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I've got my dress!

I'm very excited to have finally got my dress and just want to share image

I didn't really enjoy the whole dress shopping experience and feel so lucky to have found a dress I absolutely love after not feeling very comfortable in many of the dresses I tried on. I was starting to think I'd never find one!

Anyway its all sorted now and THE dress is hanging up in the bedroom.

I went for the Maggie Soterro Fiorella.

I'm not sure on how to post pictures on here image

Just need to try and decide on hair and accessories of which I have no idea... any suggestions gratefully received!

Hope all your planning is going well

K xx


  • Ah congratulations on finding your dress hun its absolutely beautiful. I'm a Maggie bride too I'm wearing Ireland for my big day! x.
  • That dress is beautiful!

    I love the fit that maggie dress have.

    How is the rest of you planning?

    One day I think i'm doing ok and the next I'm panicking that I've got too much to do still.

    I think the invitation are the next big thing as we are going to try doing them ourselves to save some money. I just don't know where to start image

    K x
  • That is really gorgeous! image and quite unique looking! I love the one shoulder! and the shape of this gown! really nice choice! Glad you found one!

    Me and my Fiance are making our own invitations, its quite time consuming but a nice personal touch. we started with the front design which we printed from the computer and then added ribbon and irredescent hearts to customise. we got the front designs done quickly it's the wording inside (inserts) the maps and RSVP's which are all taking time! we were adament to get them sent out in Jan but have missed the deadline lol! so Feb it is! image we're working on them this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.I'd give yourself a nice quiet day to sit down and look through/ play around with designs and then go from there! we did about 3 templates/ designs before we chose our final draft image have lots of fun with it! and make sure you keep one aside to keep for yourselves image x
  • Hi girls!

    I was really lazy with our invites and bought them! They're so lovely though so no regrets. I'm not very gifted when it comes to making things - they'd probably look like a 2 year old had made them if I did ours! ha ha.

    My friend made her invites for her wedding which is in April and they're so lovely. Its a really nice touch too when they're handmade x.
  • YAY! I've finally figured out how to post pictures image

    Sarahs1982 - I have the same fear with regards how they'll turn out. It's tempting to see if my 6 year old niece will do them for me. I'm sure she'd do a much neater job! I think we are going to try out a few and see how it goes. We might end up buying them too. I'm not completely convinced its going to work out much cheaper to make them.

    Proudbride2b - They sound lovely. We were going to try and make pocket fold invites with ribbon around. Did you make your own templates up or did you manage to find one on the internet?

  • Ah Serendipity your dress is sooooo beautiful you look stunning hun x.
  • Thank you.

    Hows your planning going sarahs1982?

    (Don't know why my pics have disappeared?)

    K x
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