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Bridesmaid dress nightmare



I am having difficulty in choosing my bridesmaid dresses and wanted some advice if possible?

I have 5 bridesmaids and a flowergirl and as you can imagine, this has put a dent in my budget! especially when my chosen colour scheme is hunter green as my H2B is going to be wearing his army uniform and wanted it all to match! The best hunter green shades are dessy i have found so, unwanting to pay the £150+ per dress I have been grabbing bargains online, so far I have three Dessy 2748 in hunter green, one Dessy 2500 in hunter green, the plan was to buy another 2500 in hunter so the older three girls would have the same dress as would the younger two however I cant find another 2500 in hunter and if i ordered one from a bridal shop or online it would come too close to my wedding so wouldnt have time for alterations etc, nightmare! I have just seen that someone is selling a hunter green (in the right size) 2735 which is strapless and would go with the 2500 the only difference would be the side sash on the 2500, this is on the back on 2735. I just didnt know if it would look odd, the three older girls in the same dress and the two younger ones in two different dresses, plus the flower girl meaning 4 types of different dresses altogether! Would this be ok as (except the flower girl whos sash is hunter green and dress is ivory) they are all the exact same length and colour?


Any help would be gratefully appreciated! Ive attached some photos so you can see what im trying to do,


Kerri xx



 2500 - i have this dress already for one younger



 2735 - need to make sure if i buy this one that it would match them all




2735 but not in gold in hunter this is what the three older girls already have 





  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609
    Personally I don't think it matters, as they're the same material and colour. I'm considering having my two BM dresses different lengths of the same dress, as it'll suit the girls better.
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361

    I like different dresses in the same colour. I think it looks fab, even if 3 are the same and the other 2 are different. Dont worry it will look gorgeous x

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