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What plans have your made already??

I am getting married on 6th October 2012, we are just waiting for the contract for our venue to be finalised...just wondered what plans everyone already has in place if your getting married on October 2012 as I am now a bit unsure of where to start or when to start.

I have been looking at sending out save the date magnets, has anyone done this? if so where did you get yours from? I am beginning to look at photographers and have an appointment to meet the cake company to look at designs give ideas etc..

I am currently looking at a yellow/silver theme with a hint of purple, what colours are you going for? Has anyone found their dress yet?



  • Hi,

    We're getting married on 6th October 2012 too! At least, that's our chosen date, still need to book a venue! We have something in mind, but just waiting to hear back from them.

    I think save the date magnets are a great idea, have you looked on Vistaprint? That's where I'll be doing all of my stationery things.

    We're not going for any colour scheme, I like the mismatched look so it's just going to be very relaxed and informal - my bridesmaids won't be wearing the same dress or colour either.

    I have found a wedding dress, got it from ebay last week and it's currently sitting in a sorting office waiting for me to pick it up! It's a vintage 1940s dress, which I think I'll wear for just the ceremony, and then get something else for the reception so I can dance and drink and not worry about ruining it!
  • Hi -we are getting married on the 29th Oct and so far have got venues sorted for reception and ceremony. We have also had first meeting with florist and caterers but we had to organise things quickly and efficiently when we were there as our venue is the other end of the country! We are going for 1920s sort of feel with pastel colours for flowers - pinks and creams. Looking forward to chilly but sunny day hopefully!
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    I have been looking on vistaprint, and have heard really good feedback from friends and on this site about their products.

    Deposit has now been paid on the venue so we are full steam ahead image so I am happy now with that.

    I have not started dress shopping yet probably going to wait till about October this year for this. I am not sure on when I should have things done by, but feel like I want to make a start and get photographers/flowers organised as time will fly by! We are thinking of using lego minifigures in some way just as a little bit of fun on our tables, probably make place card holders or something!

    Do any of you have reasons for choosing October? We thought it was a little out of the ordinary and it is also the month we originally got together 7 years ago so anniversary will be nice and easy for H2B to remember image

  • Hellooo!

    We have just confirmed our booking for 27th October. Can't wait but I'm not getting giddy and booking anything yet. Certainly not looking at dresses until Jan (and I've lost a shed load of weight!!)

  • Hi!

    We're getting married 6th October 2012 too!!

    we booked the date back in February and so far have arranged the venue, registrar, photographer, DJ, harpist and my mum's making the cake so I'm on thinking of designs! ordered some save the date magnets back in February but haven't sent them out yet (need to nail down the guest list!). We're going for a colour scheme of ivory/burgundy/gold, I've seen some bridesmaid dresses I love and a few ideas for gowns - but hoping to leave that til the back end of this year, gotta hit that gym between now and then! image

    Oh also seen some bouquets I LOVE, we've decided to go artificial as I have REALLY bad hay fever but I'm finding it really hard to resist the urge to buy them! I'm so pleased that you guys are starting your wedding planning now! my friends think I'm mental starting this early on image

    We originally wanted a date in late september but the venue offered us a great discount for an october date so we went with that..... It'll be here before we know it!!!!x
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    Hi image

    We are getting married 12th October, we have booked venue, sorted a DJ & have an idea on the photographer so far. Im just looking at everything at the moment & writing all my ideas & everything down in a pad so i dont forget!! Am off too try some dresses on this sat with my mum, no intention of buying yet, i just really really want to try some on & try to get a feel of the style i'd like, as at the moment i have no clue!! All very exciting but im not really sure of the timescale & when to do things, is it too early or will i get too laid back & then start flapping!! Its so hard not to get caught up in it all already!!

    Hows everyone else getting on....??

  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    I feel exactly the same as you Sarah56UK, I want to get stuck in but keep thinking its too early, I have started a scrap book (much to the amusement of H2B and my sister!!) just pulling out pictures from magazines and online of anything I like the look/style of. I am thinking of trying to have a go at designing some wedding invites just to get a feel for it and see how creative I can be. I am going to go and start trying some dresses on in the next few weeks with my mum as like you I just have no idea what style will suit me or anything so need to get a feel for it....
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    We are getting married on the 20th October 2012. Confirmed the church and venue back in January and so far I have booked the photographer, videographer, cars, band, string quartet, cake (reserved space with company although don't need to confirm design until next summer). Have also found my dress although havent confirmed the order yet.

