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20th October 2012 Bride

Anyone else getting married 20th October 2012? and if so how organised are you?

Venue booked

Bridesmaids dresses


my Dress

Bridesmaids/bestman gifts

Invitations sorted but not posting until July..

My H2B thinks theres loads of time, maybe Its me!! image anyone else got a fella so laid back like mine.. i just want to talk weddings all the time and he,s like.. "loads of time to do that" so thought I,d come on here and get my wedding fix with other excited brides.


  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    I'm getting married on the 19th image

    Venue Booked

    Caterer Booked

    Invites ready to send in July

    Abroad Invites already sent


    Bridesmaid Dress

    Wedding Ring

    Flowers Deposit Paid

    Shoes and Headband sorted

    Hair & Make up Trial Booked

    Decs Bought

    Place Cards Done

    To Do -

    His Wedding Ring

    Flower Girl Dress

    Thank You Gifts

    Grooms Suit and BM's cufflinks

    Grooms Cufflinks

    can't think of anything else at the moment image

    Mine is also laid back, but am grateful for that lol, he keeps me in check image
  • weve got:

    Venue booked

    Bride& Bridesmaids dresses


    Suits deposit paid (groom picking which out of 2 choices so Ive got semi surprise lol)

    Day Invitations going out next week - saving money not doing save the dates ha

    Balloon deposit paid

    Hair & make artist booked and I've had my trial.

    wedding rings bought

    shoes/headband/necklace/garter bought.

    bms jewellery & shoes bought

    cars booked

    aisle song chosen

    1st dance song chosen

    cake deposit paid

    honeymoon booked

    still to sort...


    evening invites (june)

    furry shawls for bm to be made

    seating plan/place cards/favours

    MOB/MOG outfits

    choose readings

    choose signing register songs

    final design of cake&choose topper

    little touches to buy for decor

    h2b passport

    hen doo&stag to organise

    Lingerie - but I run an undies company so I know where Im getting it from just not bought yet as Im loosing weight
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277
    Thanks girls! I feel so much better now that i know that every other bride is busy wedding planning too.. image
  • We have:

    Booked venue

    Given notice

    Booked chair covers, DJ and flowers for table centrepieces

    Save the dates made and sent

    Sample invitation and place setting made

    Provisional ceremony music chosen

    Button bouquet chosen

    Evening outfit bought

    Shoes bought

    Outfit chosen (still trying to lose a bit of weight before ordering)

    Honeymoon booked
  • I'm getting married on 19th October.

    Things I've still to do are:


    Gifts for all wedding party



    flower girl dress

    hair accessories for all

    hair trial

    make up (need to decide whether I'm doing this myself or hiring someone)


    music for ceremony
  • im getting married on the 19th October. Cant wait girlies! Im pretty much to the same level. Got all the big things booked and deposits paid. Just need to sort out all the little details now and start making things! excited!
  • Soraya27Soraya27 Posts: 41

    I am also an Oct 20th bride!

    Things are coming together but at times I feel a bit overwhelmed bcos I'm doing everything!

    I've told him he has to choose the mens suits and waistcoat patterns etc and that was too much for him! Men!

    Soraya x
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277

    Everythings done now and all paid for.

    Just H2B to do the few things I,ve left him to do.. choose his wedding ring and suit etc..

    He said he,ll do it in September as thats in plenty of time.. grrr.. men!

    Oh I do have the wedding music to sort for the registra and then thats all.

  • Ah Tinainwid you are 1 lucky girl...

    I feel I am a million miles off being ready!

    I think once we meet up with the suppliers again that we chose over a year ago it will set my mind at rest.

    I still havent sorted my 'look' yet...Still to decide on headband/earrings&necklace- Doesn't help I have changed my mind a million times! from simple to blingy, blingy to simple, half and half lol.

    We havent purchased any gifts, we haven't selected music, and the little decor touches are still in planning...*sigh*




  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    We are getting married on 20th October. We haven't done anything!! Nothing at all! No venue, no dress, no invitations, nothing! And I'm still smiling!

  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    We still don't have anything done! 104 days to go and we don't have a venue or a dress or anything! I'm starting to worry slightly now. I live so far away from my friends and family that i'm going to have to go to the dress outlet shop on my own! How sad is that?!

    How is everyone else getting on!

  • Aw hun, if u need any help/advice just give us a shout Im sure we will all try. Where abouts are you from?

    Ive sorted my hairpieces and hair do since I last posted. Ive been to see our florist and sorted out all our flowers.

  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    I'm from Scotland but I live in Leicestershire. My mum lives in Perthshire and my friends live in Dundee, Aberdeenshire, Fife and Co. Durham. My mother in law to be lives in Plymouth and my 2 sister in laws to be live in Madrid!

