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Honeymoons where are you off too??

Where are all you beautiful October brides off to for your honeymoon?


  • We really don't no lol, stuck on ideas and trying to decide weather to go straight after wedding or wait till the new year!!!

    Thinking we may just go travel agents at weekend and just ask for ideas and prices etc
  • Our little girl will be 2 so we aren't disappearing for too long. Think we'll head somewhere for a city break Fri-Mon, and then perhaps the following year we'll take her to Florida!
  • we are off to Bali, best place we could find for the weather in october xx
  • We are thinking of a cruise. We are going to leave our sons behind with MIL, so a week hopefully, and a cruise would be fab because we would not feel guilty about the boys missing out as it is more of an adult holiday.

    We went to Las Vegas when we were celebrating 10 years together, and left the boys are home then, and it was brilliant. Love the idea of a 'fun' wedding there just for the two of you.
  • Were heading to paris for a couple of days simply because the flights are super cheap with easyjet and as i work in business travel i can get decent rates on hotels. We will be having our proper honeymoon on out 1st anniversary once we've saved up some pennies again, this time we will be going to Australia. I cant wait!!
  • S8mmyjoS8mmyjo Posts: 111
    We are doing the exact same, going to Paris for 5 days just after the wedding and then booking for America for 2013. We are thinking San Francisco, LA, Vegas and Hawaii but we'll need to see how far out money will stretch.

    I found it difficult to decide what to do. I really wanted to go and lie on a beach somewhere but would rather spend the money going to the USA rather than somewhere like Mexico.

  • We are waiting until January to go to Riveria Maya in Mexico.Can't wait.
  • I am thinking of doing a Cruise- will be beginning of Nov as we get married on 26th Oct. All the cruises I can find seem to be to the Caribbean- anyone know if the weatehr will be ok then- it seems to be right at the beginning of the good season but am a bit worried that might still mean rain and not cooler temps! Anyone know where would be super hot and cruisable then? image
  • My DD will be 2 so we have booked a villa in Cyprus and taking my mum and partner so they can babysit.

    Im soooooo excited x

  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    We're doing 7 days in Barbados and a 7 day Cruise around the Caribbean, going end of January as it gives us something to look forward to after Xmas and the weather there at that time of year is meant to be lovely
  • oh so my plans changed a little since i last posted on this thread, we are now flying to nice 2 days after the wedding and staying there for a night before heading off on a 7 night med cruise taking in valencia, ibiza, tunis, sicily, naples florence and pisa then back to the south of france. We are still planning to go to oz for ou first anniversary but will have to see how much we save x
  • hm2575hm2575 Posts: 38
    We're going to Marrakech for 4 nights in a luxury Riad. As I'm a teacher I only have a week off for half term so that's all we can fit in! Maybe somewhere "special" next year
  • MrsGeary2bMrsGeary2b Posts: 20
    We are doing 4 day tour round Sri Lanka to get in some culture and action followed by a 10 day Maldives chill out. Can not wait!
  • Mrs RobertsMrs Roberts Posts: 435
    To a 5* Lodge in Yorkshire for the week after the wedding - figure I won't be seeing much of the area anyway, so doesn't matter if we're abroad or in the UK!image x
  • uglybuffyuglybuffy Posts: 201
    We are having 4 days in a log cabin in Dumfries with our four-legged ring bearer and then off to the Supersonic festival in Birmingham! How romantic!!!
  • We're of to Bangkok then Singapore and Bali. Given the spectacular wash out of poor summer here so far, I can't wait image mind you, hopefully the bad weather new means we're in for an Indian summer and a beautiful October...
  • KayTay0610KayTay0610 Posts: 169

    Flydrive to California/Arizona/Nevada - next June though, having a minimoon to Paris after wedding 

  • WelshJenWelshJen Posts: 47
    Mini moon in a cottage in beautiful Pembrokeshire-fianc?? can surf, I can read and we can take our 2dogs. In feb we are hoping to go to uraguay or costa rica but if we don't save enough it will be Thailand or Bali.

    Don't want to sit on a beach with other slushy couples for a week want to explore somewhere! xx
  • Pretty much the same as hm2575 - h2b is a teacher so, having planned the wedding around half term we've got limited time for honeymoon. We're also heading to Marrakech!

    We're planning a bigger trip for the Easter holidays/ following summer when we've got time to go further afield. We're currently toying with India or Reunion.
  • Bride2b12Bride2b12 Posts: 82
    We only have 8 days off of work after the wedding sO are also going to morocco but to agadir! It was somewhere different yet not too long to fly which ment we could spend more time enjoying the holiday!! I cannot wait had our airline call us yesterday and as a honeymoon special have put us in the VIP lounge for 3 hours before we fly with all inclusive food n drink I cannot wait!!!
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