    Wasn't planning on having so much organised by this stage but the original band and cars we wanted we already taken!!

    L x
  • Lesley-MMLesley-MM Posts: 5

    We are getting married on the 20th October 2012. Confirmed the church and venue back in January and so far I have booked the photographer, videographer, cars, band, string quartet, cake (reserved space with company although don't need to confirm design until next summer). Have also found my dress although havent confirmed the order yet.

    Wasn't planning on having so much organised by this stage but the original band and cars we wanted we already taken!!

    L x
  • sarah56uksarah56uk Posts: 69
    OK so starting to look at table center pieces now, think i have decided on a theme - loosely vintage...for now!! lol i have changed my mind 3 times already! But am actually loving the vintage theme, i dont want it all too matchy matchy & thought with this i can be quite miss match with bits. Colour has gone from purple to lilac & dusky pink with lots of white & cream & maybe a touch of silver!! It looks good in my head anyway! lol How are the rest of you ladies getting on...? x
  • oooo, wow, look at all of us October 2012 brides.

    I'm getting married on October 13th.

    I've got my dress, BM dresses, have booked and paid the deposit for the venue, am about to sign and pay the deposit for the photographer, have my favour boxes and invites and have bought table decorations and some other little decorations.

    I have started making my wedding website and have made my rough seating plan for the wedding breakfast.

    I'm wanting to bring autumn into my wedding as October is just a perfect autumn month, so my colour scheme is green and brown.

    Origionally we wanted september as thats the month he asked me to be his girlfriend six years ago this september, but hsi brother and his wife got married in sept 2010 and we didn't want anyone to think we were tryign to steal their thunder fo copy them, so went with october. Plus october is cheaper image
  • I am an October bride too. We have booked for 6th october and have gots loads sorted already! as have managed to negotiate some really good deals.

    So far have photographer, florists, suits, pianist and venue all booked.

    Think have found my dress aswell!

    So onto bridesmaids next.

    We are going for a purple theme, maybe with a bit of orange.

    no ideas on themes for tables or anything yet, oh well suppose theres plenty of time for that image xx
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    Everyone sounds so organised, I have done a timeline so h2b and I know when we need to have stuff done by we dont want to rush about at the last minute! I am going to up the anty in September and get things booked (already have venue but thats it still) Our venue is hosting a wedding fair at the beginning of sept so v excited about seeing it all set up!!
  • Loyd88Loyd88 Posts: 19
    We're getting married on the 6th October too image

    So far we have booked our venue, photographer, piper, someone for chair covers centre pieces etc

    and have met with the minister.

    I'm going wedding dress shopping on Saturday image

    Going for a silver and purple theme image

    So exciting, glad we can all share our ideas and plans.

  • Congratulations to everyone! All your ideas sound lovely image

    I haven't really made any 100% final decisions yet! We're getting married abroad (Niagara Falls) and having a reception when we get back. I've got a few quotes for the trip and honeymoon; we're going to Toronto for 5 nights, Niagara Falls for 2 nights and New York for 7 nights. Just need to finalise dates and figures!

    I think the colour scheme for the ceremony will probably be yellow, white and grey and then the reception back home will be pinks, blush and nude colours with a few bright turquoise and lilac touches! I don't really want a big dress for the ceremony as it'll only be small and we're going out afterwards. Likewise with the reception will be quite laid back and relaxed so yeah. That's where we're at so far! Plans liable to change image

    E x
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161 it really odd that I have bought my wedding shoes but not even started looking at dresses...hee hee I seem to be doing things a very odd way round, I have also now bought some yellow polka dot bows and ribbon along with polka dot cup cake cases....hhhmmmm I should concentrate on a photographer and florist I think, just love all the little things!
  • It's so tempting! I love love love polka dot things! They sound awesome image
  • Hi All, I'm getting married on 6th October.

    We chose October becuase its the Month that we got togeter and it will also be a little cooler than the summer months.

