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(Near enough) New Year, New Regime!!

Hi everyone

I have finally managed to start my wedding diet - a mere 17 days later than planned!! I say diet, it's really more of a 'let's exercise and eat healthy stuff as much as possible' regime rather than starving myself - I don't want to take it too far.

Today for instance I did 25 minutes at the gym, then came home and made a nice healthy sweet potato and tomato soup for dinner... tomorrow I'm going to try to make it 30 mins at the gym - slow and steady!!

So, I wondered if any other September brides would like to join me in a bit of moral support as the big day approaches?



  • McWhizzMcWhizz Posts: 37

    Well done! I am also trying to be all about the healthy living this year. Making fairly decent progress so far, but then its only the 18th Jan! Moral support to carry on the good work sounds like a plan.

  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    Hi McWhizz,

    Great to have some company, thanks!!

    I did sooo well today resisting cakes at work - I don't know why there were so many but it nearly broke me (not good for day 2 of being healthy!!).

    Made it to the gym again for another 25 minutes too...

    Hopefully can keep it up!!

    What are you doing to be healthy, any tips? xxx
  • McWhizzMcWhizz Posts: 37
    Cakes are my downfall as well!

    Luckily my H2B is really into health and fitness so he is help and joining in. I am cutting out all the snacking I was doing pre-christmas (the work vending machine is an evil invention!) and trying to limit the amount of carbs and dairy I eat and eat lots more veggies. Finding that if I have a big bowl of porridge and fruit for breakfast I can easily make it through to lunch which was always the hardest bit for me before.But the thing that H2B recommended is having one day off a week where you eat whatever you like, that way you can get rid of the cravings and apparently it helps stop the body going into starvation mode. It all seems to be working as have lost 6lb since 2nd Jan.

    Well done on the gym, I hate it! Am trying to run which I much prefer but its difficult when its so cold and dark!
  • saliMalisaliMali Posts: 181
    I'm trying to shed some pounds using basically, you enter your current weight, target weight, height etc and it works out how many calories you should be having each day. Then every day you log how many calories you eat and how many you use up doing exercise etc.

    Lets hope it works!
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Hi ladies

    There are a HEAP of us over on I've been on it since mid-November last year and have managed to lose nearly 2 stone! If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in- it's a bit of fun really and it's nice to share your progress and get support from other people. My username is the same over there so if you do join please feel free to add me as a friend- almost all of my friends on it are from here image
  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    McWhizz, I think breakfast is going to be a big one - I'm really bad at eating in the mornings, can't seem to force myself to get up that 10 minutes earlier! Think I might start attempting brekkie at work!

    I also have a health fanatic at home, I think we're very lucky from that perspective, it does definitely help! I think you're so lucky you can run - I hate hate hate it, I get really bored! I've promised my friend I'll run Race for Life with her in June, I'm hoping that'll give me a bit of motivation to jump on the treadmill... managed 9 minutes on Wednesday which is pretty pathetic really. Aiming for 15 minutes by the end of next week!!

    FlossyCat thanks for the message, I saw a note about myfitnesspal on another thread earlier in the week so signed up, it's brill! I've added you as a friend on there. Fantastic news that you've lost 2 stone already - well done!

  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Thanks MrsH! I have accepted your request image

    If you look at all my friends on there, about 90% of them are from YAYW, some using the same names. I think as a group we're doing pretty well and it helps to have the support of lots of other Brides to Be- we all kind of understand each other's weaknesses and frustrations.

    I find since joining MFP I have much better discipline. Maybe it's being organised, but I'm enjoying all the maths of it! We went for a three-course lunch the other week and before we went, we hit the gym and burned about 1400 calories each in a marathon Cardio session. And I learnt that the food tastes much better when I've earned it- three courses including a choccie pudding plus a large glass of wine, without 'busting' the day's targets. H2B is also on the site and is also losing weight but he's not as obsessive about it as me image
  • Right... I joined fitnesspal today and am absolutely determined to get this done! I started the Sainsburys diet in Oct and lost a stone, then xmas came and i put my loss on again image

    I want to actually look at my wedding photos afterwards and know i won't if I don't get a move on.

    Good luck everyone x
  • Rupeedoo welcome! Please feel free to add me if you want to add friends image

    Good luck!
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