I got my new dress :)


I know a few of you knew I was having a bit of a wobble about my dress, well I got a new one today and I'm really happy with it. It's Anna Sorrano 1119

Although, my mum has just said it looks better on me than the model image

Totally recommend the Wedding Factory Outlet in Leicestershire they were friendly and we had to queue a bit to try on but had a good day!


  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    Really lovely dress image

    They always look very strange on models

    What date are you?
  • rachmac13rachmac13 Posts: 86
    Aww thanks image I'm much happier with it than dress no 1! And it was only £460 with underskirt which isn't too bad.

    I'm getting married on 15th so less than 6 months to go! Think we're fairly sorted-ish though image
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    What happened to dress no 1? I think I'm the only one on here that hasn't had dress wobbles!

    Mine is sept 29th so in a few days it'll be exactly 6 months, can't believe it.

    I have major things sorted, except I haven't ordered the invites yet image

    Just need money to be able to buy all the extra bits and bobs, but I've drawn up a spreadsheet with everything in green that I've bought and everything in red that needs buying, makes things a lot clearer!

    And yes, that is very good price for a dress, feel sick at the price of mine image
  • rachmac13rachmac13 Posts: 86
    Yes spreadsheets are very important - I have one with many tabs covering everything from budget, to logging who's supplying what and to-do lists! I'm printing my own invites (which I need to get cracking with as they're going to take a while I think!)

    Dress no 1 - didn't really offer much shape to my body at the top - I loved the back of it but was never totally sure about the front. And I'm sure a dress maker could have improved it but didn't think I'd ever love it. So it's destined for ebay at some point!
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    Well hopefully you'll get your money back on it.

    I'm making my own invites, I've chosen all the bits I want and it's all waiting for me in an online basket for me to click buy but just as I thought I had it all sorted my mum says she doesn't think A6 invites are a good idea and thinks A5 will be better, so now I don't dare buy them cuz I'm doubting my A6 idea now
  • rachmac13rachmac13 Posts: 86
    Could you mock up your invites in A6 and A5 to see which you prefer? I've done that with mine - have hundreds of versions! The originals just had lots of 'text here' bits all over them to get an idea of size/space. In fact, I have various "proof of concepts" all over my house hehe image

    Good luck!
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    So pleased you found something beautiful. I have two appointments next Saturday and I'm waiting for my dressmaker to ring back with an appointment to see if my dress can be altered to fit my cake eating self!!

    I'm sure you look stunning in your new dress and will love wearing it on the day. Xx
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    I've not had dress wobbles yet, but the longer I wait for it to come in the less I remember what it was like on me. I ordered in October and want it to hurry up now so I can see one on me that actually fits. All the samples were to small. Or I'm too hefty.
  • Maddi2012Maddi2012 Posts: 256
    Congrats gorgeous dress better that you are happy in it and as the others say hopefully you can make your money back on the other one. Look forward to seeing it on! xx
  • mrshardie2bmrshardie2b Posts: 253
    Lovely dress, glad your happy with this one. x
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Arh fabnews! Glad you have found a new dress! Now oyu can relax a bit more. Exciting though.. sept 15th will be here in a flash! x
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