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Just booked my wedding for 5th October 2012 when to send out invites?

I have only just booked my wedding, the venue had only 2 dates left so I picked the 5th October. When should I send out invites? Thanks.image


    Hiya, congrats! image

    I am getting married on October 4th and I sent my first batch out 2 months ago. This was family ones. I am ready to send the second batch out any day. I am a little early but that's my preference. x
  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    Congratulations, I wanted the 5th but couldn't get that date, so am the 19th, I sent out some of my invites in February (Ones going abroad) and have started slowly handing out the rest of them now image going to hand deliver all the local ones on Monday and the rest will be posted out on Tuesday image

    Think the usual is to send them out 3 months before, but as it's a Friday I wanted to get them out earlier to ensure that people would be able to book it off
  • WOO HOO date twin image 154 days and counting, i've been staggering my invites over the last 2 weeks most are out now. With it being a friday i'd recommend getting them sent out asap xx
  • roxy_919roxy_919 Posts: 65
    I am getting married 13th October and haven't sent mine or even got them yet, I sent save the dates out with Christmas cards so people know when it is and I think everyone is coming but we are just having family during the day (70 of them) and then 150 on the evening.

    I'm hoping to send mine out beginning of June, I think it's pretty straight forward as in everyone is coming but we do need menu choices
  • Bride2b12Bride2b12 Posts: 82
    WaHooo I am also October the 5th so exciting!!! I sent save the dates out at Christmas and doing invites at beginning of June and asked for replies by 18th August! Everyone has very different views on when they should be sent out!

    I didn't want to do to early and then nearer the time be chasing up! I would rather people have to reply straight away.

    Good luck with all the planning

  • MrsEarl2bMrsEarl2b Posts: 15
    The first few replies on here got me worried! I'm getting married 5th Oct and wasn't going to send them out until end June! However, I did send save the dates as soon as we booked so hopefully peeps already have it in their diaries. The last few replies have made me feel a little better though!

    Like others say, its personal preference really, provided it's not left so late that chasing replies gets you stressed!
  • TracyStroudTracyStroud Posts: 50
    I only got engqaged at the end of January our wedding is on the 6th October I didnt send any save the date cards i dont see the point surely just an invitation is enough? anyway I sent my handmade invitations at the begining of March.
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    I am getting married on 6th October and we are aiming to send invites out at the end of May with RSVP by 31st July (realistically I expect to be chasing people until around mid august)

    I cant believe how quickly it is all going now!! H2B and I are going to look at suits at the weekend image
  • Congratulations! We are getting married on 6th October. Just designing the invites now and hope to send them by the start of June with an RSVP date of 31 July x
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