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October 6th bride buddy

Are there any October 6th brides other than me on here?


  • Me!!!! Only 114 days to go!

    How is your planning going? x
  • :0) great a bride buddy invites I made and sent ages ago reception book church booked bridesmaid dresses ordered my dress only has two more payments . Personalized guest book and garter are brought the only thing I still have to do is choose my third hymn. I have here I am lord and one more step along the world I go.

    I've been making a groom box up for him to open on the morning so far I have an engraved hip flask some groom socks and a whiskey miniture.

    Where are you from and getting married having bridesmaids etc ?
  • And me too! We have just got the planning pack, and have to decide on music, vows etc. Feels like time is moving very quickly now.

  • How exciting!

    We have all the big stuff done, just a few little bits and bobs to do (order cancer research favours, do the order of service, menu cards etc). My dress should be ready in a few weeks and I just need to find some earrings and book my hair/make up trials. We are having a small wedding with just 25 guests. We have hired a big house in Dorset for the whole weekend where we will have the ceremony and just chill out with our friends and family, can't wait! x
  • What a lovely idea . A small wedding was out of the question for us as we are both one of five with both parents divorced and re married or with partners. We also have 7 children between us so with family alone we would have over 35 with just siblings and parents never mind nieces or nephews. The church has said they would do the order of service so we don't need to worry about that. We got a guest book from eBay with a daisy heart on the front and it's personalized. Flowers have been booked but have no idea what they will look like I just know there will be phalanopsis but im not stressing about it. My mum is making our cake and all I know is there will be daisies on it so again I'm not stressing. To be honest I'm so laid back about this the most important thing is the promices we are making to each other that day.
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    Tracy what a lovely way to be ! sorry im gatecrashing as not getting married on the same date but that last line of your post really touched me! Also little bird bride your wedding sounds fab i am a tiny bit envious xx
  • Rosie I think that's something many brides forget the promises we make to each other in front of family and friends could be made wearing yesterday's jeans and t shirts. But of course everyone wants to look fab, do its easy to loose site of the important vows we are making.
  • Rosie/Tracy

    The best quote I have read since we got engaged is:

    "A wedding is a party, not a performance and if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love then everything went perfectly."

    I think its great as the most important thing is the vows you make - not whether the napkins match the bridesmaids shoes! x
  • Quoted:
    How exciting! We have all the big stuff done, just a few little bits and bobs to do (order cancer research favours, do the order of service, menu cards etc). My dress should be ready in a few weeks and I just need to find some earrings and book my hair/make up trials. We are having a small wedding with just 25 guests. We have hired a big house in Dorset for the whole weekend where we will have the ceremony and just chill out with our friends and family, can't wait! x

    Everything there applys to me apart form the Dorset House, I'm October 5th so and everything is planned for me now, just got to pay it all off the next couple of months. My dress is due in anytime now so its all very exciting image
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    I am a 6th October bride too....counting down the days now!!

    Most of the main things are done, had my dress fitting on Monday, chose H2B wedding ring yesterday, our day invite RSVPs are coming in, need to get a wriggle on and send out the evening ones.  We are in the process of choosing our wedding music...although we have not had our planning pack from the registrar yet, we gave notice ages ago (might chase that up this week!) I am tearing my hair out trying to find shoes for my bridesmaids, have bought 3 or 4 pairs then had to take them back as they werent right, at this rate they will walk down the aisle barefoot!

    My sister is doing my make up and is coming round on Monday to do a few different looks, my hair dresser is coming over on Friday to try some things out....I need my underwear and a hoop for my dress (shop wants £45 to hire a hoop think I can buy one cheaper!)  Have ordered some samples for the grooms ties (we have a yellow and orange colour scheme) suits are chosen just need final measurements now...

    Then I guess its just the little bits, favours, decorations (have got a guest book and card box - all from ebay, gues book is beautiful!!)

    Great quote LittleBirdBride, I am trying to keep that in mind, but my subconcious keeps making me anxious about everything needing to be perfect!!

