22nd september 2012 ladies.1 year to go.

I can't believe there is only 1 year left until I'm a Mrs. The time since we got engaged has flown by. I'm cooking h2b a nice meal tonight to begin the count down. So excited. Goodness knows how excited I will be closer to the time. image


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    You beat me to posting this! image

    There is quite a group of us now - 12 on the dates list that we know about! Wonder how many will post today!

    My H2B and I are having a celebratory picnic on Sat- fingers crossed for sunny weather!

    Do you have any plans to mark the one year mark?
  • I'm so excited too!!!! All of yesterday and this morning I keep thinking 'I wonder what i'll be doing this time next year......'

    Countdown starts properly today!

    I hope I don't drive everyone at work crazy today as I can't help but have a big cheesy grin on my face!
  • I'm leaving work early today to go a buy some food and cook h2b a lovely dinner. I will probably go ott but hey, its not every day that I get so excited about something.
  • Eek! Happy -1 year anniversary, everyone image

    We were going to go out for dinner but OH is v busy at work and have been ill so cooking dinner (chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in proscuitto which was one of the first things i made him) then watching the Hangover 2. Who says romance isn't dead?

    you've got me thinking... what will I be doing this time next year? Either about to head up the aisle or getting in the car to take me to church!
  • Well this time next year I will hopefully be drinking to celebrate getting married but I hope it goes better than today has gone!! image H2B is away in Greece for the week (not heard from him for 2 days image ) I rang the registrar at exactly 9am this morning to book my date and time, was told that they would ring me back today to confirm everything, that was 6 n half hours ago so have sat in all day waiting for the phone to ring!! And my 3 year old is in a horrible horrible mood and screamed at me all day!! a bottle of wine tonight is much needed!! imageimage

    On a plus note look at the weather!! yeah its a wee bit windy but at least there is no rain and the sun is shining!! fingers crossed for next year girls!!!! And once I hear from registrar I can REALLY start planning!!! imageimageimage
  • Ok Eek now I can get excited registrar has just rung and wedding now fully booked!!!! imageimageimageimageimage
  • Great news Missclueless!!!

    I can't believe this time next year i'll be married!!! It's very unfair that it is a leap year which means we have to wait an extra day!
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    Hi girls! I was on holiday last week so we were laying in the sunshine thinking '1 year to go!' - I kept saying 'by this time we'll be doing this, by this time we'll be doing that' - I am pretty sure I was doing H2B head inimage he he! SO excited! x x x x
  • I am a sept 22nd bride too!!! Excited!! Xxx
  • I can't believe we are almost down to 10 months!!
  • 299 days today for me image
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