CLEARWELL CASTLE!! any b2b or couples married here??? share your storys ;)

hi all

im getting married in oct 2011!! at clearwell castle our dream venue!!! eeeekkkkk so exciting, me and h2b have been together 10yrs and have house ans 3 kids together we have always said clearwell would be our dream and our dreams are going to come true!!! its amazing, id love to here if anyone else has got married here b4 or anyone who is planning a wedding here, share ur tips stories and pictures

even if ur not getting married here and would like to share stories tips then please do love to here them all xxx


  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Hi Im getting married at Clearwell in January and I know there is at least one other bride on the forum who is getting married there next year!
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    wow!! nice to meet u lol i know doesnt seem to be many out there getting married here or have got married here good luck for your big day do u have everything in place for ur special day and how have u found the staff at clearwell have they been really helpfull? are u attending the showcase on the 23rd? x
  • swongswong Posts: 306
    What a stunning venue! I used to live down the road! I am sure you will both have an amazing day!

  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    I didnt know there was one, whats it for?

    Yeah they have been great but I've found it to be mega expensive (to be expected I expect) and a little unflexible on some things, Im sure it will be amazing though!
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231

    yeh sooo expensive but sure it will be amazing!! we had an invitation through last week inviting us maybe its cause we are not getting married till late nxt yr and ur wedding is very close, its just to view and have the chance to talk to the weding co-ordinater chef ect, i have notices bits in the book that u cant do! im a little puzzled but will talk to the lady bit more about it nxt week, well keep us posted on ur wedding and i be looking forward to seeing pics image good luck xx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    You too and any questions, feel free to pm me image
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    will do thanks hun x image
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    I am getting married at clearwell too, so excited I love the venue. I went to their drinks evening last week and loved it, thought the food was really nice too, I have found them pretty expensive with their wine list but all other weddings I have been too have been the same too.

    Are you holding your evening receptions downstairs or in the ballroom? I didnt realise there was the option of having the evening upstairs and cant make my mind up now xx
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    hi there

    its lovely venue and im sooo excited i went to the showcase too!! the food was lovely and drinks were even better!! (prob cause it was free!! haha) im having my evening in the downstairs but i expect ppl will split up and have the older ppl upstairs where its quiet lol, when are u getting ,married?? xx
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    I think we will be having the evening downstairs because we are having a band and they need to set up two hours before they play so wouldnt be convenint upstairs.

    We are getting married on 12th December 2011 so it was really nice to see the christmas trees up haveyou got you hairdresser and beautician sorted I havent booked them yet xx
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    awww fantastic, that wil be lovely, i havnt booked them yet its sooo much to do but will crack on with it more after xmas

    xmas wedding will be lovely there, when we went the other week its just got that feel to it.

    cant wait to have everything booked i feel happier then lol xx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    What drinks did you guys have? I really dont know what welcome drinks to have.

    Had a bit of an arguement with the castle last week but they sorted everything so all is good again! 29 days for me eeek!
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    hi hun aww really why was that? im glad u got it sorted! im bit unsure i quite like the idea of having cocktails and wine along with orange juice for the non drinkers but i havnt really thorght to much into it yet, what u having? i dont know what to the nxt step is tho with the castle ive booked and paid my deposit got given the book and everything when do they contact u to have a meeting nxt to arrange exactly what u want only i know ive got till oct nxt yr but im the kind of person that likes everything booked and ready to go, and like to know everything i want they can do? xx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    they tend to have the meeting 3 months before the day I think. We went and sat in a big cosy room near the childrens games room and went through the day start to finish. Picking out all the extras and food etc.

    I will PM you our blip, tbh it wasnt much but I am paying them aq hell of a lot of money and feel that I should be calling the shots, not them!

    I can hardly wait, have to have final numbers, table plan etc done by friday and a whopping final bill paid!

    Did you get to see the room set out with tables?

    How many guests are you having?
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Hi, MRSJK2B if you dont mind me asking was the blip in relation to the date they want money paid because we were sent a really obscure letter from the castle last week about them needing payment earlier on in the year - March, weding is in December and there had been an adminisrative error and then they told us they had reserved the disco for us which we explicitly told them we didnt want when we originally booked the castle.

    It seemed totally uncharecteristic of the service we had received so far so thought I would ask xx
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    oh dear i hate it when i here things like this happening hope u have got it all sorted yeh pm me hun id like to know just in case lol, yeh i did see the room decorated with tables it looked lovely compleatly diffrent to how i expected it to be honest, think we have around 70 coming to reception meal so be around 7tables im assuming ish lol how about you? xx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Ooops, thought I already had.

    We are having 95ish, the min numbers on a Sat are 90 anyway.

    Overall I have found the castle to be amazing and have heard nothing but good reports, my gripe was small but again, I think at £120+ a head, a little flexibility is needed.