    I'm felling slightly isolated on the dress front! Might just get one online! H2b suggested taking me to a nearby factory outlet shop and sit the car waiting for me! Bless him!

  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    We have progress!

    Venue is booked! Check this out! -

    We are having our ceremony and reception there.

    Guest List finialised.

    Bridesmaids and Groomsmen all chosen.

    Invitations are made, enevelopes are stuffed.

    Website is done.

    Gift List is done. We are having an Oxfam Unwrapped list.

    Accomodation for the family booked in local cottages.

    First night for us booked in a four poster bed room! Yaas!

    First attempt at the wedding cake was semi-successful!

    So much left to do though! Like getting a dress!

  • Ah glad to hear you've been able to get so much done!! Wow those views are amazing...Got to love scottish scenery! image
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277

    Wonderful news that youve managed to get things started image

    We,ve done most things just got to get the invites out and wedding music to do..

    I,m moving house in 6 weeks also so its abit more stress for me to cope with especially as I,m uprooting my family from East yorkshire to Nottinghamshire. then we have to travel back to east yorkshire for the wedding as all our family live over that way.

  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277

    94 days to go girls! Cant believe how fast things are moving now. image

  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239

    Glad you've got further along MrsWilsontobe, have you thought about checking out your local bridal shops for sample sales? might be a nicer experience for you if your going on your own, and you can get some great prices image

  • MrsWilson2be I went and bought my dress by myself, long sorry but I ended up doing what PollyAnne3 suggested to you and went along to a sale day.the assistant in the shop was really fab as were the other brides and their helpers in terms of telling me what looked ok and what looked fantastic. I have since taken various people to see the dress when they're be been visiting, and everyone has loved . Good luck and enjoy, even by yourself you still get to feel like a princess image
  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    Thanks everyone! I'll have a wee call around the shops. Eek 89 days!

  • Sorry for re-opening an old thread......

    I'm a 20th October bride, can't believe how quickly it's coming around now! I think we have everything covered & have organised everything, but worried I may have missed something?!

    Had a few dreams about dresses and things and a few wobbles here and there!

    How are all the other 20th October brides getting on?

  • Getting there.....

    Ceremony and recption venue is booked.

    Guest List finialised and invitations are out.

    Bridesmaids and Groomsmen all chosen.

    Website is set up and is recieiving rsvp's

    Gift List is done. We are having an Oxfam Unwrapped list.

    Accomodation for the family booked in local cottages.

    First night for us booked in a four poster bed room! Yaas!

    Second attempt at the wedding cake was semi-successful!

    Dress and petticoat are bought.

    Husband to be has his suit.

    We are making the rings on Wednesday (I'm a trained jeweller!)

    Caterer is booked.

    Decorations - the making of there is in full swing!

    We are buying our flowers wholesale and tying the bouquets ourselves.

    hmm...what have I forgotten? Probably loads!

  • Wow mrswilsontobe seems like its all go and you're busy busy!!

    I know what you mean about forgetting things.....sure I have too!
  • I cant believe how time has gone by in the blink of an eye...  32 days to go or 4 weeks on Saturday.. image

  • 30 days to go! Yay! Everything is going well except my dress still isn't here! And stupidly I'm going on holiday next week when it's supposed to arrive!

    How is everyone getting on? This thread has gone very quiet!

  • I found out something lovely about our wedding date today!

    Our wedding date is an American holiday! ‘20th oct- sweetest day’ what is Sweetest Day? Sweetest Day is a day on which we celebrate romance, love, and friendship, showing our appreciation for friends, family. While it has yet to take its place alongside Valentine's Day as a holiday for pure romance, it grows in popularity each year, as people raised with the Sweetest Day tradition tend to carry it with them into new towns and even countries.

    No matter your feelings about Sweetest Day, one thing is certain: a day for people to be romantic, kind, or just to show their appreciation is always a good thing.

    The date changes every year and it wont happen again til 2018!

    x x x

  • Oh how lovely Autumnbride, thanks for sharing that it makes it all the more special.

  • Can't quite believe we are under a month to go now!

    I have just done a new 'To-do' list & thankfully it's not too long now.

    Hair & make up trial is next Saturday, worried I may have left it a bit late but I'm sure it'll be fine!!!

    How's everyone else getting on?
  • I,ve decided not to have a hair trial.. I just booked a senior stylist for the morning of the wedding in a hairdressers next door to the hotel i get marrried in so I know its a gamble but I,m sure that it,ll be fine as i,m having an easy style anyway.

  • ARGH! My dress arrived today while I was at college! I can't wait to try it on! Just waiting for my other half to go out!

    I'm not having a hair trial either, just winging it on the day!

    Still waiting on some RSVP's! grr!

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