What would you do? Dress Nightmare!

ok so I was browsing facebook a couple of days ago and remembered that a friend from school got married a few weeks ago, being completely wedding crazy at the moment I decided to have a little look at the photos. I started looking through and admiring how lovely her day looked when I looked a little closer. She was wearing the dress that I have, I ordered mine back in June, and obviously had no idea she had the same one..... I love my dress and I know that obviously other people are going to have the same dress as me ..... however I never thought a girl I use to go to school with and is friends with, would have the same dress. Out of all the dresses in the world. Now I don't know what to do. I'm soooo upset about it, I cried and cried and now feel really deflated. I love my dress so much but I don't know what to do and how I feel now.

What would you do? xx


  • If she wasn't so close a friend that you weren't at the wedding try not to get too upset, I know it's disappointing but I'm sure it'll look completely different on you. Will you have any of the same guests? Even if you do I doubt they'd notice. Hugs.
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    I'd probably be a bit shocked to see a friend in the same dress i'd chosen but it's defo not worth the tears hun.

    It's still the dress you fell in love with and I really can't see why her having the same one makes any odds to you (that is NOT said harshly image ).

    I'm assuming she's not coming to your wedding and even if she was it's actually quite lovely that you've both got fabulous taste.

    I'm dying to find a dress twin on here but maybe that's because I won't know them personally.

    Chin up chicky if you still love your dress then there's no problem in my view.

  • i understand why you are so upset but the dress will be totally different on you hun and even if any of the guests are the same i dont think they will notice its the same dress as your friend image
  • I do understand why you are upset but your wedding is your wedding. Your style and the way you wear your dress will be completely your way and thats all that matters.

    Also I agree with Sheraleighd if you love your dress then thats all that matters. You will look gorgeous don't worry about it! xx
  • Thanks ladies, I do love my dress so much... it doesn't really matter, like you say I doubt anyone would notice anyway. No one from her wedding is invited to mine, and the bride isnt either, we were friends in school but grew apart once we had finished and went off to uni etc. I think I was shocked/surprised to see my dress on someone I knew, in hindsight now I've had a little bit of time to think about it, I don't think its a massive issue, and really its lovely that someone else loved my dress as much as me! I have fortunately got a different vail, and will look completely different in my dress.

    I actually showed a friend that went to her wedding a picture of my dress before I knew she had it and she didnt notice she actually said it was a lot like her dress.... which it isnt at all! Not even the same shape! Remembering this made me feel better!!

    Anyway thanks for the replies, they made me feel better! Roll on next september!!! xx
  • my SIL put up a pic on facebook of her dress and i looked at it and it was similar (not the same) as mine... we had never seen each others dresses and i just laughed and showed h2b... i saw it as a good thing (we both have good taste image ) but then again it wasnt the same dress...

    i wouldnt get too upset about it.... its not like you copied her... if you love your dress then leave it... it will be a funny story to tell in the future image
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