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Going to see my dress saturday


I decided to go look at wedding dresses last May to get ideas of what suited me. 7 dresses I tried most were lovely but nothing that did it for me. When I turned round to see dress 8 it was gone from my line up and 1 of the assistants had tidied it away by accident. Dress 8 was the 'wildcard' as it was ruffled and unlike anything I thought Id want...As dress 8 was slipped up into position I felt this bubble of excitement&my thoughts were 'oh my god if my mum&best friends dont like it I'll cry!' (so much for "just going to get ideas"...)

As I stepped out onto the catwalk my mum burst into tears&my friends were beaming! 'yes!' I thought, then I thought 'eek how much?!'

Then the news that knocked me sidewards...

The dress was no longer in production&I would have to buy the sample dress IF the seamstress could turn the size 12 into a size 8. Once given the go ahead from the lady with the tape measure I was given a second dose of shock...I would have to make a decision to buy by 11am nxt morning as they were opening especially to do a sample sale&dress 8 was intended to be in the offering!

30hrs of turmoil followed&I chose to travel thru to the shop again to try it on&potentially buy...40mins later Id bought the dress.

It was so exciting& I was really pleased. However now 10months later I'm terrified of seeing it again and not loving it! Im going on saturday but feel more nervous than giddy. Its hard cos its not in my size yet, im putting a lot of trust into the seamstress that the dress will look its best when its been reduced to an 8. Surely they would have to replace/refund me if it was impossible when the time comes?

I know this has been a long post but I needed to vent my fears, h2b cant know too much&parents bought me the dress.



  • I think once you see it again, you will fall in love with it all over again, and if it really can't be ready in time, then you at least have eight months to find another. Not sure what the refund policy would be on it though.

    Good luck, I really hope it goes well on Saturday x
  • Hiya,

    Quick update tried my dress-im happy I really do love it. The assistant was great, no worries about it being altered now shes set my mind at rest! Oh and the lovely shoes I took hurt once I had the weight of the dress on, found a comfy pair in shop so all in all it was a good day&getting but giddy now hehe!!

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