon?

  • *strange not storage bloody phone lol!!!

  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    Exciting about ur hair trial! I need to get my hair sorted! Otherwise it be up in pony tail! Ek.  I'm determined to make a dent in my to do list this week

    Honeymoon- we're off to kenya! Two nights in a hotel by the beach, four days safari, then back to the beach hotel for remainder of the two weeks. So excited. How about u?

  • I'm more excited about the clip in extensions he he image Oh Kenya lovely! We are doing Sri Lanka for 5 nights then maldives for 9 nights all inclusive! Going on 21 nov so about 10 days after the wedding!! We have only had til may too as we decided in may to bring our wedding forward from sep 14 to this year! Been plent of time really! Are you having a big wedding? We have 70 in day and about 140 in evening image

  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    I'm having clip ins too! I had a strop before my Boyfriend proposed as thought he was never going to do it! Choppedby hair shorter! Ha ha 

    We're havingalmost exsactly the same amount of guest!When did u send out ur invites? I have ten more to make so haven't sent mine yet ek!!! Its my task for tomorrow to get them done and dusted! X

  • I sent mine out in may the day after we moved the wedding lol! Didn't bother with save the dates with only 6 months before, did you? I was a bit paranoid about people being able to make it at short notice so wanted to get them out asap. Kinda wish I had spent more time on them now but hey ho! My hair is quite long anyway but wanted it more full and a bit longer, going to have a tiny beehive at the back for veil. My dress is a fishtail style can't wait to try it on again!! What is your dress like? Are you having fireworks? I really want them but at £500 for 5 mins my OH won't have it image

  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    Are we having the same wedding?!? Ha ha mine is the same as yours, a fishtail! I really whire fireworks too but they are so expensive. I find it hard to justify the expense for five mins. But do still really want them!!!! 

    Are u having bridesmaids? Has all your planing gone ok so far? We haven't had too many dramas yet. But we haven't sent the invites out yet so watch this space. We are bound to have upset someone,I think it's just one of those things. 

    What are your colours? X

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