199 DAYS

hi ladies

I am just very excited as when I logged in this morning it says '199 days to go to your wedding'

Seems I have been waiting forever for it to be less than 200 image

pointless post but had to share my excitement ;p;


  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    Im feeling the same, 6months n 19days to go. image Just met with the cake maker last nite and arrange the cake so its making me feel a little more excited!
  • Alanna you are a fellow NI Bride arent you?

    I got my cake ordered last month, just the rings to sort now. Where in Ni you from?
  • jarkmessjarkmess Posts: 751
    Ooo I'm a September 8th bride too! I was exactly the same as you, even made a facebook status about it image
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    220 days for me!

    31 weeks and 2 days!
  • I'm an 8th September bride too - didn't even realise until 10ish last night and then got really excited!!
  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    Alanna you are a fellow NI Bride arent you?

    I got my cake ordered last month, just the rings to sort now. Where in Ni you from?
    Im still baffled over rings, cant find one I like anywer image Yea im from armagh, wer u from urself?
  • I'm also 8th September-it's going to come around quick! Eeeek!
  • 209 days for us!!!cant wait to get under 200.
  • I live in Bangor, we are going to look for rings next weekend and hopefully find some we love
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    Tomorrow will be 199 days for me. Time is flying by. We are going on holiday on Saturday and by the time we get back it will only be one week or so until April is here. We weren't expecting to be able to afford to go away before the wedding but as we've saved really hard we are going to portugal for 5 nights. I've now had to go out and buy a load of strapless tops so that I don't end up with strap marks. I've even stopped wearing my watch now as I'm paranoid that I will get a watch mark. Ordering my bridesmaids dresses on 31st March. Thats the last 'big' thing left to do. Can't wait for my dress to arrive as well. Got our 50% bill through from the hotel yesterday. I knew we only have just over 6 months to go, but getting the bill and a letter talking about making an appointment for August to go through final details has made it seem even more real imageimage
  • o lucky you katie going on holiday image our next holiday will be the honeymoon lol, tho we are taking our little girl away for a week in July but just local as I am going to miss her sooooo much while we are away image

    only last thing we have to do is rings but trying to get a free weekend is proving hard lol now 179 days woohoooo
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