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2 days to go!!!!

I have 2 days to go and found myself standing in Asda this morning crying... tears of happiness obviously but I feel a complete wreck and I need to sort myself so I don't ruin our day by being a bloaty faced  mess lol xxx


  • I was an emotional wreck before our big day in August 1 min bouncing off the walls, the next anything would make me cry - seeing something to do with the wedding, reading something lovely, hearing a certain song.
    I knew on the day I was either going to be a complete nervous wreck, cry loads or be mega excited.
    On the morning all except for about 2 15 mins spells when nerves kicked in I was bouncing off the walls, I was sooooo excited. I couldn't stop smiling.
    Lining up waiting to walked into our hall & down the aisle I could hear the pianist playing & the registrar asked if I was ready & I said " COME ONNNNNN" very loudly,
    someone caught the moment I walked in on camera & I was beaming, my hubby was shaking lol, he kissed me & told me I looked stunning & had a tear in his eye so I knew I had got it right, he sid he was nervous, I said I was excited.
    Through the speeches I held it together, even my 11 yr old sons, & it wasn't til we got to bed that night it hit us & we cried.

    Just keep calm, deep breathes, pull your shoulders back, boobs up, look up & smile,
    It whizzes by & you don't want to miss it image

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    numbermad that is the loveliest post I have ever read and yes...i cried reading it!! Thank you so much I most definitely will be taking your advice xxxx

  • I thought I would be an emotional wreck but the few days before when I was saying goodbye and getting good luck speeches from all my friends and family, I was unbelieveably calm and completely unemotional (really unlike me,,,, I have spent this evening in tears watching our video montage - blub!). All through the ceremony I was fine, although he was sniffling to start and my bottom lip was going.... I just remembered tht I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible - I wasn't aware of anything else... even my wedding planner who was blubbing! Absolutely enjoy it as it doe go by in a blink xxxxxxxx Happy wedding day! xxxxxxxx

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