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FOUR months to go

Its just Four months to go till I marry my best friend.

Our story starts in a school play ground I was dropping off my children at school when walks in a man who was dropping off his son the day after his wife gave birth to their daughter. Looking at him gave me butterflies in my tummy i dont know why I had never seen him before that day and didnt see him for another 4 years. I was married at the time but 4 years later my marriage failed and had to move. The house i moved into was just two doors down from another mum in the playground who had children in the same class as mine and we soon became best friends. I met her husband just after i moved in and he was that man i had seen in the playground!!

I only ever knew him to say hello to but saw my frkiend every day walked to and from school together daily went shopping together etc. 4 years later my friend died suddenly and i promised that day that i would take the children to and from school and baby sit so that her husband could carry on with their routine. This was all nearly 8 years ago I baby sat three times a week and in that time my relationship with my partner went from bad to worse with his lies and cheating, no one knew anything but by now John had got to know me well and could see by just my face how i felt even when my partner at the time couldnt or wouldnt .well Three years ago now my realtionship came to and end and John and i became a couple, i was worried that people would feel that I was seeing John before his wife had died and infact one friend said "you dont do that to a friend" and that upset me a bit until it was pointed out that he kept his marriage vows with the till death do us part.So this friend has been told as much. well to cut a long story to a medium sized one John proposed in January and I said yes he had said in the early days that he would never marry again but he changed his mind! we wanted to include all of our children I have 4 and he has 3 so my son who is 22 is giving me away and his sons who are 21 and 18 and my son who is 10 will be ushers and my two daughters who are 21 and 18 along with his 16 year old daughter will be brides maids so all of our children ahve an important role on our important here we are with just 4 months to go and its going sooo slowly I cant wait to be his wife and to officially join both of our families who couldnt be happier for us.


  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239
    Such a lovely Story Tracey image must have been such a hard time for both of you, but so great that you found each other through it
  • Thank you PollyAnne they say everything happens for a reason.
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