30th September 2011 Brides?

Am I the only one?! xxxxx


  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    Oh dear, I guess I'm on my own. Don't know whether to feel special or lonely! image xxx
  • 30911MRS30911MRS Posts: 29
    Your not alone......me too, getting excited now. Have you got everything sorted, i keep thinking i've forgot something important!!!
  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    Oh yay!!! image Was convinced I was the only one!

    I think we're getting there now, I feel like I'm quite organised - although I'm sure I've forgotten something! We're finishing up our guest list on Sunday which will be another one ticked off the list. Then I've just got hair and make up trial and table plan to sort, everything else I think is just details!

    I'm feeling really up and down about the whole thing though, one second I get really excited because it's only 57 (!!) days away, then the next I get all annoyed cos it still feels like ages! image So fickle.

    How's the time going for you?

  • Me too!

    I hope everything is going well for the both of you! image
  • Only 29 days to go! Feels weird actually being in September, I thought it would feel closer once I got here, still feels like ages away - I'm way too organised for my own good. How are you getting on? xxx

    PS - had my teeth whitened on Monday, best thing ever, so glad I did it!
  • I know image can't believe its only 29 days!

    Glad to hear your all organised image I still keep thinking I have forgotten something or someone.. I'm still really excited though.

    I am also thinking about the whole teeth whitening thing, glad to hear its recommended.

    It's also nice to know there's other brides sharing the big day!
  • Yep I'm sure I have too, ah well - it can't be anything that important or someone would have mentioned it I'm sure. Aarrgh, 3 weeks (ish) left at work, how is this happening!

    Hubs to be is off on his stag weekend tonight, I'm going to spend the weekend cleaning, writing my speech, finishing his pressie (I'm doing my own version of 'Cherish the Groom') and generally getting sorted.

    What are you up to? xxx
  • I think I'm all sorted on everything, just want it to hurry up and arrive now!! My wedding favours came yesterday, I love them, they're milk and white chocolate wedding cakes. Just waiting for my dress to be altered then everythings done....I think!
  • Oh wow mini-wedding cakes sound fab - how spoilt are your guests!? image Final fitting for me is 12th September - think that's when it will hit me properly (it's got to at some point!).

    WeeBoo I've just seen you're getting married in Lewes - I grew up in Crowborough! Small world.

    4 weeks to go!

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