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I have only 80 days until my wedding and thought I wasnt stressed until  I woke this morning from a nightmare. The dream was that I was getting ready had my hair and makeup done but somnething was missing, the  bridesmaids were all done up hair and makeup too but again no dresses, in the meantime we were having a party that was to finish at 3pm the time we get married! we franticly looked for the dresses but couldnt find them!

in the absence of Joseph anf his coloured coat  who can tell me whta it means?


  • PollyAnne3PollyAnne3 Posts: 239

    Have your BM dresses arrived yet? or is it that you have them and are waiting for alterations to be done?

    I used to have constant dreams about my dress being too big on the day cause alterations hadn't been done on it, it's been altered now and they have thankfully stopped lol

  • All the dresses are here and although one was too short and had to be sent back and a longer one ordered it is here now  we do have to have alterations done  but i wasnt aware that i was even stressed about it .

  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161

    I had a dream where I was walking down the aisle and with each step my hair piece fell out a little more until it was completely out!!!

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