    I Have been engaged for over a year now, So I started planning back then. I have had the church and reception venue booked since November image and I thought I was crazy until I found out that some people had bookings 3 years in advance! I have been organising one thing at a time, every other month or so, it's better to start early so you get a choice, becuase good suppliers get booked early. I found that going to wedding fayres are good for seeing who and what's out there locally.

    So far I have;

    Church and venue

    Venue comes booked with a DJ unless we wish to get our own

    Dress - currently hanging in my Mam's spare room

    Deposit on mens suit hire

    Horses and carriage

    VW Camper van for bridesmaids and my mam

    big vintage double decker London red bus for church to reception



    Favours and invites - deposit down

    Wedding Insurance - got this as soon as I booked the date

    My chief bridesmaid is pregnant so bridesmaid dresses will be early next year, the best man need to look into transport for him and h2b, also need to book a harpest for reception, I have a cake supplier in mind but haven't boked anything yet, starting to think about rings but won't get them till next year.
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    I am finally going to try on dresses at the weekend...bit anxious about it, what dresses have everyone gone for (or are liking the look of!?)?!
  • My dress is Donna Salado's Heaven
  • My dress is trudy lee. It is champange in colour and has thick straps.

    I'm not keen on strapless dresses and think they've been done to death to be honest. All of my friends wedding pictures they are wearing strapless.

    It is an a line dress. I really like it.
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    Hi CoraApple, I got on really well they were so friendly and really put me at ease! I have fallen in love with W1 Trieste, it was amazing, I am going to look around a bit more but not sure anything else will measure up!

    Just googled your dress, it is beautiful, bet you are v excited about being able to try it on again!!
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    That dress is gorgeous on you!! image I can't wait to try dresses on again, need to make some more appointments, but I look at a pic of w1 trieste everyday just love it!!

    We have just been to see the man who is making our cake, talking through ideas etc, with just over a year to go now it is all becoming very real!! I need to get my ass in gear and sort out photography and flowers ASAP!!
  • Clicked on this link by accident... honestly girls i thougt i had ages.. now i have 2 and a half months!!! Dont delay on the planning. Especially if your making stuff yourself!! xx
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    ooo CoreApple recommend away! Who have you gone with for your flowers?

    I will def post a picture, the more I think about it the more I love it...I am going to the National Wedding show at the weekend so will see what I find there!
  • Hi girls!!

    Thought I'd drop by as we have now booked our big day - 19th October 2012!!

    Can't wait! Off out dress shopping on 5th November - eeek!!

    So far we have booked venue and photographer!
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    We have just made an appointment with a florist Joahnes Flower House, she works out of her home so there are no overheads and comes to your house to give a quote, very much looking forward to that!

    As we are getting married and having the reception all at the same place I am not planning on having a car...(another way we are saving some money!) I would recommend Hockleys Cakes, they are absolutely delicious and they are so friendly and helpful, they are based in Brixworth.

    CoraApple you are so organised! I love Aunty Ruths so may have to look into that one, our venue have a DJ they recommend and we are going to go up to see them around xmas when they will be doing xmas parties etc so we can hear what they are like!

    I GET MARRIED 1 YEAR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
  • This time next year I will be a married women and enjoying my reception!!! EEEk how exciting
  • jenb10jenb10 Posts: 43
    Hello all!

    We are getting wed Oct 29th 2012 - this time next year my gorgeous man will be my hubby!

    So far...

    the venue is booked (food and drink part of the package)

    bridesmaid dress bought

    photographer booked

    DJ booked

    save the date magnets sent out (Visaprint).

    My sis is helping me with invitations (or i should say that i am helping her!) and we are going for a purple theme, which suits the gorgeous venue really well. We are having 50 guests so will be nice and small. Havent started dress shopping - quite nervous about it as im usually found in muddy boots and jeans, thanks to having a horse! Determined not to go overboard on spending, especially as we are in the middle of house buying - although decided a while ago to do one of those boudior shoots so saving extra cash on the side!

    We went for October as we both love Autumn - originally wanted December (would love to have it snowing outside) but decided against it as its such an expensive time of year. Off to give notice in our own borough tomorrow as we are getting married in Cheshire.

    Excited!! image
  • jenb10jenb10 Posts: 43
    Thanks CoraApple!

    Does anyone know if bridal shops have seasonal sales (as in the january sales in the usual retail shops) or are they specific to the actual shop?

    Need to look after those pennies! image
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