Dreaming about your wedding?!

This is a bit of a random subject but is anyone else having recurring dreams about the big day? I keep dreaming about all of the little details of the wedding!!

First it was invitations because I've decided to make my own. Then it was bridesmaid dresses, now I'm considering making my own bouquets and every night I'm dreaming about flowers! The dreams aren't even about me enjoying my wedding - they're literally all about cardboard invites or flowers! It's catching too - my MOH has been having dreams about red dresses too haha!

Hope I'm not turning into a bridezilla lol!


  • I dream about it all the time, but my dreams are more about my cars not turning up and me having to walk to the church, or someone forgetting to pick up my dress and i've had to walk down the isle in my Pj's. I've also dreamt that the cars took everyone else and left me behind! Random! Hopefully it'll mean that everything will go fine on the day!! I think I watch too much Don't tell the bride before I go to bed!
  • I've had two dreams about the wedding - one dream that I hadn't organised anything and my wedding was the next day, and the other dream was that lots of random things went wrong like that my & H2B were seated at different tables for the wedding breakfast! My wedding's not for months so hope the dreams don't get crazier as we get closer! image
  • This has made me feel a bit better cos i've been having loads or mad dreams/nightmares bout my big day too, image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Not a September bride - May though, so even closer. I haven't had recurring wedding dreams, but I had a nightmare one last night, where my mum and best man trapped me and were forcing me to have my hair and makeup professionally done; the eye from the hook and eye on the back of my dress had come off and I was frightened to bend becausethe zip might start to come down, and it turned out we hadn't got most of the stuff we wanted sorted, e.g. the tableware, the vows! image And for some reason, I got up on the wedding morning in Sheffield - with the wedding in Oxford (at 11am). image

    If you're having recurring dreams it's because so much of your waking mind is engaged with this topic. When I started doing A level maths (~10hrs a week) I dreamt in maths for months. When I revised for my second year exams, I dreamt in organic mechanisms. image
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