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September 16th date twins?

Hi everyone, I'm new around here so thought I'd introduce myself and see if I have any Friday 16th September date twins?!

We got engaged last September after nearly 6 years together, and booked up our venue almost immediately (Dartmouth, Devon). But now I've turned to forums for inspiration for pretty much everything else!

I bought the dress last month, it's Amanda Wyatt Vivien. But still so many decisions to make!


  • Meeee!!

    How exciting! I'm a newbie too image

    How much have you done so far? We got engaged at xmas and have booked the venue, photographer and just ordered my dress! But still soooo much to do! Next on the agenda is the colour scheme and flowers! Bx
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    We're about the same stage as you! Venue, photographer, hotel booked, dress bought (it was a sample so got a good price!) and invites are out.

    Have got an idea about colour scheme (teal and ivory) but it's going to depend what dress we find for my bridesmaids when we go shopping in a couple of weeks! Then next on my to-do list is picking a honeymoon (we can't decide where to go!) and flowers and hairdresser.

    I never in a million years would have realised how many decisions there are to make to plan a wedding!
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    posted twice, oops!
  • Wow - invites out already? I was wondering when we should do that as most guests will need to book some accomodation. I'll have to get a move on then as i was planing on making them! image

    ooh, those colours will look fab together. Where are you going shopping? High street or proper bridesmaid shops? I'm just having my sister as bridesmaid but no idea on where to start looking. I'm thinking of dusky colours, like pink/green/grey, kind of soft and romantic i'm thinking but not really sure!

    I know, there are so many things to and so much detail! It's really exciting though. Is your h2b getting involved much or is it down to you? Mine says he has done is job now, by proposing, then he'll just turn up on the day! lol it's quite nice to have the freedom though image
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    I made my invites too! Wanted to get them out soon because Dartmouth is touristy so I wanted to give guests a bit of notice to book up accommodation (and warning about the prices there!)

    I'm taking my 2 bridesmaids to the high street to see what there is (I'm having my sister and best friend) If we don't find something, I've seen a few online that I like that I can order.

    Your dusky romantic colour scheme sounds absolutely beautiful image

    H2b not really getting involved, although I am "consulting" him before I book things, although he agrees with everything anyway! The only things he wants a say in are the DJ and the honeymoon. He was happy to go along with my suit suggestion for him!
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