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Does anyone else feel the same?

I feel like I am in limbo at the moment, waiting for the wedding stuff to start?

We've chosen all our suppliers, I'm sure they will be in contact soon but I can't wait lol.

I really want to get my teeth stuck into something...I've got lots on Etsy I want to purchase but is there any point buying stuff and storing it for the next 5months?!

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  • kittykat_2012kittykat_2012 Posts: 127
    yes i understand exactly how you feel! you are not alone! I think were at the limbo stage where all the big things are booked and were not sure on wether to start on all the other little things. I was exactly the same and was delaying buying/making things as I thought it was too soon, but now i say GO FOT IT!!! the sooner the better and the more organised you are the less likley you will get stressed nearer the time.

    Buy or make a few things things each month. This then spreads the cost so your not hit with it in one go and it also maintains the excitement! This is your wedding and enjoy every moment of it!

    I am curently painting a wooden plaque for our sweet table. may sound like an easy job, but we have had to prime the wood then do two coats on each side, so has taken a bit of time to do. Just giving you an idea as some jobs can take longer then expected!

    Have fun shopping! x
  • sarahjane1973sarahjane1973 Posts: 312
    I only had 4 months to plan my wedding and still had about 6 weeks of limbo and that was bad enough!!!!
  • jenb10jenb10 Posts: 43
    Yeh i felt like that for a while, but now starting to feel like time is flying so need to get on with stuff! We are going to see another florist tomorrow and then can hopefully make a decision about that. We went to speak to a lady about cakes last night and am just trying to sort invitations out. Kind of wish it wasnt on my mind so much to be honest! Booked the DJ, photographer etc ages ago. Got my dress and bridesmaid dress a few months ago and we chose suits for the groomsmen earlier this week.

    I love Etsy! Could spend all night on there. I dont need to do much to the venue as its already stunning, so at least its one thing i dont need to think about! image
  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    Yep, I'm also in Limbo, but it's more that pretty much everything is done, only need to sort out the Flower Girl Dress, H2B's suit, Groomsmen accessories and his wedding ring, everything else is sorted, and the sweetie buffet will be sorted a few weeks before, so just waiting to get married now lol
  • Bride2b12Bride2b12 Posts: 82
    Hi I say go ahead and do what needs doing! I am pretty much done all that's left is to put the favours in the bags, table plan and hair trials. I feel so happy knowing all is ready to go! However I now just can't wait for the big day.

    Good luck to everyone

    We are in that limbo stage atm. We have booked everything and got all the little things. We are just doing DIY stuff and saving frantically. It's making me wish I had slowed down, but on the other hand I know I wont have time to wedding plan in month or so, really it's best.
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