    27 days, cant wait. Have you ladies picked your menus?
  • Ohhhh hi ladies, we went to see the Castle on Sunday and fell in love....going to wait for a last minute deal though!

    How you getting on??? Ohhhh we need to chat tips lol.


  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    hi mrsbutler2be, it is amazing we fell in love with it too its very exciting to have a few ppl on here who are having a wedding there ans some who have had there wedding there!! im always happy to chat about it, we were going to go for a special offer but to be honest couldnt wait just wanted a date lol!! and to plan plan plan hahah good luck with ur planning, do have a rough idea of when u would like to get married? feel free to pm me

  • Hiya,

    We booked our wedding here two days ago. Getting married on 6th June 2012. Can't wait.

    We are having over a hundred for the day then another 80-100 for the evening so its going to be big and exp!!

    MrsJK2b can you PM me the issues you had just so i know what to look out for please.
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    ooooo hi shellbell!! very exciting and yes expensive but going to be amazing hope all your planning goes to plan, we have a bout 60/70 to day then near to 200!! we did have about 90 to day but we had to cut our list its far too expensive and out of our budget, i dont mind tho as long as i have my close family to the day im happy image x
  • Hi,

    Ta! Yeah we have big families and although we are going to have to save like mad we have been told that we are not allowed to "not invite" family so to cut our list means cutting friends and im not doing that!

    The only thing im gutted about clearwell is that after finally convincing H2B that we are allowed a wedding cake made of cheese they will only allow us to use the one they make for us and he thinks it looks ugly and is to exp! Im working on him tho!

    Rebecca has been amazing so far and we have already got loads of extras/upgrades included in the price which makes it more affordable.
  • Hi, yes I'm getting married at Clearwell on the 2nd February 2012 so a while yet, although I've already picked my dress, colour scheme, cake design and photographer! I've been to see it, and it is amazing, have been looking at Clearwell to get married in since I was about 16, I'm 34 with 2 children now! I agree with previous posts, there is a lot that they charge extra for, however I think it's the same pretty much anywhere like this, and the exclusive use totally makes up for that! We're also finding the costs hard but decided the venue, the dress, the cake and rings are probably the most important spends, however I've already got a good deal on a dress for under £500 which is absolutely gorgeous image I just wanted to say hi and good luck to all of you, I hope your weddings go perfectly and best of luck... Andrew Miller is a good photographer, you can Google him, he's doing our pics on a DVD for us to print out our own for £400, I was stunned but his pics are amazing.

    Take care! image
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    hi mrsb

    thats amazing i think we have all chose a fab venue im very excited now im the 13th oct 2011 and its flying by already just paid our 2nd deposit and its feeling more real!! more to my bank balance!!!! hahah im wondering are any of you having a candy table i know u have to have there own u cant do it urself which is a shame but im a way i dont mind as its less worry for me lol, if any one has any pics of there candy bars at clearwell id love to see, or any of u ladies going to have one? xx
  • Hi Rach, I did consider the candy stand as we have about 14 children at the wedding(!), but when I looked into it, it didn't seem worth it and the kids would be too excited anyway, especially with all the lovely food. Let me know if you do get the candy thing will you and whether or not it was worth having? image Good luck with everything! xx
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Hi Ladies, I was wondering if any of you have chosen your menus yet? everything looks so lovely and tasted so amazing at the showcase evening me and h2b just cant decide, was also wondering have any of you considered fireworks and have any idea of how much they cost? xx
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Hi Ladies thought I would post and ask how everyone is and how all your plans are coming along?

    Mrs JK if your still on the forum seen your video - tis beautiful, I have pmd you as well. rach 270 your is getting closer now how are all the plans coming along? xx
  • tinkerxxtinkerxx Posts: 1
    I got married at Clearwell Castle in July 2010, it was an amazing day indeed, you will have the perfect day at this venue. I would say the night before stay in the keepers cottage as its so much easier then just to go over to the Castle in the morning. all the staff are wonderfull they can not do enough for you very helpful people. my front of house was sally davids and she was fantastic making sure the day went smoothly. the food is great as well. I would make sure you have a meeting tho with your photographa at Clearwell as there are so many places to take photos especially when you go of and have them done with each other. There is only one negative thing i will say and that was about the hairdresser we booked, luckily i did not have my hair done with her, first she was 30mins late. she was doing my mums hair and my auntie and mother in law, they all did not like whay she did so just have a trial if its your hair and mayb your bridesmaides. i did my own make up and nails ect as im a beauty therapist. but apart from theat there is nothing else i could say as it was so lovely getting married there. image
  • hewitt83hewitt83 Posts: 54
    My sister got married here may 2010, lovely venue, great food and lovely rooms for the guests...very good choice!!
  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Not lon for your Rach 270, I jst wanted to say hope you have an amazing day xx
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