Help me make a decision about my hen do please.............

I've taken on the task of organising my own hen do so a group of us (either 8 or 10 - waiting on definite numbers) decided we'd go abroad for a few days.

My problem is we can't decide between Algarve, Portugal and Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife.

We're going for 4 nights & I can get both places for the same price.

The main difference is flight times for Portugal are better & Portugal is a lot shorter flight time than Tenerife.

Please help girls, which would you choose??

Oh, also it's a mixed age group as both mums are coming too xx


  • It really is about what you want and what you think will suit everyone, esp if you have a mixed group. If the flight times and short flight is better for the majority then pick that! Sorry I know thats prob not helpful I am useless at things like this!

    I had to pick between a villa or hotel for Marbs the villa is slightly out but thats what the majority preferred so we went for that! Why not send round both to everyone and take a vote thats what I did! xx
  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    Tenerife is great for aLL ages image
  • If you have four days, I would go with what ever flights give you more time away! Get the most out of your money! x image
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