Just had Marriage Preparation weekend...

Has anyone else's church organised one of these things for all couples getting married this year? It was really great!

Friday night all the couples (and family/friends if you wanted) went to the church and we had a sheet of entrance/exit music to hear it on the organ, it was really good actually hearing it and knowing I'll be walking down that aisle next to me in only a few months! Still not sure on what music to go with, we quite like the traditional bridal march and wedding march, plus when else can you have that played really?!

Saturday 10am-4pm was a lovely day held at a hotel where a really nice lunch and dessert were provided! There was some bits about the actual service but mainly it was about life after the wedding which was a really good thing to do, the vicar did a few exercises to get us really talking about deep questions to do with relationships and how to be a good partner in general and have a long, happy marriage, always useful!

Sunday morning was a normal church service except it was more around marriage and all the couples were asked up to the front and we each lit a candle and put it on the alter.

All in all, it was a really good idea to do, highly recommend it if you get a chance, plus it was all free too!


  • ras105ras105 Posts: 29
    Sounds like a great idea! We're having a mixed faith wedding and my mum has dropped hints that we should go for 'pre marriage counselling' at a synagogue image

    I'm not really in the mood for talking about religion, are there any secular things like that that get you talking about all the 'deep questions'?
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    The deep questions really weren't that deep necessarily, i think one was something like 'What's more important, the issue or the relationship' and 'Can you really forgive and forget' but he got us to talk about it as a couple to each other for 2 timed minutes so we really couldn't not talk it dry!
  • we are getting married in a catholic church and have to attend a pre marriage course but i think its only 1 day
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    that's so nice and really gives a community feel. sounds lovely. Shame I'm getting married in a civil ceremony :S
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    My h2b and i are nearing the end of our marriage preperation course, we have had 4 sessions and have our last next week, it has been brilliant, id deffinately reccomend doing one if you get the oppertunity xxx
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    Yeah it's really good fun.

    Not seen anyone on who was on around town or anything since though, like they came out of nowhere and went straight back there haha
  • mrsp2b23mrsp2b23 Posts: 82
    we have a Catholic wedding too - our 1 day course is on 21st April, I'm excited but also slightly nervous...

    I'm 'catholic' but my partner is firmly atheist, is it a lot about religion/God, or mainly relationship stuff? I really don't want to put him off the whole church thing anymore, he's happy to do it, but does think it's all a bit rubbish...hoping this experience won't put him off the church even more! anyone else done the Catholic one?
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    Ours wasn't catholic, but it wasn't all about religion at all, it had it's references obviously, but mainly about tips on a long happy marriage etc
  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    I've had a marriage preparation weekend. Sounds really similar to yours. Both me and my partner found it really interesting and helps you think about what types of music hymns etc work together. Neither of us bothered thinking about it at first and we both still dont know which ones to chosse
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