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Hi to all.

Need some advice!i am having one bridesmaid,my twin sister,who will be wearing a dark green dress. I therefore wanted all of the men to wear ties that match. However,the best man is trying his best to change this,and wants to change it to aubergine. My h2,butb doesnt want to upset anyone,but he would be happy to go along with my wishes. The best man seems tocwant to chamge the colour scheme for devilment,he doesnt seem to take what I want into account. Am I being wrong in insisting on my colour scheme? I dont want to be a bridezilla,but it is my wedding!!!!!!


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    No you're not wrong at all it'd be one thing ur H2B asking but not the best man!!! put ur foot down image
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    That's shocking. It's your day and presumably you are providing some/all of what he's wearing, and even if you're not, as a key member of the wedding party he should be helping and supporting things!
  • Thanks for the advice. My h2b wants to wear a different colour tie to the rest of the men,which is fine,but the best man just seems to be causing hassle. he is one of my good friends, but my h2b isnt very good at confrontation,and I dont want to upset anyone,but I dont want them to have their own way!i know that sounds selfish,but I dont know how to resolve the situation without upsetting anyone.
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    Maybe you just need to explain that you already have your sister's dress in the dark green and therefore everything for the wedding is going to match this colour and that the men's ties need to match it too. Perhaps say something along the lines of your h2b wants a different colour tie to the other men to stand out as the groom, but that everything else is being green? Maybe explain how important it is to you and your day too if you need to (obviously don't want to emotionally blackmail though!)

    I'm sure you can do a better job than the above, but I don't know the details of your plans so made it generic image

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the replies. I am going to try a different approach and get h2b to say what he wants,then the best man should do what h2b wants. Will keep you posted.
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