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Wedding day transport

Am getting married on 27th October and wondering what transport to go for. I really like the convertible VW Beetles but am a bit worried the weather might not be favourable and wondering how cramped it would be with the roof up and whether its really the same image. Guess we'll end up with something more traditional like a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud if not. What are you having and what are your thoughts on this?


  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    I'm not having transport, will be putting my dress on at the venue, but if you like VW have you thought about having a VW camper instead? they are as quirky as the beatles and popular for weddings image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    can you go see one and get them to put the top up so you can see just in case, they must had had to deal with bad weather. black cab for me (sorry im not october just butting inimage
  • I dont need transport either im getting married at hotel when im sleeping night before. but i also love the camper idea that would be amazing xx

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