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Bridesmaid dresses - need help

Hi, I am getting married on September 10th in Tuscany. I am struggling with bridesmaid dresses. Any thoughts on where to get maxi chiffon dresses in lovely summer colours which are max. £100? I am in London but struggling to find nice bridesmaid dresses. I have a picture in my mind but havent seen any out there that I like.

Any thoughts?


  • Maybe coast or Debenhams or BHS, maybe monsoon? image
  • The summer stuff will be coming in to shops soon so there will be loads of bright colours but If you see any on the highstreet you like I would maybe wait until the sales in the summer to get them for cheaper?
  • mrsdeanomrsdeano Posts: 147
    I've ordered my BM's dresses of I haven't received them yet but I did a lot of research in to the website and decided to take the risk. They had lots of chiffon style dresses with a huge range of colours so it may be worth looking on there. I have ordered 2 full length satin dresses with beading AND matching bolero and including shipping they came to £57.00 per dress x
  • dusty676dusty676 Posts: 185
    Try Coast. Cosmo Bride has a 20% off offer at the moment, i've just saved £50 on two bridesmaid dresses x
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    dusty676, do you have the promo code from the magazine? x
  • dusty676dusty676 Posts: 185
    Hi, its cosmobride20 and it expires 23rd February. Happy shopping!!! x
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