the weird dreams are getting weirder......

.....dreamt that they did my hair in a pineapple style on the top of my head and we couldn't work out how to put the veil in so we put it at the front of the pineapple and hung it over the top and my hair was so high (think marge simpson) that my cathedral length veil only came to my waist.......

this is after my sister being a serial killer, me hiding under the table so she couldn't find me so she chased Mr T up and down the stairs (think Benny Hill!!!) and my bestie getting stuck on the M1 for 4 days and missing the wedding (not beyond the bounds of possibility that one!)


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    Oh my gosh that is some crazy dreams you are having there! I *touch wood* don't think I have had these yet but with under 3 weeks to go I am sure they will come soon enough! x
  • I have also been having wierd dreams but, thankfully, they seem to have stopped now... that could be because I have kinda stopped sleeping lol!! We leave on Saturday and fly on Sunday ........... eeeeeeeeeek it all seems real now!! lol

    Good luck to all future brides and congrats to all newly weds! xx
  • I had my first wedding related dream last night. I dreamt that i'd arrived at the venue, gone to have the chat with the registrar and there were tacky plastic flowers everywhere. When I queried why the place looked so awful was told that the florist hadn't turned up so they'd put white plastic flowers everywhere. Its unnerved me a bit and think its made me realise just how close the wedding is now x x
  • image I'm loving the idea of the marge simpson hair! ha ha! that's brilliant!

    I dreamt that the Garda were after me last night and that I'd escaped some sort of prison facility! I am Scottish so I have no idea why I wasn't in a Scottish Jail being chased by the police but dreams don't account for location I guess! I also dreamt the night before that my hair was falling out, I woke up and checked to make sure it was all ok!

    I think it's the nerves getting the best of us girls! xx
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