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I've found my dress :D

Hi girls,

I've found "the one!!!"

It's so true you know when it's "the one" I knew when I saw it hung on the rail, & when I tried it on, I just fell in love!!! image x


  • happy-lydhappy-lyd Posts: 184
    Ooh I love it, who is it by? Congrats on finding the one it's the best feeling ever image
  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    Holy that is what u call a wedding beautiful!!!!!!!!! You will look stunning!!!!!
  • It's Benjamin Roberts Calistoga image!!

    Thank you, just hope I don't change my mind by next year! image
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    girls ... once you have "the one " dont look at any more dresses .. by the way .......its beautifull i love it ,,
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    I've had my dress for a little while. I just get it out of its bag every once in a while for a peek and love it even more everytime I see it! Part of me wishes the wedding was sooner then I get to wear it, but as I need to lose some weight I guess the time is needed. xx

    Also the main reason I posted... that dress is AMAZING!! x
  • Gorgeous! You will look stunning! xx
  • That is a gorgeous dress - congrats!!!

    I found my dress two years before the wedding - oops! I ordered it straight away but then when we went to all of the wedding fayres etc and saw the fashion shows, i always doubted my decision.

    I remember going with the bridesmaids to get their dresses and i had already ordered mine, and all of the bridal dresses in the shop were beautiful, but then i put mine on and cheesey as it sounds the others didnt even compare! I think its more about how you feel in it than how it looks. To be fair the other dresses i saw probably looked more beautiful on the hanger - but none of them made me feel the way i did in mine - so i would definitely avoid looking at other dresses, but if you do, and you doubt your decision , just remember how you feel in your dress!!!

  • Wow that's gorgeous!! You will look stunning in it I am sure.

    I've found mine recently too and every time I think about it I smile to myself. I am getting measured for it at end of January so started at WeightWatchers last week. image
  • I nearly bought this dress 2 weeks ago but went with Benjamin Roberts decantur instead!!!
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Wow the details on the bodice of the dress is amazing... very unusual. xx
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