Nicer food versus more guests?

Hiya everyone i'm having a bit of a decision making dilemna and could do with people's opinions.

our original plan was to have just 40 daytime guests (close friends and immediate family only ie no aunts, uncles etc) and have a BBQ with 'posh' buffet of salads and sides then have another 60 people to the evening do.

However my dad has asked us to change our plans - he is upset that out of his side of the family only his mum is invited - and wants us to have the whole 100 to the whole day. however this means not having our bbq and instead having a cold buffet..

my fiance thinks its a good idea to do that - he doesn't want to upset anyone (plus his mum is upset that only her mum is invited) and he would rather have a buffet and more guests...

im confused because i have never liked buffets at weddings and was so excited about the idea of having a proper bbq meal image

not sure what to do - opinions please xxx


  • How about a hot buffet then?

    I went to a wedding recently that had more guests and justa buffett and they had hog roasts, rolls, stuffing and gravy for the guests. you can usually hire these for a few hundred if you shop around (if your aloud outside caterers) and these went down a treat!!

    Also, I'm getting married quite late and having a buffet but to make it better than just sandwiches and sausage rolls, I've gone for a large pot of stew with different types of bread and potatoes to match (plus a few other bits and bobs) its cost the same as what a buffet has cost but is a lot more appetising.

    Good Luck!image
  • your food sounds gorgeous - unfortunately there isn't a kitchen in our venue so we can't heat up the food etc...

    we liked the idea of a hog roast but a lot of our guests are muslim and so don't eat pork - this meant we couldnt have it image

  • Think you should explain nicely to parents all round that you have a budget you need to stick too. If it is only the budget that stops you inviting all the family and your dad wants them there so much, ask him to contribute then! You will soon see if he really wants them there then image

    Remember though it is your wedding and you should do what you and H2B want to do.

    You have to be firm even at weddings nowadays image
  • i totally agree with aprilbride! You have to do what you want, it's your day, if they want extra people there tell your dad/Mil that they need to contribute to paying towards the guests they want to invite.... however it is your day you should only have the guests you want there anyway!
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