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    I am the 6th too image I have booked everything that needs to be booked but have not sorted out all the little things.We are having our second lot of banns being read tomorrow which is exciting image Just got to save save save now x got my wedding dress fitting next week and need to sort out my tiara and jewellery and underwear image

  • Wow everyone seems so organized, I have my first dress fitting next thursday, Ive not seen a copy of my dress anywhere which is a good thing isnt it? Had a bit of a worry when my 6 foot daughters bridesmaid dress was too short but they ordered another with an extra 5 inches and now it just needs taking up, and beads removed so they dont rub her arms. The ushers have yet to be fitted and think at this rate im going to have to frog march them down there this weekend !

    I had a makeup trial  and i rarely wear makeup and  was advised it was a good idea for the photos so someone from Mary Kay came and did it  the foundation ( wich i never wear) felt ok  but felt my eyes lacked something will it be rude to tell her i will do my eyes on the day? but she could do the rest...

    In the mean time ive been a bit poorly and just three weeks before our wedding day i have to have a endoscopy and colonoscopy due to tummy pain im just hoping that it will all be ok and i will be off strong painkillers ( morphine)  so i can at least have a few glasses of pimms on the day!

  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161

    Ah sorry to hear your not very well, I am sure it will all be ok!!

    I dont think its rude to say you want to do your eyes, at the end of the day you have to be happy with it!

    I am going for a second dress fitting on Monday as I ordered a cape/shawl type thing which has now arrived and i want to try it all on together to make sure it looks ok (could only try a coloured one when I went int to the shop for my first fitting!)  It was our RSVP deadline today, and we are outstanding 7 replies (not too bad really i guess)

    I am meeting my hairdresser this evening to have a play around with hair ideas (quite excited!!) and have started a fitness campagin (couch to 5K, am week one day two!!)

    66 DAYS TO GO.....

  • Hiya, Sorry to hear your are not feeling great try and make sure you have nothing to do in those three weeks before the wedding the best you can and rest up image

    I had my first dress fitting yesterday and designed my tiara which was exciting!!! Going to try and find a bolero to go with the dress today.

    I went for a run yesterday which is the beginning of my fitness regime. What are you doing with your hair? I am trying to work out what i am doing with mine. Definitly half up half down. arghhh so many decisions image

  • Hunnie thanks my hair is just about on my shoulders and I have a fringe so googled a style with loose curls in what looks like a loose bun. I had a hair trial that seemed ok but not outstanding I'm going to get my hair coloured a couple of weeks before so may ask them to try something different. As for fitness regime that's not happening here some days I'm in so much pain it's hard to walk never mind run
  • I am not to fussed about my fitness regime apart from my bum had to be squeezed into my dress yesterday lol so need to not put any weight on in the next 65 days!!! lol It is like my h2b says to me he loves everything about me and does not think that I am fat at all. Bless him xx He is also of the view that I am me and neither of us want to look anything but that on our wedding day so I will be not putting loads of make up on and also I always where my hair down and it is straight so dont want it to different xxYou def have to go for outstanding image my friend  is doing my hair so getting that done it about three weeks time. I just hope that I have not forgotton anything which makes me nervous.

  • Hunnie that's so true how many times do you hear about brides who have fake hair fake tan fake nails and go through diets and fitness regimes to make them different from the woman who was proposed to. I am me if people don't like it don't look !
  • exactly your h2b fell in love with you and that is who he wants to marry not some fake you that is trying to be something you are not. I am always going to be me no matter what and h2b loves me the way I am image go girl power lol

  • arghhhh not long to go and completly worried about all the payments that are coming up and whether I have remembered everything all very scary. Went shopping with mother in law and mum last week that was interesting lol How are you all doing?

  • Im an October 6th bride too!

    Ive pretty much finished all my planning and have an apointment at our venue to confirm final numbers in 2 weeks!

    I have an autuminal theme and my bridesmaids are all wearing burnt oranges dresses, with the men wearing brown suits! Ive also managed to get some burnt orange shoes to wear under my dress image my tables are going to be named after trees and my centrepeices are goldfish bowls with a candle in the middle filled with leaves, conkers and pine combs! My wedding cake is a cupcake tower and the stand has a long cylinder running through the middle which Im going to fill with more pine combs. My favourite part of organizing was the 70 pairs of spa slippers which Ive supplied for my evening lady guests!


    Im soooo excited about my big day! I feel like ive been planning it forever and cant believe its only 42 days away!

    Hows everyones plans going??


  • Well done you the theme sounds lovely mine is really suited for a spring wedding but I couldn't wait. I have 40 days to go and getting excited about the day now.
  • 39 days to go! 

    We met our photographers at the weekend and had a pre-wedding shoot which was really fun and made us feel relaxed about being photographed. 2nd dress fitting on Thursday and after that its pretty much paying the final balances and doing a few last DIY bits like print the order of service and make some direction signs!

    Hope everyone is happy and excited! x

  • Hello all.

    I've just come back from shopping with my eldest sister, she was struggling to find a dress and I had to pop to a local boutique to get a fascinator for a wedding I am attending on Saturday and in the window was this gorgeous black and white silk dress with a shawly thing, reduced from £249 to £49 - in her size!!! So I rang her and she came along, tried it on and she looks fab.  I am so pleased as she was worried about how she was going to look. As our Mum passed away 6 years ago, my sisters are playing a big part in my wedding and I am so excited that all the little loose ends are coming together.

    Mrs Barber - your table decorations sound really lovely. I wish I was good with crafts, but anything I make looks like it comes from a pre-school.  I just don't have the knack.

    LittleBB - It's nice that you like your photographer, it is going to be much more relaxing if you feel comfortable with him/her.  Our photographer is called Matt James and our sons are called James and Matt so it seemed like a sign!


  • i have just 27 days to go and evrything is done ive just wrapped the gifts for bridesmaids ushers best man and my son whos giving me away  had my hair trimmed and coloured yesterday  just need to re do a hair trial as first wasnt great. I cancelled my makeup artist after looking at the pics i felt i looked awful she used loads of blue eye shadow that made me look old! so ive got a trial in boots next week in the hope they can reccomend something i can do myself or get my daughter to do for me.

    I had my final dress fitting last week and love the way the dress looks on me I cant wait  why is time dragging ???

  • Hi ladies, 2 weeks tomorrow. eeeeek!! x

  • Just over one week people!!! argghhhhh how are you all doing? have you all finished I am stressing over lat minute things as I am a last minute lil as my Mum calls me!!!

  • Suits arrived today but the trousers are on the tight side so have to go back tomorrow lets hope the bigger ones get here in time!

    It's my H2B stag night tonight and my Hen do tomorrow so excited :0)
  • Hi October 6th brides! How did your day go? We had the most amazing, fantastic, happy and emotional day! And of course the weather was pretty kind too! Here are a few photos.  Best wishes to you all! xx





  • little bird what lovely pictures .

    The weather was great wasnt it and the last nice saturday of the year for us in kent at least!

    Our day went so well I was 15 minutes late and for me thats a record as im never late. I had some surprise guests as a friend managed to come over from Ireland with two of her sons, id arrived at the church and she was in the door way, I was already shaking  but after seeing her shook even more.

    The service was amazing I remember seeing my brother and crying and then gettiung cramp whislt kneeling and singing and taking a peek at the bridesmaids to check they were not doing the actions to the hymns! I wish I had videoed the day as there are some points i dont remember after only three weeks and one day , but we have some amazing photos, and the photographer has said he will do a free shoot with us again soon so i get to wear my frock again ! i cant wait.

    All in all our day went perfectly  and as i said to many people the important thing was the promices we made to each other and how emotional they were!

    I hope all my anniverasry buddies had a day as good as ours. I wish you all the happiness for your futures.

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